Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update from Atlanta...

Well, my mom and I made it to Atlanta in one piece and didn't even get lost! Thanks to our military guys who took us up last week! We arrived around 3:30 pm and got set up in our lil studio apt/hotel room! Shepherds provides 30 free days of housing which is a huge blessing! They have a full mini kitchen stocked with small appliances, towels, silverware and so on. Also has 2 twin beds in a seperate room and a pull out from the couch! It is actually quite cozy!
After getting settled we were off to see Ben! The first 2 days he was here he was in the ICU just to monitor his respiratory status and assess him as a new patient. He did well there and so today they moved him to the rehab floor! He looked good and of course very handsome to me! He has received showers so that makes him look and smell better too!! I laid a good kiss on his lips!
The doctor (he is awesome) came in while we were there and said that Ben's best times to show off are in the morning! This is so Ben....always more awake in the am and falling asleep by 8pm at night when hes at home! The doctor says that his eyes are opening more and at times Ben will follow the movement! Just to clarify he is not in a coma...some people have asked. Also, he is opening his eyes but at this time we do not know what he is aware of. When I say he is awake or opening his eyes that is just that. He still doesn't like it when I tickle his feet!
Tomorrow he will start more agressive therapy to see how he reacts and maybe on Friday the will start him on low doses of Ritalin to help stimulate him!
Prayer Requests:
1. Doctor needs some type of sign that Ben is doing things voluntarily and things on command.
2. Ben would respond to therapy
3. The stimulant drugs they start him on will somehow make a connection to get his brain working.
4. Continued healing for my body (arm and stomach incision)
5. Sanity on my part (this journey is not something anyone can plan for)
6. Our faith, hope, trust would remain strong in the Lord because some days I want to give up!
7. Strength for my mom as she is here always by my side! She has been a huge blessing but I know she thinks about home and gets tired too!
8. COMPLETE HEALING on Ben's brain....I will take it anyway the Lord wants to bring it!

Love you all!!


Ali said...

All those thoughts will be prayed for, you got it. :)

meleea said...

Going to pray for all those things you have asked for. Believing Ephesians 3:20 for you....He promises to do EXCEEDINGLY abundantly ABOVE all that we ask or think!! hugs -

jenn said...

Still faithfully sending prayers your way each day -- prayers for peace in your hearts as well as you make this unplanned journey. YOu and Ben are both so STRONG - one day at a time - I believe that Ben and yourself will heal!

c misamore said...

Hello Katie,

I had the pleasure of meeting your mom yesterday at the hair salon. Rhonda is a great friend of mine and introduced me to her yesterday. I have been praying and keeping up with you and Ben's progress since the accident happened. I was able to share my testimony with your mom yesterday about my near fatal accident I had six years ago on Tuesday. It was a long hard road to recovery for me and everyone else, but God had complete control in every aspect of the entire situation. My husband prayed the same prayer that you have for Ben, "for God to save me. That my husband would take me any way God saw fit." As you know, His healing power is amazing! Our prayers will continue to be steadfast for you and Ben. If you need someone to talk to or just to listen that has been through a very similar situation, Please do not hesitate to contact me or get my numbers from Rhonda!! Hold your head up high and believe in Him!! God Bless You and Your Family.

Birgit Misamore
Columbus, GA

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that Ben is out of the hospital! Though I know he still has a long way to go, it is encouraging that he is making progress.
I will be praying for all that you mentioned.
I serve a BIG God, a risen Lord and Savior Who conquered the grave and Who can certainly conquer this illness in Ben's brain. So I won't stop believing and praying!

mommywonderland said...

Thanks for the prayer list. Thats what I need so I dont forget one request. Have not if we ask not. Keep your faith strong and dont doubt for one minute that God isnt carrying you through! He is your gurney so FALL on it and let him take you through each day! Love you lady sooooo!

Roger said...

just wanted to let you know we are praying for you and Ben (We baby sit Cayenne and Sage for Joe and Patience)Our names are Roger and Tammy God Bless...

Manvel Cub Scout Pack 420 said...

Thank you Katie for all your updates. I pray for you often and believe the Lord is watching over you! I know you feel His presence and in the stillness of the Lord you find Him holding on with you. He see's your struggle and His hands are holding you and Ben. Love and peace be with you and your family and what a blessing for your mom to be with you! Praise God!!