Monday, October 14, 2013

an art piece...

today was a a good but busy day! we were in and out of the house all day but ben managed to get a project in! 

i saw a random pic of the idea and pretty much had all the supplies so ben got to work! i helped him with the trunk but ben pretty much did the rest! 

supplies were just paint, canvas, q-tips and a small paint brush for the trunk. 

we were sitting on the couch later this evening and i asked ben what he called it and he said "my happy tree while in pain." he said he felt good when he painted, it felt normal and good in amongst everything he was going through! 

my goal was for him to paint us something for above the fireplace {needs a mantle} for the fall! ben surpassed what i wanted and did amazing! looks like well need to go buy some more canvas for him to paint different things! 
love the freedom and peace he feels when he just paints! 

here is his final result...

well done ben, well done!