Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One more thing...

In all of my excitement in the last blog I failed to mention another awesome miracle!! When Physical therapy was putting on his new casts (no pink this time) she told me to hold his arm and ask him to give me a thumbs up. So I did and slowly but surely he did!! We all laughed with joy and thankfulness! I was so happy and blessed!!

Our Jesus is AMAZING and FAITHFUL!!!

Let me start out with a little that went on for us last night! Our church here arranged a time of prayer for Ben and I last night and it was amazing! We started out with some worship music and had a few quite moments with the Lord. Specific prayer points were put up on power point for us and the things the docs needed to see out of him! It was a powerful, amazing and uplifting time! A few things that I wrote down....
*From a song...pour it out Lord, come Holy Spirit fall afresh on me, I am crying out Lord, pour it out Lord!
*Psalm 91 (this one keeps coming to us by so many which I love)..hold onto Jesus for dear life, God kept me!
*When Ben comes out of this fire (like Shad, Rad and Bad) he will not even smell like smoke!! The man who is with him in this fire will not allow him to be burned!
*When it comes to the healing of his lungs....JESUS IS HIS BREATH OF LIFE! He is more than enough!
*He will be a new and improved Ben, a warrior, a champion! Ben will stand up as a vast army...God will wake up his dryness and give him life!
When I awoke this morning I was refreshed, rejuvinated and ready to start this week with my Ben no matter what he did or didn't do!
I walked in this morning with my mom and said, "hi baby, i am back" and to that he opened his eyes and looked at me! As I walked around his room, to test him of course, he followed me with his eyes and even slightly turned his head! I then went on to tickle his feet and he looked right at them which he has never done when I have tickled them before! The nurse came in and said that he has been following and tracking with the staff a lot more these past few days! Thank you Jesus! I ran into his doctor in the wall when coming back to Ben's room later and he said, "did you hear?" I told him I had but he confirmed what I heard! When Dr. Kailin asked Ben to give him a thumbs up Ben gave it to him with his right hand! When he asked Ben to hold up 2 fingers he did it!! Dr. Kailin was very excited and you could see it on his face! I went back into Ben's room with a huge smile and a very grateful heart thanking our Healer!
I started shaving off his horrid looking mustache when Respiratory therapy came in to work with him. After she was done we were talking to his right side and while he was laying in bed he turned his eyes and head to follow our noise! He wanted in on our conversation!
So, today has been a good day full of miracles and surprises! Our God is a good God and our healer!

Prayer points -
~Ben would continue to respond, track things/people in the room consistantly, localize items
~Lungs - secretions to dry up so they can plug his trach (he cannot talk until it is plugged)
~Muscles to relax and not spasm (this is much better but it lingers)
~His body physically strengthen and he will be able to support himself
~He would continually respond to the meds as they increase doses!
~COMPLETE HEALING....I don't care how long it takes! Faster would be nice but I cac wait knowing he will be healed 100%

Oh....one more thing! He is pretty much holding his head up by himself! This has improved since the last time I was here!! Praise Jesus!
I am sure you all get on here daily to see if I have posted! I would love post more often but this one-hand typing doesn't allow me to go so fast! Once I get this cast off (2 wks!!) it will be good therapy for my fingers!!
Love you all and we appreciate all your prayers, encouragement and support!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I think the last time I blogged was Tuesday so it is due time for an update!
Wednesday was a good day and not to eventful. I was able to sit in on some of Ben's rehab sessions and see what they do. The therapy team that he has is awesome! We are blessed to have them. It is so good just to be able to sit in Ben's room and read, watch TV, put my feet on his bed and take a nap or just sit there and look at him!
Thursday I woke up after a rough night of sleep. I have not been taking pain meds during the day and minimally at night to wean myself off them. Well I did not take any on Wed night which made for an uncomfortable night and rough morning. After I got comfortable we went to Ben's room and then to the conference with the doc and case manager. He went over the assessments that were done by the medics on the scene, what took place in the hospital when he got there, treatments during his 2 week stay and what they have been doing with him at Shepherds so far. Right now his point level on a scale is 5. They want to see him raise that level by at least 5-6 points so that he can move to the next rehab level. Of course I asked Dr. Kailin the question that everyone would..."knowing tgat you cannot put Ben on a time line or compare him to any other patient because each brain injury is so different what do you see his outcome being?" He generally stated that if he said Ben would never get further he would be a fool because people are always succeeding. On the other hand he cannot specifically say that he will be %100 like he was due to his injury. He did go on to say that they have a 60-70% rate at the hospital for patients to recover and be able to at least take care of themselves and some able to go back to some degree of work. Also stated that Ben is strong and healthy and could not say that for some of the patients he has. So, it was a good meeting but also disheartening at the same time! I didn't really know what to think. Ben had more therapy that afternoon but mom and I decided we needed a lil therapy of our own so we went on an adventure to find the mall! We had alot of fun and by the time we got home we were pooped! I went up to be with ben for a few hours and of course stared at his hansomeness (despite the mustashe he is sporting...bringibg his razor nxt visit) and read the word with him.
Friday we started packing up our room to check out and then I went back to be with Ben for a bit. We had a good visit with one of his guys from work and the had the opportunity to meet his buddy Jeremy (who was on his way back to NC) from way back in his Army years. I guess they were connected at the hip for a good amount of years!
Next week rehab plans to get aggressive with him, irritate him, and do things he prob won't like and hopefully he will respond to them.
Mom and I ended up gettin home around 6:30 and we rested for a bit and then played cards until midnight! Of course I won!

Prayer points!
***Big ones***
1. Ben needs to start following commands consistantly!! (like...give me a thumbs up, squeeze my hand, lift your arm, look at my face)
2. Needs to localize things in the room (follow moving people, look to the noise, follow with his eyes and respond)
By doing these things he puts points on his score board! Please pray specifically for this!

~Lungs to clear
~Would respond well to weaning him off the trach
~He would remain strong
~Continued healing for me
~Strength for mom and I each day!

Each one of my family members and I have taken a day of the week to fast and pray specifically for Ben. If you want to join in on that it would be awesome!

Love you all and everything you have done for us!! You are truly a blessing!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Little miracles!!

Yesterday (Mon) I posted on my Facebook that I was going to see Ben on Tuesday and I was praying for good things this week. I called up to Shepherds in Atlanta for an update on Ben and this is what the nurse gave me:
*when asked to turn his head to the right he did it...only once but I will take it!
*he followed the nurse with his eyes when she put her finger in front for him to track!
*Eyes are more open!
*Spasms under control!
The nurse said he was having a good day and also said, "girl, we are going to wake this boy up!"
Tuesday (today) mom and I drove up again this time driving Ben's beasty truck! She did a great job but it just took a tad longer! We had to be aware of the roads because of all the flooding but thankfully the area we are in was not affected!
We got to Ben's room and respiratory therapy was in his room and they were putting a plug in his trach to see how he would do breathing without it. He did well for awhile and then his oxygen levels went down a bit. They are going to try again tomorrow and then hopefully have the trach out by the end of the week! At that point he will be doing all his breathing and have nothing assisting him! This is a huge step to get this out!
Mom and I left after that to go put things in our room and get some lunch. When we came back to his room he was not in there! Come to find out he was in the big rehab room for the first time! I went to the rehab room to check him out! They had him sitting up with support and they were impressed with how he was holding his head up. He holds it up for a bit and instead of it quickly falling down he gently lowers it. Of course his one hour of rehab pooped him out so he was pretty tired the rest of the evening. He did get his pink cast off and now he has 2 matching white casts.
Our pastor also came for a visit and it was so good to have him! We shared some good laughs and prayers! He is a blessing to us and so grateful he took the time to come see us!
Jesus has been healing me too! I don't take any pain meds during the day and every once in awhile at night! I walked to the Fresh Market tonight with my mom and like Ben that was a good workout for me and tonight I am pooped! I went back to Ben's room tonight to read the Word over him. I always read Psalm 91 and the full armor of God! I also was able to read a few more scriptures that came to me....I love these times! I got tears in my eyes knowing all the things God has done in his body this week.....and it is only Tuesday! I love this man that Jesus gave to me and I am asking Jesus to give him back to me %100!!
Although I have not responded to the comments left on here I do read them and so appreciate them! They keep me trusting, believing and hoping in Jesus!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


People have been asking for our address.....
229 Lee Road 2140
Phenix City, Al 36870

(2140 is not an apartment number but county number...no need to put # before it!)

My one hand typing seems to improve everyday!

My mom and I are back at my house for the weekend. We plan on heading back up to Atlanta on Tuesday and prob stay until Friday.
I loved seeing Ben! I missed him after not seeing him for those few days! His condition is still about the same but thankfully he has not slid backwards! I have to remind myself that it has only been 3 weeks since the accident and for that amount of time he is doing ok. He still continues to open his eyes (alot more now that he is on the stimulant drugs) but we are still unsure of what he is aware of. He has had some muscle spasms that they call storming that they are trying to control. They say that this is not uncommon for people in this stage. Its mainly something that the wiring in his brain is causing and usually goes away. They have been getting him up, dressed, and in a support chair for a few hours a day which after laying in a hospital bed for 2 weeks this is good! He remains off the vent and is doing well with his trach. they have had to do some casting for supporton his ankles. This helps against foot drop and toning so when he is able to stand up he stands on his feet and not toes. Of course they ran out of good colors for a man and he got stuck with one pink cast and one black one! Real Rangers wear pink right!?!
I am doing well. Each day I get a bit stronger but still have to remind myself to go slow and let people do things for me! I rarely use pain meds and my incision on my stomach is healing nicely. My appetite is still coming along....not as fast as my mom would like but it is there! I would love to go to a spin class to vent and unload some stress but I don't think I would last 5 min! I do have permission from my doc to ride a stationary bike! Just imagine me pedaling with feet, holding my stomach with my right hand for support, my left arm in a cast, my body on vicodin just pedaling away! Oh my I can just see the disaster waiting to happen! Can def say that I can ride my bike with no handle bars...stationary bike that is!
Prayer requests:
1. Ben's complete healing!! Still believing for it!
2. Control of spasms and casts would work on ankles
3. Wisdom for doctors on how to treat him (they know their stuff so well)
4. Patience for me....it is still in the early process but it feels like it has been months!
5. Strength for my mom as she continues to be by my side
6. Choice of new car (not used to making these decisions without Ben)
7. Waiting for our miracle!!

(Ben pink cast)

(My arm, his leg)

(Tummy incision...will post improved look later)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update from Atlanta...

Well, my mom and I made it to Atlanta in one piece and didn't even get lost! Thanks to our military guys who took us up last week! We arrived around 3:30 pm and got set up in our lil studio apt/hotel room! Shepherds provides 30 free days of housing which is a huge blessing! They have a full mini kitchen stocked with small appliances, towels, silverware and so on. Also has 2 twin beds in a seperate room and a pull out from the couch! It is actually quite cozy!
After getting settled we were off to see Ben! The first 2 days he was here he was in the ICU just to monitor his respiratory status and assess him as a new patient. He did well there and so today they moved him to the rehab floor! He looked good and of course very handsome to me! He has received showers so that makes him look and smell better too!! I laid a good kiss on his lips!
The doctor (he is awesome) came in while we were there and said that Ben's best times to show off are in the morning! This is so Ben....always more awake in the am and falling asleep by 8pm at night when hes at home! The doctor says that his eyes are opening more and at times Ben will follow the movement! Just to clarify he is not in a coma...some people have asked. Also, he is opening his eyes but at this time we do not know what he is aware of. When I say he is awake or opening his eyes that is just that. He still doesn't like it when I tickle his feet!
Tomorrow he will start more agressive therapy to see how he reacts and maybe on Friday the will start him on low doses of Ritalin to help stimulate him!
Prayer Requests:
1. Doctor needs some type of sign that Ben is doing things voluntarily and things on command.
2. Ben would respond to therapy
3. The stimulant drugs they start him on will somehow make a connection to get his brain working.
4. Continued healing for my body (arm and stomach incision)
5. Sanity on my part (this journey is not something anyone can plan for)
6. Our faith, hope, trust would remain strong in the Lord because some days I want to give up!
7. Strength for my mom as she is here always by my side! She has been a huge blessing but I know she thinks about home and gets tired too!
8. COMPLETE HEALING on Ben's brain....I will take it anyway the Lord wants to bring it!

Love you all!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15th 2009 From Katie Rye

Here I go again with my one handed typing! I had 2 hands for one slight moment when they took my splint cast off yesterday! Of course I could not move it but it felt good to get some air to it. They took some x-rays, took stitches out and re-casted with a white, hard cast. It is a bit shorter but just as heavy and obnoxious!
I am slowly getting better. I am so ready to be done with it all though so I can have my appetite and energy levels back. It takes everything in me not to lift things, walk to far, and want to work out! Going from two hour workouts to getting winded after taking a sit-down shower or getting dizzy walking a few isles at Target is not really my cup of tea!
Seriously my life consists of waking up…walking to the couch, taking shower…sitting down, car ride….into wheel chair, car ride home….2 hour nap…..get the picture??!! I get pooped so easily and I cannot wait to get some energy back!!
Sleep is getting better. I thought I was going through menopause at 29 due to all the night sweats I was getting! They have reduced to a degree but then I also have to try not to smack myself in the face or incision with my cast! Oh the life of a person who is injured!
On to the love of my life! Oh how I miss my man! I miss phone calls, talking in person, bike rides, laughing with him, his touch, and most of all just who he is as my husband. I posted on my Facebook that this is worse then a deployment because at least with that I can still hear his voice and get e-mails from him.
Yesterday morning he was transferred to Shepherds in Atlanta. This rehab center is one of the top 5 in the nation for brain injuries….thank you Jesus it is only 2 hours from our house! When he left the hospital here in town he was off all sedation drugs, breathing on his own with his trach, one single IV line for antibiotics, and a nice shaved face. He still continues to open his eyes but at this point it is hard to know how much he is aware of. He also continues to move his toes, arms and when I tickle his feet he pulls away and opens his eyes…..haha he never did like his feet tickled!
These first few days at Shepherds they will assess him, look at all his scans, and get him out of bed into somewhat of a schedule. Getting him out of bed is going to be so good for him! Please continue to pray for complete HEALING in his body! I pray over his brain everyday that God will just pour His healing oil into his head and he would be restored. I am asking Jesus to bring him back exactly how he was, that is all I desire….nothing more, nothing less! I pray hard that he will remember me, those he loves, and all the things he loves in life! God has so many plans for him and I believe that Ben is going to live them out!!
My mom and I are heading up to Atlanta tomorrow morning (my doctor appts have kept me from going earlier) and will stay a few days. It will be so good to see Ben and give him lots of kisses! Thank you all for your continued prayer and support! Please don’t stop because we need it so much and I feel it everyday!!
I will post more as things happen…..hopefully lots of praise reports!! Hanging on to Psalm 91 and many other scriptures!!
Love you all!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

It is me again and I type with a happy heart! Ben has been opening his eyes from time to time this morning! He gets very agitated when Respiratory Therapy treats him but it is good for him!! His trach and feeding tube that were put in yesterday are doing well. He has been fully breathing on his own this morning which is another answer to prayer. He did spike a low tepm over the night and they are going to culture some stuff today.....but his temp has been stable all morning.
I am doing well. Stomach incision is still tender but it is healing nicely. My arm rarely hurts anymore, just an occasional throb here and there. The splint/cast they have me in is always in my way but I have an appointment Mon to hopefully get a shorter one. My appetite is growing and so I am not having as much food shoved in my face by loved ones to get me to eat!
Thank you again for all your prayers and support......and please keep praying for us!
I get internet and cable (yes, we are finally stepping up in the world) on Monday so hopefully I can get online more often!

Love you all!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10

I just spoke with Katie .. her internet is not available and she wanted to update all of you...
She, her mom and sister are traveling to Atlanta today to check out the Shepherd Center .. this is a hospital that deals specifically with brain and spinal cord injuries .. It is a great facility and they will have so many things to offer Ben to aid in his recovery and healing. Katie will be able to talk to them and find out all about the program as well as see where she will be staying during this time. There will be many trips to Atlanta in the near future ..
Ben is in surgery right now for a trach and feeding tube placement .. these are temporary things he needs so that they can move him .. planning for transfer early next week .. Katie is feeling better and getting her strength back daily .. she wants to come to church Sunday ... again thank you for all the prayers and encouragement .. God is good!! There will be so many victories come from this situation - what a testimony they will have !!!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's me....

This will probably be short and sweet due to typing with one hand, lack of sleep and still on drugs! If this comes out weird, well I blame it on the above!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.....from the bottom of my heart! Several times I have been brought to tears over all the encouragement, prayers, wisom, hope, scriptures, meals, visits.....and the list goes on! You all truly have blessed Ben and I and cannot wait to share with him everything!
I am slowly recovering. My skin is tight from my incision, I am trying to bust away reflux, appetite is slowly coming back (need to get back those 15lbs from not eating for a wk) and my energy level is slllloooowwwllllyyy coming back! My arm is pretty much pain free but just have to deal with this huge cast that goes to my shoulder!
Everyday has its ups and downs. It is the hardest thing not having Ben with me and he be the strong one in our family! In all of it if I do not trust my Jesus whom else can I turn to....NO ONE! No one else can heal my Ben, only Jesus can put back together all the little pieces of his brain..Jesus is our healer and I have to choose EVERYDAY whether easy or hard to put my trust, faith and whole hope in Him!
Please do not stop praying for us! We need it so, so much!
You all truly are a blessing in our lives!
Katie and Ben

Monday, September 7, 2009

Katie Comes Home

Hello from the Rye home! We brought Katie home yesterday. She was released Sunday afternoon and made the trek home. She was very thankful for her BIG brothers to get her in Ben's big truck. Katie is relieved to be home, sleeping in her own bed and camping out in the recliner, yet sorrowful about leaving Ben, not having him at home, driving to and fro with the accident in mind. Katie was given a word. The word was to see her current situation now with being at home and Ben at the hospital as being on a "mission". Ben is gone on a mission... a mission to get well. She is on her own mission to get well and take care of the home front while he is away and let her family, ranger family and church family help her through it all. She has been a trooper in many ways. She feels very comforted by your words, stories, prayers and kindness. Thankyou

Ben is stable, off the ventilator for the most part, only sedated when he gets to tired, reacts to stimuli, moves his head when he hears Katie, squeezing Katie's hand consistently. Please pray for his brain to continue to heal well, specifically that the connections would be made for him to do things like open his eyes.

We are praying, singing, reading the word many times a day over Ben and Katie too. They need your prayers and we will all continue to stand and fight for them.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

And on the 8th day.......

....She passed GAS! ....and it was good , very good! (Katie's words) Katie has been adjusting to her oral medication slowly. Her stomach has been upset so things were changed up a bit and is now keeping things down. Katie will be at the hospital tonight and maybe again tomorrow. She just needs more time to get her strength up. She is struggling with the lack of energy and the motivation to keep going. It is a day to day journey for Katie and Ben.

Today, Katie held onto the verse Zephaniah 3:17 "The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."

Ben worked really hard yesterday squeezing Katie's hand, chewing on the feeding and vent tubes, working up a good sweat and almost kicking Anne in the face for looking at a dot of fingernail polish on his toe. They kept him mildly sedated today to allow him to rest a bit. He is responding to localized pain stimuli and pushing it away. Katie is awaiting the moment to be able to look him in the eyes.

The scripture we are praying over Ben is Psalm 121:7 -8 (NIV) "The Lord will keep you from all harm - he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore." We looked deeper into this scripture and found an explanation, thus far it became much more meaningful to all of us, " ...the saint is preserved, not in the sense that he will not suffer adversity, but that he will go through adversity and come out a winner." PRAISE GOD!

We are truly blessed daily by your prayers and support. We feel God's sustaining presence here and his power at work.

Friday, September 4, 2009

God is Faithful!

Katie's strength is increasing gradually day by day by 1. Your faithful prayers, 2. SLOWLY consuming a full liquid diet.... "I am trying to choke down applesauce and chicken broth forced upon by very loving family members. I know it will help me, but oh the agony of an shriveled stomach of not eating for 5+ days ... (spoken by Katie!) 3. Her special moments with her strong Ben.
Katie is off IV fluids and is now on oral pain meds. Her swelling has gone down considerably and might get discharged tomarrow.

Ben and Katie are having special moments together. The doctor has taken Ben off of the sedatives for now to see how he reacts without them. They have him them ready to administer if necessary. They have given him one dose of blood pressure meds, when he got a little too excited. Well Ben beat Katie to the "passin gas thing" Katie is still waiting for her turn.... giggles.... She sends her love!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

God is Good !!

Katie's scripture for today :
Matthew 7:7 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

.. seeking Gods voice and finding comfort in the words of this scripture. Joyce Meyer was on TV this morning and she was talking about the persistence of knocking and asking God to answer us .. Katie feeling more than ever she needed God to speak to her and give her peace asked God to give her something to let her know that HE was still in control .. a sign ...
She went to the unit to see Ben and the nurse was leaving the room but went back in to cut down his sedation to see if he would be responsive to Katie .. she told Ben to squeeze Katie's hand and he did !!!! .... its ok to go ahead and cry .. tears of joy !! .. He repeated this several times following verbal commands .. She also noticed his eyes twitching and he is able to move his legs some when the sedation is cut down.. This is a huge improvement for him !! Praise the Lord. Plans are also being made for rehab .. Nothing concrete yet but things are in the works .. Please continue to pray that as he is brought out of sedation that his vitals signs will stay in a safe range, that he will have a peaceful state of mind and that everything will be intact.

Katie ... well, she just needs a good old gas attack .. PLEASE continue to pray for her intestines to get moving !!! .. She was very thankful for the chicken broth they brought her for lunch and is excited to get more for dinner ... you know she's hungry if she's excited about chicken broth and I don't mean Cambells ..

She sounded so good today .. like herself .. rested and refreshed . She said this was the best day she has had to far. God has rejuvenated her spirit and given her a renewed strength.
Again, thanks to everyone for all the prayer, faith and support .. She would love to have visitors - go see her - still in room 646.

More good to news to come .. I just know it !!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sept 2 - Praise Report

The tube is out of her nose !! this is great .. She still has a very sore throat but was able to eat a popsicle .. still needs to pass the gas .. so keep on believing !! .. If anyone is interested .. a starbucks vanilla latte or white chocolate mocha will be in order as soon as she is cleared to have one... or both ;)

September 1 Update from Katie

Thank you for your continued prayer and support. We are all blessed by your obvious love!

Katie is progressively healing but she continues to wait for her tummy to wake up. (pass gas, break wind… J )… once this happens she can get off her ice chip diet. Today she was able to swish apple juice which, according to her was, “heavenly”. Pray for a good sleep tonight and healing in her mouth. Katie loves her Ben and prays constantly for him!!!

Ben continues to be a fighter. He is slowly brought out of sedation for short periods where they closely watch his responses. He does respond to painful stimuli which means his nerves in those areas are intact. His MRI cleared him of his neck collar so he has no spinal or neck areas that we are aware of. To put things in perspective we are learning that a brain injury can be compared to a broken arm… just like a broken arm has to be casted and immobilized the brain does too. The sedation that is being done to Ben is allowing Bens brain to rest which in turn allows it to go through the healing process. Small slow steps so we can see big results. Please pray that infection is cleared from his body. He has a temperature so they are trying to find the source of infection. We are continually reminded that God is the ultimate Physician and only Healer!

The verses we are clinging to today are found in 2 Corinthians 1:3-11 along with the song titled, “I Will Rise” by Chris Tomlin

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept 1 2009

Visited Katie and Ben tonight. Ben is still in ICU .. they have tried to wake him up 2 times today and both times they had to re-sedate him. He is waking up kinda wild and that is making his blood pressure and heart rate go up too high. The good news is that he is breathing over the vent, so its still on but he is breathing and if it needs to breath for him it will .. Also he has a fever tonight . It got up to 102 .. they have a cooling blanket on him. He has an infection in his lungs and they are waiting on the cultures to come back to know which antibiotic he needs ... Please pray for his respiratory status, that his lungs will be clear, his mind will be clear and he will wake up peaceful. This is very frustrating for Katie - she wants to be with him all the time and her visits are limited by her own conditions. She is still requiring a lot of pain medicine and in her own words " I need to pass gas" until this happens she cannot even begin to eat or drink normal ... and the NG tube will have to stay in her nose , and that is causing a very sore throat. She is up walking as much as possible but again limited by pain and fatigue...

I cannot even wrap my mind around what she, and her family are feeling right now .. they are watching and waiting for their Ben to wake up and be himself .. They need supernatural strength to give them peace that passes all understanding !! Please continue to call their name out to the Lord and stand in the gap.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.