Saturday, February 27, 2010

Praise reports...

I was looking and thinking over some past listed prayer requests from several blogs that I posted! Prayers for Ben to follow commands came to mind! I wrote that his therapists were looking for consistant responses within ten seconds with anyone that Ben is around! Well, Ben has been doing amazing in this area! Today it hit me with Ben doing this...especially for different people! My Uncle was visiting today and Ben was sitting across the table from us in OT. Mu uncle asked Ben to move his arm back and forth to stretch it out while it was in a arm sling type thing. Ben did it right away and kept doing it for a bit! My uncle then asked Ben to wink at me and Ben really tried but batted his eye lashes instead! My uncle then asked Ben to practice sticking out his tongue for when my lil brother got there. What do you know, Ben whipped that tongue out and made the best stick your tongue out ever!!
Ben has been following commands right and left and it has been wonderful! He has been doing them for a long time but I have been so wanting him to walk and talk that I have missed out on the miracles that are taking place right in front of me! I don't want to forget all that God is doing in him and the prayers that He has been answering! I am going to have to continually look back on things that I have posted and give Him thanks! These things Ben is doing are HUGE miracles and I thank Jesus for them! Thank you Jesus for being in the miracle business!!
My trip down to Cali went well. I was very impressed with what they had to say and offer. The referrals are going to go in next week and prayerfully Ben will be accepted into the program! If he is we will be heading down in the next few weeks!
Positives to the move:
~Ben will be in a program that is at least 3 months long
~Ben will have as many consults from different areas that he needs (eyes, ortho, muscles, etc)
~They have many resources in being a few miles from Stanford University
~Ben will be greeted each day by someone in uniform-this I am sure he has missed
~I will be living (and not paying a dime) about 88 paces from where Ben is staying (someone else counted them)
~They will provide me with a car the whole time I am down there!!
~The beach is about 30 min away (Jesus knows how to take care of us!)
I could go on and on about the positives! I feel at peace going down there and really believe that this is the next step on our journey! It will take us away from family but it is a short 2 hour flight away and a quick 12 hour drive!
I would post photos (and will leter) but my computer hit the wall and I cannot download any! I have one on order and it will be here soon!

Prayer requests:
~Speech...would love to hear Ben talk and laugh again!
~Muscles to loosen in neck, arms and legs
~Head control...his neck is so tight he tends to hold it to one side, and it is heavy like a babys to he holds it down
~Walk...he is moving his right leg more on command but walking would be amazing!
~Continue to eat foods and his swallow reflex be strengthened!
~Ben's spirit, soul, mind to be uplifted and have the strength to continue on!!!
~Continued wisdom on my end
Thank you for all of your continued prayers, love and encouragement!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Calling all our prayer warriors...

Hi all!
This will again be quick but to the point! So we came to WA about a month ago knowing that we would be here for a bit and get our stuff moved back and Ben and I closer to my family. Two weeks ago tomorrow, we were told by the facilty they would be keeping Ben for four more weeks and if he didn't make significant improvements we would have to find another place for him to go. I knew that being in WA was not going to be long term but also didn't think Ben's time here would be this short!
This takes me to today. My mom and I are flying out tonight to Palo Alto, CA to go and see a very large Poly Trauma VA there that has a program designed for traumatic brain injuries. Back in December when I flew back to WA to check out places one of Ben's doctors from GA went and checked out the VA in Cali. He was very impressed with it and told me that it would be a good place for Ben to go. I knew that one day it would probably be my back up plan...again not thinking it would be this soon!
The goal of this trip is to check out the facility, talk to some of the therapists, doctors and staff to see what they can do for Ben and see what their aggressive plan might be! I will be leaving tonight and coming back Friday morning. There are alot of positives to this transfer but also a few bummers! If you look at the dates we have about 2 weeks left and so that puts us into moving there the 2nd week of March...not to far away!
So, here is how you can pray! I am still believing and know that God can totally heal Ben completely where he is at...right here and right now! I give the Lord full permission to do that! :) I also understand that my timing is not God's timing and if He wants more time to "knit" Ben back together and going to a new place is what we need to do we will do that too!
So, please continue to pray for the Lord's 100% healing for Ben and also that the Lord will lead and guide me when I go down! I need His wisdom and direction in this area! I pray that it is the best next step and they will be able to give Ben what he needs in this time!
The Lord has big plans for Ben, some that He has already fulfilled and others yet to come! I am at peace with moving if need be but I will not stop praying for Ben to make progress in leaps and bounds right where he is at!!
Thank you all for your prayers and I will fill you in soon!! Lift up those mighty prayers and praise Him for what He is doing and all that is still yet to come!!

Katie and Ben

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I am behind...

I know you all are just sitting at the edges of your couches for a new post! I am sorry but I am behind in posting this week! I took Thursday and Friday and stayed home while my family went and spent time with Ben! Yesterday I went to Mt. Rainier and had some alone time and quiteness before the Lord. Today is going to be busy because I am going to give Ben a haircut and shower and then the council members of our church are coming to pray over Ben tonight! I am excited to see what is going to take place in that hospital room!
Ben is doing well. Not alot of new things to report but he is hanging in there and still making slow and steady progress! I love this man dearly for his strength and will power to keep fighting!
Sorry this is so short but I will get on here again soon for a much better update!

Katie and Ben

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A dear friend of mine sent to me Steven Curtis Chapman's new cd Beauty Will Rise. It is the one that he compiled after his daughter passed away. Everytime I play it I cry because it so touches my heart and soul. What he puts to words in songs is what is so in my heart and the words I would pour out to Jesus.
One song is called Faithful...(sharing my favorite parts)
Vs 1-I am broken, I am bleeding, I'm scared and I'm confused, but You are faithful. Yes You are faithful. I am weary, unbelieving. God please help my unbelief! Cuz You are faithful. Yes You are faithful.
Chorus-I will proclaim it to the world. I will declare it to my heart And sing it when the sun is shining. I will scream it in the dark.
You are faithful! You are faithful!
When you give and when You take away, even then still Your name is faithful!
You are faithful! And with everything inside of me, I am choosing to believe You are faithful.
Vs 2-I am waiting for the rescue that I know is sure to come, cuz You are faithful. Yes You are faithful. I've dropped anchor in Your promises, and I am holding on, cuz You are faithful. God You are faithful.
Back to Chorus
Parts of this song just say it all...I will say no more!

Sunday was a good day. Our first Valentines Day since the accident! It hurt my heart a bit but I felt so loved by many! I got to the hospital that morning and gave Ben a shower. We then had a bit of down time so I snuggled in bed with him for a bit and watched the Olympics. My family and friends were kind enough to give me flowers, chocolates and about 15 cards that they all wrote that were to be from Ben! They wrote them as if Ben was writing them to me...I was truly blessed! My parents and 3 cousins then showed up. Ben was pooped out because of his shower so he slept a bit but he did bat his eyelashes for the ladies! After they all left we had about a 30 min break and then my uncle and his prayer buddy came. While they were there my sister and her family came with homemade dinner! It smelled so good!! We had a good prayer time with Ben and then we broke out some ever so yummy food and dessert!
Monday Ben had about 3 therapies because it was a holiday for the staff. He did that night however eat a whole BOWL of mashed potatoes! He also indulged in some peaches in which he loved!! Good job Ben!
This morning I made it for his PT session! Ben was put in a moving standing frame for about 15 min. They then sat him down for a rest and then got him up for another 10 min! He did fairly well holding his head up this time around. Ben is working so hard and putting everything he has into it! Bless him!

1. Muscles to continue to loosen
3. Head control
4. Walking
5. Able to consistantly eat more food
I know these are big things to pray for but we serve a big GOD so I know He is able!!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

To the one that I love...

...for it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. it was not my lips you kissed, but my soul...

My Valentine...

Muscles!! Oh my, that is one of the first things I noticed on Ben’s body! Of course then I found his amazing eyes but went right back to those muscles! No one else can have them…they are all mine!

You are my hero! You serve your country, me and our families with deep integrity, valor and sincerity!

Valentines Day last year! We both thought the other had something planned and we were both wrong! I did have a small gift for Ben and he was “planning” on getting something for me that day! I was in tears that he had nothing planned and he was confused as to why I didn’t plan anything (I am the planner!!!) He went to the grocery store and bought some food! He started cooking it and got distracted by a movie so we ended up with very expensive BURNT steaks and very well done rolls that got left in the oven! He did get me a very nice card and lil gift…and made it up to me later! Oh you think that this was not such a good v-day but it is one that we will always have good memories of!!

Away we go! Almost two years ago in March Ben was transferred to Georgia for duty. This was going to be the first big move away from my family and knowing that we were not coming back anytime soon! It was a choice that both of us made and it was very good for us! It took me a few months to get settled in but during that time Ben was very patient with me and took care of me oh so well! He hugged me, kissed me and listened to all of my whining, complaining and tears! Ben is so good with that stuff and oh so patient!

Love is passion, obsession, something you can’t live without. Fall head over heels, find someone who you can love like crazy that will love you the same way back. How do you find them? Well, forget your head and listen to your heart...the truth is, there is no sense living your life without this. -Meet Joe Black

Even in the hard times I will love you Ben! These past (almost) 6 months have sometimes been a blur, time going fast, time going slow, hardships, tears, love and so many more emotions that always come and go! Through it all God has taught me how to love you more and more each day! Nothing can tear us apart and I know that during this journey we will just get closer to each other! Great days are yet to come!

Never say “never” is what I have learned!! I told the Lord years ago that I would never marry anyone in the military or in the ministry! I knew that in doing so with any one of those jobs it would move me away from my family and all I have known! Well, the day that I fell in love with Ben is the day that I had to give that “never” comment back to the Lord. Well, I got my military man and he swept me away to GA 6 months after we were married! Now where we are in life is taking me to the “never in ministry” comment as well! Who knows what God is going to do with the rest of Ben’s life when this chapter of our life is over but I am sure it will entail sharing our journey with others and bringing them the love of the Lord! So, I get both and happy for it!

Time to hit the sky! Within a month of Ben and I dating we both had a dream that we talked about and that was to go skydiving! Ben of course has jumped out of many planes/helicopters…I don’t know how many times but he was 3 jumps away from getting his master jumper on safe soil before the accident! Anyways, we tossed around the idea and finally decided one day to do it! It was a Saturday in September and it was a very nice day! We headed out that morning and I called my mom along the way to tell her what was up and hopefully it would not be my last phone call to her! We both went tandem with another person…I jumped first…I guess just for Ben to see if it was safe to go! LOL!! We had a blast and it has been one of the most memorable things we did in our dating time!

I Loved you yesterday, I love you still, I always have…I always will!!

Never will I forget the day when I said I do to you Ben! It was the best day of my life with you so far…other then telling you that I love you! That day will always be in my heart, mind, soul and spirit! The love that I felt from you that day warmed my heart and I would not think of giving my life and heart to any other man! You have been my rock, inspiration, laughter, energy and lover! My heart is forever yours from that day on until Jesus takes us home! I love you Ben!

Each hug I will always remember, every kiss sticks to me, every moment spent with you will be engraved in my head! I cannot wait to see your smile again that lights up my life, to dance a jig even though we both know we cannot dance, snuggle with you and you just hold me in your arms, sing songs of praise and glorify our God for all He has done for us, drive in your huge truck with you driving, have our miracle babies, build our home together and dream some big dreams!
I love you Ben so much! Big things are yet to come! XOXOXOXO

Love your wifey!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's to the dog...

Thursday Ben got the priveledge of having some dog therapy time! He had it with a 9 year old doberman pinscher! He was the sweetest dog and Ben and his new friend got along very well! Ben was able to use his right arm alot and get those muscles stretched out! He started out by scratching Hagan between the ears and then he moved to his back and then his belly! Ben's therapist took off his arm rest and had Hagan lay down beside him. Ben was forced to stretch his arm all the way in order to scratch him. What a great stretch for his arm! Ben then got to feed Hagan a few bisquits that he loved! Ben was told to hold the bisquit in his hand and when he was ready for Hagan to take it Ben was to show one finger with his other hand. Ben made Hagan wait a bit but he did get that one finger out and Hagan was told to go for it! Ben gave him about 4 treats and continued to pet him!
My sister, my neph, our friend April and her daughter all came to see Ben today! We sat around and chatted and the kids had show and tell for Ben. Ben tried to play checkers but in the end picked up the checkers (slowly but surely) and put them in a bag!
Thursday night my Uncle Joe from OR, Uncle Rich from here in town and my dad all came to see Ben! Let's just say that I was stuck with three brothers who know how to cause craziness! Of course the hilarious comments flew and they all gave each other crap and it was fun! Al of them compared who had more gray hair, who was still better looking and who was aging best...of course they were trying to get Ben on their side! They tried to be on their best behavior as well and they did well...for the most part!
Friday I stayed at my sisters and took the day off! I had to make several phone calls and run alot of errands. It was a good day off and the next will be all about me and not about insurance changes! My mom came up to be with Ben for a bit and went along to his therapies. They again brought Hagan the therapy dog in. This time Ben was in the standing frame and they had Hagan get up on a chair and put his paws up on the table Ben was standing at. Mom said that he did great and that he was going to town in scratching Hagan. Obviously Ben and Hagan have a good connection...Ben likes him and Hagan is going to be coming back for more scratches and treats!!
All in all Ben's last few days were good and he made a new friend!

Pray for Ben's voice to come....I am wanting so desperatley to hear it again!!

New address...we like notes and words of encouragement!!
PO Box 6577
Olympia, WA 98507

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mashed potatoes are a new favorite....

As I said in my last blog I have been blasting some praise music as I drive in my mans truck! It feels so good to praise Him from the top of my lungs! I have started to read a new book called The Prayer That Changes Everything-The Hidden Power of Praising God. Not even finishing the first chapter I have learned so much. One statement that has already hit me is, "worshipping God is the way that He can pry is loose from ourselves and make us stop holding on to the world and start holding on to Him. God intends worship to restore us, fill us, motivate us, bless us, adn fulfill us in ways we never dreamed possible. There are certain blessings that He wants to give us that will only come into our lives as we worship Him!" Don't know if I could word it any better because this is so what Jesus is doing in my heart and life! As I praise my Jesus He is faithful to be right beside me, restore my heart, bless us and fill me in so many ways that only He can do for me!
I have not lost hope and faith that God will heal Ben! We pray for it and believe it! God will do it but I trust Him for His timing! Some days are hard to see it but those days are usually the days when I am not trusting Jesus...He is my rock and fortress!
On to my man Ben!!
It seems as if he is settling in and proving that he is still in there yet trapped inside that body!
Monday - PT - Ben was put on his stomach for tummy time. It is a great stretch for him because he spends most times in his chair and in bed. His PT said that Ben really helped when rolling over and used alot more trunk muscles! Ben also did alot of sitting up on the side of the mat with wedges around him.
OT - Ben stood at a standing table for about 15 min with support, rang some doorbell buttons, and played catch with some squissy frogs which helps with getting use of his arm muscles.
ST - answered a ton of questions by raising his eyebrows only if the answer was true. Some of those questions were: is it hotter in the summer than winter, is an elephant bigger then a mouse, do you have a dog....all of these seem simple to us but to Ben and getting them ALL correct and raising his eyebrows only when it was true shows that he is comprehending and understanding!
My therapies for Ben - he gave me tons of hugs and kisses, had quite prayer time with him and what was so great is that Ben ate 3/4 bowl of mashed potatoes! This is the first time that Ben has had any warm food since the accident! Ben put those potatoes away and when I asked him if he liked them he could not get that one finger for yes fast enough!

Tuesday - PT - Ben did some of the same things that he did yesterday and did them quite well. OT - more time in the standing frame and he drew 3/4 of a heart for me and attempted to write his name! He did good on both...could def see that he was trying so hard! Rec Therapy - Biggest event of the day!! We took Ben in a van in his wheelchair to a park down the road! There was a small lake there, dogs, ducks and mass kids! Ben loved it and stayed awake the whole time! The van ride was good and Ben was looking all over the place and taking it all in! It was so good to see him outside and get him away from the hospital! Awwww it was so nice!

Wednesday - we had a conference today with the whole treatment team. It went well and they are going to start Ben on a new stimulant to see if it will help him focus, concentrate and stay awake longer. They also are upping his muscle meds to see if they will loosen up any! PT - lots of working on head control and truck stability. OT - standing frame and using colored cones and asking Ben to point to the colors that they called out to him. ST - more food! Peaches were on the menu today. They are a bit more textured so Ben coughed a few times on them. They are one of Ben's favorite foods so I am sure he was in heaven!
My therapies - more mashed potatoes, ice chips and juice! More quite times and reading of the Word. Psalm 40 has been on my heart! Ben's favorite show Man vs Wild was on all night so he was plugged into that and was pretty much ignoring me...I was ok with it as long as he gave me my kisses!

Prayer Points -
1. Head control is huge for Ben right now. He trys so hard to hold it up but Ben can only do it for so long. I compare it to a babies head....but Ben needs that support to support his trunk muscles, and for so many activities.
2. Mobility in is muscles! Ben wants to do so much more and you can see him trying but his muscles won't let him do it!
3. Rise up and walk!
4. Voice and speech!!
5. Rest for me! I am pooped out! I am taking Friday off and my mom (bless her) is going to go and be with Ben for a bit!

Points 3 & 4 reminds me of the scripture that says, "he went walking and leaping and praising God!!" I so want this for Ben..and yes, his first words can be praising God!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

We have a reason to worship...

(day after Ben got home from deployment)

The song below is one that has been blasting out of Ben's truck speakers for the past few days and shouting the words! It really has ministered to me! It is so easy to get in a slump and not look to Jesus for my peace, commfort, restoration and so many other things. Yes, I do have many times like that that and it is usually when I have not been in His word and praising Him. So, this song reminded me of who He is and what He is doing in Ben and my life. It also has reminded me that I have to do my part! I need to sing, worship and be in His word....and like the bridge words say...
All of my life
In every season
You are still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship
Ben and I have so many reasons why we should be singing and worshiping...and first on the list is that we are both still living! The accident could have easily taken our lives! A two foot penetration (and way more damage) into my lil civic could have easily taken our lives! Both of us are living and breathing and that in itself is a reason to worship! Other reasons to sing/worship...He has protected us ever since, blessed us financially, opened doors that He could only open, walked along side us, brought family to help and sooo many other things that I have not only blogged about but written down each day in my journal! Oh there are days when I don't want to sing, worship and read His word and those are the days when I feel far away from Jesus, am down in the dumps and am just bla!
So, Ben and I will praise Him when we are dry, hungry, weakness, trials, pain, in triumphs and in the harvest when we get to see the seed that we have sown!

The Desert Song:
Verse 1:
This is my prayer in the desert
And all that's within me feels dry
This is my prayer in the hunger in me
My God is a God who provides
Verse 2:
And this is my prayer in the fire
In weakness or trial or pain
There is a faith proved
Of more worth than gold
So refine me Lord through the flames
And I will bring praise
I will bring praise
No weapon forged against me shall remain
I will rejoice
I will declare
God is my victory and He is here
Verse 3:
And this is my prayer in the battle
And triumph is still on it's way
I am a conqueror and co-heir with Christ
So firm on His promise I'll stand
All of my life
In every season
You are still God
I have a reason to sing
I have a reason to worship
Verse 4:
This is my prayer in the harvest
When favor and providence flow
I know I'm filled to be empited again
The seed I've recieved I will sow

May you also remember to sing to and worship Jesus in teh midst of your storms, triumps and when life seems like it will not get any better! It will when you praise our BIG GOD!
Blessings -

Friday, February 5, 2010

The wheels on the truck...

Ben's boat and truck made it safely to WA! 7 tires later (4 for truck and 3 for boat trailer), snow, mud stomping, lack of sleep and I am sure laughs between the guys who drove is still in one piece! I am so grateful that the two of them volunteered their time to bring it to was either them or me...and I am blessed it was them!
I have still been crazy busy with tying up loose ends from moving, transfering Ben (Army side of things) and other issues! Sleep is what I can do in heaven so for now I will get some good ole NW coffee! I got a phone call today that our household belongings tomorrow am! I was hoping to sleep in and then spend the whole day with Ben but that sleep again will have to wait! Dad, my lil bro and I will be there when the HUGE truck comes to drop our stuff off. Since the boat takes up a huge part of the storage unit we don't have a ton of room to work with...we do although have 15 foot ceilings!! I can just see it now...the guys piling boxes from floor to ceiling! It remindes me of that game Jenga (sp) and the times to come when I will see a box, want the contents out of i, and try my darnest to not take down all the other boxes with it! I do have a labeling system that is already in action for when they packed our stuff! Anything with a bright pink label that says, "front of storage unit" gets put in front! This hopefully will alleviate the "Jenga game!!!"
Ben has been doing well, still I think stuck in a rut but he is trying SO SO hard to get out of it! He works so hard and you can see the all the emotions on his face when his body will not do what he wants it to!
Today in OT he was stood up in a standing frame. He had a brace type contraption under his bumm and his legs were supported. His therapists stood him up with support from the back and the side and then they let him go to see what he would do. They got him supported and then they threw their hands up in the air and said, "no hands!" Ben stood there with no other help but from his bumm and below all by himself! Ben did this for about 10 seconds which is a LONG time for him! I was so proud of him and Will (who drove up truck and also a Ranger) was rooting him on! Ben's therapists were also whooping and telling him how good he did! This is one step closer to Ben standing on his own and making him use his legs and trunk more! He also had a good session later and was able to follow commands and put items in certain targets...following his therapists on where to put certain items!

Ben is still moving along....slowly (well slower then I want) but still moving forward. Like mentioned in an earlier blog this is not abnormal but I am praying that he gets out of it soon! I so miss our chats and walks! Pray hard for him...I know you all do and there are so many connections that are being made in Ben's brain as I type and we pray!
We are open to people visiting but please e-mail me or text me for when you would want to come! Ben is in therapies the majority of the day and usually done around 4pm each day. Just let me know what you are thinking and we can work something out!

Prayer list this blog entry remains the same from the last entry!! Praying fervantly for 100% healing and am submitted to Jesus' timing for it! Oh I so wish I had a day when this would be all over but then I probably wouldn't trust my Jesus as much as I do now! I am totally dependent on Him for everything!!

Blessings to you all!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Laughs in spite of things...

In spite of some frustrations that we are going through this morning I had some theraputic laughing going on! My sister forwarded me an e-mail and it had me rolling! If it makes me laugh then I am sure it will lift your spirits as well! Happy laughing!!

Gifts...Bob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary.
His wife was really upset. She told him "Tomorrow morning,
I expect to find a gift in thedriveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6
The next morning he got up early and left for work.
When his wife woke up,she looked out the window and sure enough
there was a box gift-wrapped inthe middle of the driveway.
Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway,
and brought the box back in the house. She opened it and found a
brand new bathroom scale. Bob has been missing since Friday.

Happy Wednesday my friends!

Monday, February 1, 2010

30 years ago...

(Ben and his best bud Christopher)

30 years ago a lil man of about 4 pounds joined the world! I have photos to prove that he was one cute lil guy! Of course I am biased but he was super adorable and small! He is mine now so I get to brag on my man for a bit on this very special day of his!
Ben came into my life about 3.5 years ago and swept me off my feet! To this day he has shown me what kind of a guy he truly is! There is not enough words to describe the man God has put in my life but I will share some!
Ben has given his life to serve the Lord at a young age. He has a very strong and sincere relationship with Him and has allowed the Lord to lead him into making many decisions in his life and has built his character on who Jesus is in his life.
He also has given his life to me and chose me to be his wife! I am so glad that he chose me because it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me! Ben would do anything for me and is a very selfless person. He loves me, cares for me and leads me in a way that a man should! Ben is trustable, intererous and so passionate about me!
Another area that he has given his life to is being in the military. He has fought overseas and served us all 9 times! That many times he has put his life on the line so that we can be safe here and be taken care of. No one asked him to, but he volunteered. After long talks with the Lord Ben made that decision, no one could pursuade him or talk him into was a choice that Ben made! Thank him and all the ones you see around you for what our men and women do for us! Pray for them as well!
Ben is an amazing best friend, lover, protector, giver, stand-by-er, never gives up, and super duper HOT!! Ben will remain my husband, lover, best friend and future father to our babies! I cannot wait to be with him the rest of my life and see where the Lord takes us!
When we said our vows on our wedding day we both promised that we would stay together in sickness and in health. Obviously you all know where we are and it is a time of sickness. I have been thinking about this and today I see it as a time of LOVE SICKNESS! Not the way you would think of love sickness as it only lasting for just a time but I am so in love with Ben that it should make you all so sick! I know, I am crazy but if you could only see how my love for Ben has grown through all of this it would make you just as happy and sick! Seriously though, Ben makes me laugh when he chews ice chips, when he raises his eyebrows while giving me kisses, and bats his eyelashes when I command him to! I cry when Ben does something new, when he trys so hard to do something and his body will not allow it, when he stares into my eyes and I can sense what he wants to tell me and him just being so, so, so strong and not giving up! Yes, I am so in love with this man named Ben whom God brought into my life! I am so grateful that I said yes and that I was obedient to follow God's path for my life and now be so rewarded with the man that He has given me in Ben!
This is something from one of Ben's good buddies that he used to work with, "There is not just one favorite pic or memory. We (a few of his other buddies) have so many memories with Bonesaw (Ben) its impossible to pick just one. We have climbed mountains, been to war numerous times and saved each others lives over and over. Went boating, laughed until we cryed, trained and PT'd till we fell over or just could not move. Every one of these events was because Ben convinced us or pushed us into thinking it was going to be fun or it was a good idea. He loved to push us to our limits and he is hands down the best at that. You can ask anyone who knows Ben they will tell you he is the strongest person physically and mentally he is such an amazing person all the way around. I'm the person I am today because to Ben. I owe him more than words can describe. He means to world to us guys and alot of us owe him our lives. I am so glad you both found each other, you are perfect for each other. Words cant describe how proud of you we are for being so strong during such a hard time."
So, this just shows you that I am not the only one who thinks Ben is amazing. He has put his stamp of goodness on many peoples lives and will continue to do that for a long time!!
Ben, my husband, best friend, lover and so many other things...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love you so much and am determined to fight on with you and be there always!

Officially...almost in WA...

"By FAITH in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus' name and the FAITH that comes through him that has given this COMPLETE healing to him, as you can all see." Acts 3:16

Ben and I are finally in WA and there will be no more trips back to GA for me anytime soon! I say officially almost only because our belongings are in a huge semi somewhere in the states! Our truck and boat are also somewhere along the way being driven along by some great guys! So, when all our belongings get here we can move on and get settled!
I was able to be back with Ben today and I was so, super happy! It was so good to see him when I walked through the doors and of course I gave him huge kisses! Ben had a good therapy day today. He was in a standing frame for a bit, got his arms and legs stretched, ate some more ice chips and of course took some cat naps in the midst of it all! He is sometimes quite the stinker when it comes to falling asleep! We had some quite time together and that was so good for us! We have not been able to do that for some time due to being away and crazy schedules so it was so nice to crawl up in bed with him, do our devotions, prayer time and share some sweet kisses! I love this man so much and just being beside him in the peace and quite while holding his hands is sometimes just what I need! I know that he needs it too!

Please pray that Ben gets out of this slump that he is in. The word platau always comes up which means that he is stuck and slowly making progress. Slow progress is progress, which I am grateful for, but we would love to see more! It is all in the Lord's timing but I know that Ben would benefit from being able to do a new thing and getting our of this slump! I am praying for it!!
I am also asking that the enemy have no place in Ben's mind, body or soul! It is easy for brain injury patients to get depressed and get down...I am praying against that and the fact that the enemy would want to slow down Ben's healing process. He has NO place in Ben's life and he never will! Praise God that He is more powerful and the One that can heal Ben 100%!! I thank God already and continually for what He is doing in Ben and my lives!