Tuesday, August 27, 2013

where we are, four years later...

today marks four years since that evening i woke up in a hospital bed, six hours after we were in a massive car accident. those days are still so blurry to me and none of it has really come back.
four years! wowzers! some days it feels like moments and others it feels like it has been a lot longer then it has.
in four years a lot has happened. some good, some bad, some ugly, some painful, some joyous, some amazing...there has been a lot that has gone on but we are blessed to still be alive. God has blessed us with amazing blessings that we don't deserve but He doesn't care if we feel worthy, He just does it because He loves it!
where we are now in the past year...
- we are alive!
- we are in a home of our own and it is a dream!
- ben has been off his meds for over a year and a half and his seizure meds he's been off for a year in a few days!
- ben officially was retired from the army after 13+ years of service (pics on his retirement to come as we got some more recently) and is now a veteran...although he'd rather still be active! :)
- although ben is not fully walking on his own he has made great strides to get closer!
- ben has had a successful jaw expansion surgery and now has braces to help keep correcting his teeth...and one more jaw surgery to come.
- we were able to attend three adaptive sports camps and ben loved them!
- we celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversary...not everyone can say that, brain injury included!
- we took ben up to mount rainier, even if it wasn't to the top!
- ben has lost weight and gained a lot of muscle.
- bathroom stuff is better
- ben is more sneaky with his transferring from wheelchair to couch...and does this when im not looking, which in turn almost gives me a heart attack...he did this twice last week and all i could do was praise him for putting on his breaks and not falling!
- we traveled to texas for ben to be apart of his buddies wedding!
- ben was blessed with a recumbent bike and he would make me run with him and i would try to keep up!
- hes watched me go to many crossfit workouts only saying that if he could do what i was doing he would smoke me...and he would, times 100!
- we got a super cute new pup that ben loves!
- ben started a new therapy program and loves it!
- i have become a bad blogger...but i hope to change! will try...
- we still love each other
- ben has been for the last year slowly but surely improved on things. both mentally and physically
- since being on the water in our new house ben has been able to be on his boat a lot more this year and inner tubing up a storm...way better then last year!
as i look back i see God is good! i know He is but when one writes it down and takes the time to remember i am always humbled by what He has done! we still have a long journey before us and many battles to fight but we forge forward and fight on...all the while trusting in our Jesus to get us where we need to go. yes, it is hard. every day is hard. every day is tiring. every day i try and find a lil joy in the hardship. i would never choose to go through this and nor would i wish it on anyone. God knows what He is doing. we may not but He does. His mercies are new every morning and so is His grace!
as ben says, "we will beat this brain injury!"
and speaking of brains...i figured out what was wrong with mine...
sneak peek of house interior...more pics to come...
{deck area}
first few sunsets in our new home...majestic!