Tuesday, September 25, 2012

san diego...

Ben and I just got back last Saturday from an amazing week in San Diego! We went down there for the National Veterans Summer Sports camp where there was a sport he participated in every day of the week! The weather was beautiful, the scenery amazing and the people wonderful! We were really taken care of and had a wonderful time!

I am going to surprise you all with a video I put together! Why I have not done this before with the posts that have mass photos I don't know but this time I took the time to figure it out! Thankfully at one point I closed my computer to shut it down before it over heated so it was saved. If I lost it I was going to give up and just go out and buy a new computer. It saved so the bank account remains the same! Anyways, yes I made a video and yes it is like 15 minutes but its fun!

Before the video I will break down the week for you...

Saturday - Flew in to San Diego! First time flying alone with Ben after the accident and it went really well! We got settled in our room (25th floor that everyone thought it was a pent house but I swear people it was a normal room) and then went to register Ben and meet his team leaders!
Later that night we met up with the besties and had dinner! Lindsey, my friend and her boys, have seen Ben a few times since the accident but Jeremy her husband had not so it was fun to go out to dinner with them like old times! Aww, then sleep!

Sunday - we slept in a bit, if sleeping in to 7am counts. We kind of got adjusted to where we were at and then went outside the back of the hotel which was backed up to the marina. Ben and I went exploring and had lunch along the way! It was a good long walk that we both enjoyed. Besides Ben being in his wheelchair it felt so "normal."
Later that day we had opening ceremonies where we met with our teams and had some instructions. The rest of the day was free time and we just spent time together!

Monday - today was cycling and rock wall climbing! Ben did the rock wall first, then a 10 mile bike ride along the water on Coronado Island and then the rock wall again! I must say that he did amazing on the rock wall. It was all in his arms!
(ive been trying to download a video but its being stubborn! i will post when it works!)
Tuesday - sailing!! First we went out on a big boat called the Stars and Stripes. It was such a cool boat to be on and Ben got to stand up and steer for it bit! There was alot of action out on sea! Helicopters, ships, Coast Guard, Navy Seals, actual seals and so much more! After lunch we went on a much smaller boat that Ben was able to help with and we also had some boat races!

Wednesday - this day was a full day!! We had to wake up at 5am to load the busses by 6am to go to the Olympic Training Center for track, field, rowing and archery! Ben did awesome once again! After that we hurried back to the hotel to get cleaned up and then load up once again to have dinner and music on the USS Midway! John Corbitt performed and Bo Derek was also ther

Thursday - we headed to Mission Bay yaght club! It was a beautiful place! It was bright and shiny when they started out but out of no where came the fog! Right as they came back in the sun came back out! The sun was out the rest of the way for their sailing/kyaking adventure!

Friday - surfing!! So much fun and Ben was in heaven that he could actually get in the water! Ha they have them wear helmets so he totally looks like an egg head but eh we don't need another brain injury! He went out about 3 times and caught about 5 waves each time! First he did it laying down and then he said he wanted to either stand or get on his hands and knees! Hands and knees it was and he did great! His surf instructor said that he wanted to see Ben next year standing on a board! Ben said he would be!
That evening we had an award ceremony, dinner and closing ceremonies! Followed by alot of photos!

I asked Ben on the way home what he thought about the clinic and he said he loved it! I asked him why he liked it and he said because he saw that he was not the only one injured and so it felt like he was not alone on this journey. He also said people showed him how to stay positive and that he was very motivated by the other guys that were there and were on their own journey to get better!
I don't think I have have seen Ben laugh or smile so much in one week! Also he did a really good job instigating conversation, asking questions, and instigating shaking hands with people!

Here is the video! No I am not the most techy person so if you see something weird just ignore it! :) Also in the first song there are two words that I don't like but didn't know how to get them out! The rest of the song is about a Fighter so just ignore those two words! Thanks! :)

Yesterday morning...Laying in bed this morning and I asked Ben why God isn't healing him faster because we both want it so bad? His response, "I really want to be healed but maybe God is using me as an example to other people of not to quit until I'm healed!" Me-don't you think we've waited long enough? B-yes but He has never quit on us so we cannot quit on Him!
His word for word...wise man!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

mt. rainier and a few upcomings...

So, yesterday was Labor Day...no therapies due to the holiday.
Ben and I had looked at weather the day before and saw that it was to be nice and decided that we would head up to Mt. Rainier before the bad weather hit up there! Ben had not been up there since the accident and before then it had been some time because we were living in GA.
I had also looked up Sunday afternoon for some cabins but I should have known that they would all be booked due to the three day holiday! After thinking about this adventure a bit and fully knowing that there might be hills involved, if there were even any accessible trails for a wheelchair, I text one of my sisters Monday morning and asked if she wanted to join! Of course I asked them for just more then an extra set of hands! She and her kids were game because they were literally going to do labor at home and do chores! We had a good excuse to get them out of that, let's get Ben to Mt. Rainier!
We took off early afternoon because she said they did want to get a few things done and Ben and I needed a few extra minutes to get ready! She picked us up and we were off!
We drove all the way up to Paradise! Pretty much the highest point you can drive up to. We went into the Inn and asked what the best trails for a wheelchair were. The lady pointed to a trail head right close to where we were parked and said follow the signs to Myrtle Falls. She said it was a perfect lil trail that was paved and had a few (hand motions were lil ups and downs to form slopes) lil ups and downs. Well we started off...on an incline! I am so glad I didn't do a workout that morning because I def got it pushing! These were no lil hills...they were INCLINES and almost all uphill with hills in between! My sister and I took turns and at most points had to do it together! Of course in stead of offering to help people just laughed with us as we pushed Ben up and our bodies were pretty much parallel to the ground! It didn't help that we were laughing because it made it worse. Oh note to y'all who don't have to push people in wheelchairs...PLEASE don't walk right in front of the person being pushed and PLEASE don't stop directly in front of us...especially on a hill!! We asked Ben along the way, which clearly we shouldn't have, and his response was, "I am great because you guys are doing all the work!" Of course that was followed by, "if I could walk this on my own you know I would!"
We got to the top, at Myrtle Falls and it was definetley worth it! It was a beautiful view of the mountain, water, flowers and valleys! God's amazing creation! I looked at that mountain and was just amazed that Ben had climbed and peaked it 2 times before! When you look at it your like oh that doesn't look to bad of a climb but when you LOOK at it you say there is no way! But to know my man did it 3 times and wanted many more was amazing in itself!
We hung up there for a bit and met a great couple from England who now live in Seattle. The were older then us and had pushed their dad up in a wheelchair. I figured if they could do it us young (yes were still young) bucks could do it as well. We took each other photos and got to chatting a bit. The lady had a spinal cord injury and she never thought that she could make it. It took alot for her and she avoided some stairs because of balance issues but she made it. Ben shared a little of his story and they were able to encourage each other. It was a cool moment!
Going down this trail we were on! Ha, I truly wished we had taken video of it all! We had to be a sorry sight for sure! On the say down my sister and I literally each had one hand on the handle and the other holding on to the back of the seat. We were in the sitting position and literally pulling ben back as we tried not to run down the hill from his chair and weight pulling us down! People did actually ask if we needed help then...again, a sight for sore eyes! Ha!
All in all it was a wonderful afternoon! Of course we hit alot of traffic on the way home but we survived that and made it home safely! Ben especially was a happy man, I am sure it was the fresh mountain air that helped!
The upcomings...
So, we have alot coming up and I am sure that there will be things that I will forget to list! Bear with me!
1. We are going to San Diego in the next few weeks! Ben got accepted into a VA sports camp that they offer every year! They do kyacking, sailing, biking, track, surfing...and whatever else they are going to offer! It will be a jam packed schedule of sports and fun! It will be our first adventure flying on our own but thankfully it is a short flight and so it should be fine! We are super excited for this adventure!
2. Ben has his first official orthodontist appointment tomorrow. They will be checking out his teeth, taking impressions and hopefully getting a good treatment plan in line. We are praying that it will only entail one surgery in this process but there might be two. Prayerfully we will get the answers we need...but we are dealing with the Army here! :)
3. Towards the end of the month I get to go with my mom and sisters on a lil weekend (much deserved for all of us) trip. It will be tons of fun for all of us! Ben will be hanging out with his nurse and dad...good time for them to get alot of football in!
4. October will be a bittersweet month for us. That month Ben will transition out of the Army. He has now been in for a lil over 13 years and has served his country well. We are praying for a smooth transition but there is alot that needs to happen. We have some amazing people working with us and that has been a huge blessing.
5. During the time of Bens transition we will be meeting with new docs and new people we will be working on from then on out. I have a long list of questions, referrals, needs and so on that I have to present to them! Ha, watch out! Hey, it's all for Ben and I will fight for him to get the best! Please be praying that all of this goes well...
6. October 27th marks our 5th wedding anniversary! I cannot believe it will be 5 years! Anyways we are trying to decide what we might do to make it special...we shall see!
7. Towards the beginning of November we will be heading down to Texas! Ben has been asked by his good buddy to be his best man and his finace has asked me to be her bridesmaid! We are so honored that we can be there for them! We will be in southern texas on the beach! Super excited about this!
8. The end of November we will be having a retirement ceremony/party for Ben. We are having to wait a little longer for Ranger reasons. More planning!
That is all I can think of right now! So, as you can see there is alot of planning, doing, task lists, issues to solve, things to do, travel arrangements to be made, things to check off the list(s), and so many other things...this of course doesn't include the things that we have going on a daily basis and things that I just have to do around the house and get things done! Lord help me! :)
We will for sure keep you updated on these things. Im not giving out dates for safety reasons but of course I will be taking hundreds of photos of the things that were doing!!