Tuesday, September 25, 2012

san diego...

Ben and I just got back last Saturday from an amazing week in San Diego! We went down there for the National Veterans Summer Sports camp where there was a sport he participated in every day of the week! The weather was beautiful, the scenery amazing and the people wonderful! We were really taken care of and had a wonderful time!

I am going to surprise you all with a video I put together! Why I have not done this before with the posts that have mass photos I don't know but this time I took the time to figure it out! Thankfully at one point I closed my computer to shut it down before it over heated so it was saved. If I lost it I was going to give up and just go out and buy a new computer. It saved so the bank account remains the same! Anyways, yes I made a video and yes it is like 15 minutes but its fun!

Before the video I will break down the week for you...

Saturday - Flew in to San Diego! First time flying alone with Ben after the accident and it went really well! We got settled in our room (25th floor that everyone thought it was a pent house but I swear people it was a normal room) and then went to register Ben and meet his team leaders!
Later that night we met up with the besties and had dinner! Lindsey, my friend and her boys, have seen Ben a few times since the accident but Jeremy her husband had not so it was fun to go out to dinner with them like old times! Aww, then sleep!

Sunday - we slept in a bit, if sleeping in to 7am counts. We kind of got adjusted to where we were at and then went outside the back of the hotel which was backed up to the marina. Ben and I went exploring and had lunch along the way! It was a good long walk that we both enjoyed. Besides Ben being in his wheelchair it felt so "normal."
Later that day we had opening ceremonies where we met with our teams and had some instructions. The rest of the day was free time and we just spent time together!

Monday - today was cycling and rock wall climbing! Ben did the rock wall first, then a 10 mile bike ride along the water on Coronado Island and then the rock wall again! I must say that he did amazing on the rock wall. It was all in his arms!
(ive been trying to download a video but its being stubborn! i will post when it works!)
Tuesday - sailing!! First we went out on a big boat called the Stars and Stripes. It was such a cool boat to be on and Ben got to stand up and steer for it bit! There was alot of action out on sea! Helicopters, ships, Coast Guard, Navy Seals, actual seals and so much more! After lunch we went on a much smaller boat that Ben was able to help with and we also had some boat races!

Wednesday - this day was a full day!! We had to wake up at 5am to load the busses by 6am to go to the Olympic Training Center for track, field, rowing and archery! Ben did awesome once again! After that we hurried back to the hotel to get cleaned up and then load up once again to have dinner and music on the USS Midway! John Corbitt performed and Bo Derek was also ther

Thursday - we headed to Mission Bay yaght club! It was a beautiful place! It was bright and shiny when they started out but out of no where came the fog! Right as they came back in the sun came back out! The sun was out the rest of the way for their sailing/kyaking adventure!

Friday - surfing!! So much fun and Ben was in heaven that he could actually get in the water! Ha they have them wear helmets so he totally looks like an egg head but eh we don't need another brain injury! He went out about 3 times and caught about 5 waves each time! First he did it laying down and then he said he wanted to either stand or get on his hands and knees! Hands and knees it was and he did great! His surf instructor said that he wanted to see Ben next year standing on a board! Ben said he would be!
That evening we had an award ceremony, dinner and closing ceremonies! Followed by alot of photos!

I asked Ben on the way home what he thought about the clinic and he said he loved it! I asked him why he liked it and he said because he saw that he was not the only one injured and so it felt like he was not alone on this journey. He also said people showed him how to stay positive and that he was very motivated by the other guys that were there and were on their own journey to get better!
I don't think I have have seen Ben laugh or smile so much in one week! Also he did a really good job instigating conversation, asking questions, and instigating shaking hands with people!

Here is the video! No I am not the most techy person so if you see something weird just ignore it! :) Also in the first song there are two words that I don't like but didn't know how to get them out! The rest of the song is about a Fighter so just ignore those two words! Thanks! :)

Yesterday morning...Laying in bed this morning and I asked Ben why God isn't healing him faster because we both want it so bad? His response, "I really want to be healed but maybe God is using me as an example to other people of not to quit until I'm healed!" Me-don't you think we've waited long enough? B-yes but He has never quit on us so we cannot quit on Him!
His word for word...wise man!


sharon said...

I was so excited to read your blog and watch the video. What a wonderful experience Ben had! Thank you for sharing...I had been checking your blog everyday for info on the sports camp, so it was very special to read as well as see Ben participating in the sporting events. You both are such a blessing to so many. Thanks for being willing to share your lives.

Caroline said...

Ha - love the flower in Ben's hair in the surfing pics. What an incredible trip - so glad he got to do that.

So how did you make the video!? I've been thinking about making one, but don't even know where to begin - yours was great!

E said...

Amen. He never quits on us.

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks for the post on the sports camp. That's so great that Ben was able to participate and had a great time as well. So glad he's so positive and looking towards the future. You guys are an awesome couple. I enjoyed the video..good job! Hugs and blessings!

Mama D’s Dozen said...

What FUN! So glad you were able to spend a week in one of my very favorite cities . . . and all of the activities you got to do? How cool!

LOVED what Ben shared at the end . . . that maybe the Lord wants him to be an example for others. I agree. And, not only Ben, but YOU are an amazing example of not only a Godly wife in a very difficult situation, but of a young woman who puts her trust and faith in the Lord every minute of every day. Keep shining HIS light.


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Ben and Katie,

That was quite a week but a very positive one in many ways! Ben got to see others, and some that had lost their legs... He knows he's not alone on this road, fighting for full recovery. Never easy but it is going uphill all the way. In the video it shows also that Ben has his ups and downs. Over time I've noticed his facial expressions when he's really happy and proud of his accomplishments and than comes the exhaustion... He's constantly fighting it and I do admire him (+YOU!) for his endurance. Just never give up and the moments of looking happy and cute will last longer. Lucky fact is that you both are still young!
So go for it and yes, next year standing on the surf board. By the way, you did well already.
Hugs to you,

With my friend from Escondido, I've been to Coronado Island and loved the area!

molly june. said...

ahh, you were SO close to me! we even went on a date to san diego that week! wouldn't that have been WILD if we randomly ran into you? i would've FREAKED!! glad you had such an awesome time. ben never ceases to amaze me. he has mad skills!!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo thrilled for Ben. It really touched my heart when he said he saw he wasn't the only one. I can understand how he felt that way. Have you yourself been surfing before. The video was a LOT of fun. Thank you for all the effort in sharing it with us. I love you and continue to trust you to the Father's hand. Marion

Emily said...

love the pictures! so glad you guys had such a great time :]

B. Wilson said...

What an amazing trip! I hope he IS standing on that surfboard next year. :)

Kim @ The Gab said...

Awesome Katie. Loved this update.

jennifer said...

I loved the video/photos... that Fighter song gets me every time. Ben and you are FIGHTERS. You guys are amazing and inspiring, and I'm so glad you had a good time together. Continuing to pray for COMPLETE HEALING for Ben. Love and prayers from the east side. (also can I just say that I love the Beach Boys songs? Old school, nice :))