Sunday, May 19, 2013

holy moley batman crazy...

so what happens {from my last post} when you buy a house?? things just get crazier and crazier! i mean sure were busy but throw buying a house in there that needs to be remodeled and bam!!

a few days after signing papers we took off to colorado for a week! ben was accepted into the va winter sports clinic in aspen/snowmass and we of course took the chance to go! ben has missed the mountains and snowboarding so much that we just had to go! we traveled with the seattle va which was super helpful because we had two suitcases {hate packing winter clothes}, walker, wheelchairs and carry ons! hello luggage and only one pair of hands, scratch that, no pairs of hands since i had to push ben! so to have help was super nice!

we had a great time! ben got two days in of skiing and one race morning {sit down bi ski}, a trip to aspen and then the other side way up, sled which he slammed me against the wall a few times and had no remorse, and some good chill time in the mountains!

some highlights...


sled hockey...

aspen and to the top of the mountain...about 13 thousand feet...

overall it was fun trip and we are so glad we went!! it was a good chance to get out of town, enjoy eachother and breath in some fresh air!!

house stuff! were not in the house yet because we have been slowly remodeling it to suit ben's needs! we are hoping to be in mid june...please!! here are just a few pics of what is going on...

 {two new sliders went in to open the view up}

 {rotted decking out}

 {four foot addition to two bedrooms and master bath...had to relocate the other bath}

 {big tree out because it was part dead, damaging roof and to close to house}

 {kitchen...all torn out!}

 {backyard so far...}

 {nasty rock fireplace out and will convert to gas}

{view of two bedrooms and bath...master is lakeside}

{hallway to bedrooms}

i have alot more befores and afters but it would take a whole blog post to itself! when were all the way done i will post befores and afters of each room!

april and may have been full of therapies for ben! we continue to drive to his therapies 4 times a week! his therapies through the va have been so so {were looking to change this} but his other therapies outside of the va he loves! hes been having dental appointments for his braces about every 3-4 weeks and his ortho doc is liking what she is seeing. his gap is getting smaller and his teeth are aligning! he should get his appliance {still at the roof of his mouth the widened his jaw} out the end of the month! ben is super excited about that!

i have mass pics of him with his therapies but that too would take a whole other blog post! for now i want to show you an amazing video of ben walking with a new walker the "good" therapies have been trying on him! he has been using if for about 2 months now and always had to been assisted in the front or back! it was just a few sessions ago that they let him do it on his own!! ben did amazing!! him and i were so proud!

today was the day to run my second half marathon! i had two goals this year...beat last years time and get it in two hours or less. well i succeeded in one...i beat last years time!! i felt alot more prepared this year and the thing that slowed me down was a cramping burning calf muscle! ouch! but all is well! i think my crosstraining in crossfit really helped me out this year! i threw in a few training pics too!

 {my two sisters and future sil pre race}


 {trying to figure out who was calling my name?!}


 {running buddy}

 {dont really know whats happening here}

 {post sisters...were still standing}

 {some of us group run ladies}

 {done and really not this short but it makes me look 5'8"!!}

 {kisses from the mister}

 {love him...he was proud!}

am i crazy to be thinking of what half i want to run next? they have one in town in july! its one where you get to run the big hill down instead of the race today where we had to run it up! we shall see...but while im in shape and have the endurance i just might sign up! shall see!

up lil brother gets married next sat so we will be booked with wedding events, more therapies for ben, house stuff and the every day crazy life of ben and katie! i really do want to get better at updating you all!!

we continue to be blessed by all of your prayers and support! ben continues to slowly but surely heal. just wish i wouldn't take so darn long but ehh God is still in the miracle business!! praise Him!!!