Monday, February 1, 2010

30 years ago...

(Ben and his best bud Christopher)

30 years ago a lil man of about 4 pounds joined the world! I have photos to prove that he was one cute lil guy! Of course I am biased but he was super adorable and small! He is mine now so I get to brag on my man for a bit on this very special day of his!
Ben came into my life about 3.5 years ago and swept me off my feet! To this day he has shown me what kind of a guy he truly is! There is not enough words to describe the man God has put in my life but I will share some!
Ben has given his life to serve the Lord at a young age. He has a very strong and sincere relationship with Him and has allowed the Lord to lead him into making many decisions in his life and has built his character on who Jesus is in his life.
He also has given his life to me and chose me to be his wife! I am so glad that he chose me because it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me! Ben would do anything for me and is a very selfless person. He loves me, cares for me and leads me in a way that a man should! Ben is trustable, intererous and so passionate about me!
Another area that he has given his life to is being in the military. He has fought overseas and served us all 9 times! That many times he has put his life on the line so that we can be safe here and be taken care of. No one asked him to, but he volunteered. After long talks with the Lord Ben made that decision, no one could pursuade him or talk him into was a choice that Ben made! Thank him and all the ones you see around you for what our men and women do for us! Pray for them as well!
Ben is an amazing best friend, lover, protector, giver, stand-by-er, never gives up, and super duper HOT!! Ben will remain my husband, lover, best friend and future father to our babies! I cannot wait to be with him the rest of my life and see where the Lord takes us!
When we said our vows on our wedding day we both promised that we would stay together in sickness and in health. Obviously you all know where we are and it is a time of sickness. I have been thinking about this and today I see it as a time of LOVE SICKNESS! Not the way you would think of love sickness as it only lasting for just a time but I am so in love with Ben that it should make you all so sick! I know, I am crazy but if you could only see how my love for Ben has grown through all of this it would make you just as happy and sick! Seriously though, Ben makes me laugh when he chews ice chips, when he raises his eyebrows while giving me kisses, and bats his eyelashes when I command him to! I cry when Ben does something new, when he trys so hard to do something and his body will not allow it, when he stares into my eyes and I can sense what he wants to tell me and him just being so, so, so strong and not giving up! Yes, I am so in love with this man named Ben whom God brought into my life! I am so grateful that I said yes and that I was obedient to follow God's path for my life and now be so rewarded with the man that He has given me in Ben!
This is something from one of Ben's good buddies that he used to work with, "There is not just one favorite pic or memory. We (a few of his other buddies) have so many memories with Bonesaw (Ben) its impossible to pick just one. We have climbed mountains, been to war numerous times and saved each others lives over and over. Went boating, laughed until we cryed, trained and PT'd till we fell over or just could not move. Every one of these events was because Ben convinced us or pushed us into thinking it was going to be fun or it was a good idea. He loved to push us to our limits and he is hands down the best at that. You can ask anyone who knows Ben they will tell you he is the strongest person physically and mentally he is such an amazing person all the way around. I'm the person I am today because to Ben. I owe him more than words can describe. He means to world to us guys and alot of us owe him our lives. I am so glad you both found each other, you are perfect for each other. Words cant describe how proud of you we are for being so strong during such a hard time."
So, this just shows you that I am not the only one who thinks Ben is amazing. He has put his stamp of goodness on many peoples lives and will continue to do that for a long time!!
Ben, my husband, best friend, lover and so many other things...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love you so much and am determined to fight on with you and be there always!


Brenda said...

It's not often that a person radiates the real Spirit of Jesus so clearly as you did in this post. May Ben's 31st year be one of joy and healing! Let's watch God work on Ben's life and body, all for His glory!

Carly said...

Katie you are truely amazing...thank you for sharing so much about Ben, I feel like I get to know him better all the time, he's making friends even now :)
You are an inspiration to me to love my husband selflessly as you do Ben, and thank the Lord daily for him (also as I know you do daily). Stay strong I have complete peace in my heart that Ben will be 100% again; I'm only praying in will happen sooner rather than later.
Lots of Love!

Tim Mossholder said...

Happy Bday to Ben! I'd love to hear about how he got the nickname "Bonesaw!" Bet that's a good one. Love you, Katy!

sharon said...

What a beautiful tribute to our Ben! He is amazing and I am so happy that he is in your life.
love, Aunt Sharon

brooke said...

this is are amazing...and the two of you together can and will move mountains...i am in tears over what an incredible person you are and seeing you with ben there is no denying that you love him with every ounce of your two crazy kids got it...don't ever stop fighting for more...i want to see lots of tears over him everyday as he discovers more and more that he is capable of!!! love you two!

Kristen Marie said...

Welcome back to washington, and happy birthday ben! You are strong beyond words for me, and i am amazed time and time again every time i check up on an update from your blog. I hope the settling into the new place is moving along smoothly, and amazing, how wonderful for a window right? awesome! um, and soon, there will be more sun than rain!