Saturday, February 27, 2010

Praise reports...

I was looking and thinking over some past listed prayer requests from several blogs that I posted! Prayers for Ben to follow commands came to mind! I wrote that his therapists were looking for consistant responses within ten seconds with anyone that Ben is around! Well, Ben has been doing amazing in this area! Today it hit me with Ben doing this...especially for different people! My Uncle was visiting today and Ben was sitting across the table from us in OT. Mu uncle asked Ben to move his arm back and forth to stretch it out while it was in a arm sling type thing. Ben did it right away and kept doing it for a bit! My uncle then asked Ben to wink at me and Ben really tried but batted his eye lashes instead! My uncle then asked Ben to practice sticking out his tongue for when my lil brother got there. What do you know, Ben whipped that tongue out and made the best stick your tongue out ever!!
Ben has been following commands right and left and it has been wonderful! He has been doing them for a long time but I have been so wanting him to walk and talk that I have missed out on the miracles that are taking place right in front of me! I don't want to forget all that God is doing in him and the prayers that He has been answering! I am going to have to continually look back on things that I have posted and give Him thanks! These things Ben is doing are HUGE miracles and I thank Jesus for them! Thank you Jesus for being in the miracle business!!
My trip down to Cali went well. I was very impressed with what they had to say and offer. The referrals are going to go in next week and prayerfully Ben will be accepted into the program! If he is we will be heading down in the next few weeks!
Positives to the move:
~Ben will be in a program that is at least 3 months long
~Ben will have as many consults from different areas that he needs (eyes, ortho, muscles, etc)
~They have many resources in being a few miles from Stanford University
~Ben will be greeted each day by someone in uniform-this I am sure he has missed
~I will be living (and not paying a dime) about 88 paces from where Ben is staying (someone else counted them)
~They will provide me with a car the whole time I am down there!!
~The beach is about 30 min away (Jesus knows how to take care of us!)
I could go on and on about the positives! I feel at peace going down there and really believe that this is the next step on our journey! It will take us away from family but it is a short 2 hour flight away and a quick 12 hour drive!
I would post photos (and will leter) but my computer hit the wall and I cannot download any! I have one on order and it will be here soon!

Prayer requests:
~Speech...would love to hear Ben talk and laugh again!
~Muscles to loosen in neck, arms and legs
~Head control...his neck is so tight he tends to hold it to one side, and it is heavy like a babys to he holds it down
~Walk...he is moving his right leg more on command but walking would be amazing!
~Continue to eat foods and his swallow reflex be strengthened!
~Ben's spirit, soul, mind to be uplifted and have the strength to continue on!!!
~Continued wisdom on my end
Thank you for all of your continued prayers, love and encouragement!


jenn said...

I am so happy to hear that Cali could be a great placement for Ben and yourself! That is great news :) Although I admit, I thought you'd be in WA longer - I was going to try to come see you guys at some point this spring... But I know that will happen at some point so until then I'll just keep on praying for y'all. God is good. He WILL heal Ben!

The Dadej Family said...

Praise God for Ben's progress. Thanks for sharing.

PS- I don't know you, aside from having stumbled upon your blog and reading it daily, but not only is the beach 30 minutes away, Stanford shopping center is just minutes away. I'm sure a litte shopping/browsing will do you wonders when you're feeling a little overwhelmed. And I've heard great things about Abundant Life Christian Fellowship which I believe will be close to you. Can't say I've been myslef, just heard some good things.

Jane said...

I used to live in San Jose and San Francisco and my territory included the whole peninsula ... so if you have any questions about anything, feel free to let me know. If I don't know, I still have loads of friends living all around out there!

Also, my dad did his cancer treatment at Stanford and the hospital was one of my biggest clients ... so I know that area pretty darn well also. :)

Keeping you all in my prayers!