Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Laughs in spite of things...

In spite of some frustrations that we are going through this morning I had some theraputic laughing going on! My sister forwarded me an e-mail and it had me rolling! If it makes me laugh then I am sure it will lift your spirits as well! Happy laughing!!

Gifts...Bob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary.
His wife was really upset. She told him "Tomorrow morning,
I expect to find a gift in thedriveway that goes from 0 to 200 in 6
The next morning he got up early and left for work.
When his wife woke up,she looked out the window and sure enough
there was a box gift-wrapped inthe middle of the driveway.
Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway,
and brought the box back in the house. She opened it and found a
brand new bathroom scale. Bob has been missing since Friday.

Happy Wednesday my friends!


Brittany said...

Hi Katie! I just came across your blog. I am so terribly sorry for what you and your love Ben are going through. My heart aches for you. I will be saying numerous prayers for you and Ben. I hope he continues to make progress. Stay strong!!

Anonymous said...

I just howled when I read this and have told it over to friends as well. Laughter is good medicine. Persevere my friend. Keep the faith.


brooke said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! this is awesome! poor bob rookie mistake...