Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's to the dog...

Thursday Ben got the priveledge of having some dog therapy time! He had it with a 9 year old doberman pinscher! He was the sweetest dog and Ben and his new friend got along very well! Ben was able to use his right arm alot and get those muscles stretched out! He started out by scratching Hagan between the ears and then he moved to his back and then his belly! Ben's therapist took off his arm rest and had Hagan lay down beside him. Ben was forced to stretch his arm all the way in order to scratch him. What a great stretch for his arm! Ben then got to feed Hagan a few bisquits that he loved! Ben was told to hold the bisquit in his hand and when he was ready for Hagan to take it Ben was to show one finger with his other hand. Ben made Hagan wait a bit but he did get that one finger out and Hagan was told to go for it! Ben gave him about 4 treats and continued to pet him!
My sister, my neph, our friend April and her daughter all came to see Ben today! We sat around and chatted and the kids had show and tell for Ben. Ben tried to play checkers but in the end picked up the checkers (slowly but surely) and put them in a bag!
Thursday night my Uncle Joe from OR, Uncle Rich from here in town and my dad all came to see Ben! Let's just say that I was stuck with three brothers who know how to cause craziness! Of course the hilarious comments flew and they all gave each other crap and it was fun! Al of them compared who had more gray hair, who was still better looking and who was aging best...of course they were trying to get Ben on their side! They tried to be on their best behavior as well and they did well...for the most part!
Friday I stayed at my sisters and took the day off! I had to make several phone calls and run alot of errands. It was a good day off and the next will be all about me and not about insurance changes! My mom came up to be with Ben for a bit and went along to his therapies. They again brought Hagan the therapy dog in. This time Ben was in the standing frame and they had Hagan get up on a chair and put his paws up on the table Ben was standing at. Mom said that he did great and that he was going to town in scratching Hagan. Obviously Ben and Hagan have a good connection...Ben likes him and Hagan is going to be coming back for more scratches and treats!!
All in all Ben's last few days were good and he made a new friend!

Pray for Ben's voice to come....I am wanting so desperatley to hear it again!!

New address...we like notes and words of encouragement!!
PO Box 6577
Olympia, WA 98507


mommywonderland said...

You know what I think about Ben's first words back and what they will be :) And guess what..looks like you guys are getting a dog when you get home someday!xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited Ben got to stretch his right arm. That's a big deal! We love you Ben (oh, and you too Katie Darlin), Lisa & PT

Anonymous said...

We're are praying for Ben's voice and complete healing. Lord, we thank you for this powerful couple. We thank you for the plan and calling you have on their lives. In Jesus name i speak to Ben's vocal cords and command them to be healed! Satan, you will not have your way with the man or this couple because their victory is in Jesus Christ! In Jesus name amen!

Ben and Denise Charles

jenn said...

There's a reason they say dogs are man's best friend :) I'm so glad Ben has found a new way to connect and enjoy getting some PT in and informal and fun way. Sounds like his progress is steady, which is encouraging. But I'll be praying for a big LEAP forward in progress with those vocal chords connecting so Ben can get out all those thoughts he's been storing up!