Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A dear friend of mine sent to me Steven Curtis Chapman's new cd Beauty Will Rise. It is the one that he compiled after his daughter passed away. Everytime I play it I cry because it so touches my heart and soul. What he puts to words in songs is what is so in my heart and the words I would pour out to Jesus.
One song is called Faithful...(sharing my favorite parts)
Vs 1-I am broken, I am bleeding, I'm scared and I'm confused, but You are faithful. Yes You are faithful. I am weary, unbelieving. God please help my unbelief! Cuz You are faithful. Yes You are faithful.
Chorus-I will proclaim it to the world. I will declare it to my heart And sing it when the sun is shining. I will scream it in the dark.
You are faithful! You are faithful!
When you give and when You take away, even then still Your name is faithful!
You are faithful! And with everything inside of me, I am choosing to believe You are faithful.
Vs 2-I am waiting for the rescue that I know is sure to come, cuz You are faithful. Yes You are faithful. I've dropped anchor in Your promises, and I am holding on, cuz You are faithful. God You are faithful.
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Parts of this song just say it all...I will say no more!

Sunday was a good day. Our first Valentines Day since the accident! It hurt my heart a bit but I felt so loved by many! I got to the hospital that morning and gave Ben a shower. We then had a bit of down time so I snuggled in bed with him for a bit and watched the Olympics. My family and friends were kind enough to give me flowers, chocolates and about 15 cards that they all wrote that were to be from Ben! They wrote them as if Ben was writing them to me...I was truly blessed! My parents and 3 cousins then showed up. Ben was pooped out because of his shower so he slept a bit but he did bat his eyelashes for the ladies! After they all left we had about a 30 min break and then my uncle and his prayer buddy came. While they were there my sister and her family came with homemade dinner! It smelled so good!! We had a good prayer time with Ben and then we broke out some ever so yummy food and dessert!
Monday Ben had about 3 therapies because it was a holiday for the staff. He did that night however eat a whole BOWL of mashed potatoes! He also indulged in some peaches in which he loved!! Good job Ben!
This morning I made it for his PT session! Ben was put in a moving standing frame for about 15 min. They then sat him down for a rest and then got him up for another 10 min! He did fairly well holding his head up this time around. Ben is working so hard and putting everything he has into it! Bless him!

1. Muscles to continue to loosen
3. Head control
4. Walking
5. Able to consistantly eat more food
I know these are big things to pray for but we serve a big GOD so I know He is able!!



Brenda said...

I love that Stephen Curtis Chapman song too! Thank you for posting the lyrics.

Next time the dog comes for pet therapy time, I wonder what would happen if you asked Ben to call the dog over? Sometimes the reflexive language (like calling "here boy") can come faster than asking someone to do something like naming objects. Ben may even try a whistle or pat his leg to attract the dog over. All would be good, but I just wonder about the speech opportunity there... :)

Laura said...

Just wanted to tell you how much your love and faithfulness challenges me. We're praying for you and Ben's healing.

I have an award for you on my blog. I really do think your blog is beautiful... it tells the story of God's love and care for us so well, and what's more beautiful than that?!?