Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's me....

This will probably be short and sweet due to typing with one hand, lack of sleep and still on drugs! If this comes out weird, well I blame it on the above!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.....from the bottom of my heart! Several times I have been brought to tears over all the encouragement, prayers, wisom, hope, scriptures, meals, visits.....and the list goes on! You all truly have blessed Ben and I and cannot wait to share with him everything!
I am slowly recovering. My skin is tight from my incision, I am trying to bust away reflux, appetite is slowly coming back (need to get back those 15lbs from not eating for a wk) and my energy level is slllloooowwwllllyyy coming back! My arm is pretty much pain free but just have to deal with this huge cast that goes to my shoulder!
Everyday has its ups and downs. It is the hardest thing not having Ben with me and he be the strong one in our family! In all of it if I do not trust my Jesus whom else can I turn to....NO ONE! No one else can heal my Ben, only Jesus can put back together all the little pieces of his brain..Jesus is our healer and I have to choose EVERYDAY whether easy or hard to put my trust, faith and whole hope in Him!
Please do not stop praying for us! We need it so, so much!
You all truly are a blessing in our lives!
Katie and Ben


Hawley said...

Hi Katie,
You don't know me, but my name is Hawley and my husband and I have been praying for you and Ben. Last year at this time I was diagnosed with breast cancer very early in my pregnancy. God is and was our only hope and it was awesome seeing His Healing, Perfect hand on every detail of our situation, even though the circumstances were at times frightening.
We will continue to pray for God's power and heart to flood you and heal you and Ben. God's word will continue to come alive to you and just believe it, and cling to it like you have been, because God's is so wonderful to give us such specific encouragment from there.
Read and believe Ps. 91!!
Just so you know the outcome of our story, God has faithfully given us a healthy son named Bryce David (we read lotsa Psalms!) and I am also cancer free!!
The Ware Family

Glenn said...

Hi Katie and Ben from the Gover clan, we are so blessed and encouraged to see you typing in your posts!!! We have been praying and fasting, and will continue to do so, since we first heard. Be Blessed and encouraged for the battle is not yours. Love you guys. Can't wait to here more of what the Lord is doing.

Glenn, Wendi and the kiddo's

Chris said...

We love you Katie girl and Ben. Continue to pray God's covering over you.

lisa said...

So good to hear from you! We love you Katie Darlin and we're are praying and expecting great things for you & Ben. Gal 3:5 God is working miracles ;)

Sarah said...

You are so encouraging Katie - your hope and strength are amazing!!

All girl Mama, Oh the Drama said...

We won't stop praying Katie!! Andy always asks me when he gets home from work if there is any new report I read him the blog and we pray. You are always on the forefront of our minds. We love you both, we believe in you both, we believe that God will heal your hurts and Bens! Keep your chin up, you will have your Ben back with you soon!

Lots of Love and Cheer!!!

Andy and Jaci

pajrnjam said...

Katie-I will never stop praying for as long as its needed. I pray God heals Ben soon, I know he will. I wish I could be there to cook,clean,drive and hug you but to mostly be that shoulder for you to lean on. You have so much prayer and love flowing your way, it only goes to show what amazing people you and Ben are.

Love Patty

Stacey Baker said...

Katie, your post is so encouraging as it shows just a tiny portion of the faith in Christ that I know you are leaning on right now. He IS our Healer...He has been your Healer and He is continuing to be Ben's Healer at this very moment.

We are still agreeing in prayer with you and at the same time, being ministered to by your message of HOPE and TRUST in our Lord. He will NOT fail you.

You are loved.
Stacey & Kevin Baker

Janice said...


Be encouraged - the brain is amazing in it's ability to create new pathways, to remake connections that have been broken. My prayer for Ben is that as he is "resting" the Lord is miraculously knitting together MANY of these new connections, quickly.

Also, please know that the the Lord will guide you with many opportunities and ways to heal - all He brings your way these days is for your physical and emotional restoration. Everyone's journey through trauma is unique but through my own brain injury (also from a car accident)I learned that there are many things I experienced that were common with others who had also experienced a TBI. It was so easy to feel alone since know one I knew, including myself, really understood the dynamics involved with an injured, yet healing brain. My prayer for you is that He will bring people to you that are "on the otherside" (there are many) of where you are, to offer you visible examples to bring you hope and feed your faith.

Committed to praying you through healing,


Shelley M. said...

You are dear to us! You are an inspiration to us! Seeing you rely on God and fully trusting in Him is what we all need to do daily. We will continue to pray for Ben. The Lord gives His angels charge over all of us! Wish I was closer to come and visit you!

Carissa said...

Jon and I have been praying for you and Ben, and will continue praying!!!

Carissa and Jon Newcomer

sretsam2 said...

Katie, all of the Masters Clan has both you and Ben covered with prayer. You are in our thoughts constantly. You are right, Jesus is in charge and we just need to step back and let Him do his thing for Ben and you also!
Love, Mom Masters