Friday, September 4, 2009

God is Faithful!

Katie's strength is increasing gradually day by day by 1. Your faithful prayers, 2. SLOWLY consuming a full liquid diet.... "I am trying to choke down applesauce and chicken broth forced upon by very loving family members. I know it will help me, but oh the agony of an shriveled stomach of not eating for 5+ days ... (spoken by Katie!) 3. Her special moments with her strong Ben.
Katie is off IV fluids and is now on oral pain meds. Her swelling has gone down considerably and might get discharged tomarrow.

Ben and Katie are having special moments together. The doctor has taken Ben off of the sedatives for now to see how he reacts without them. They have him them ready to administer if necessary. They have given him one dose of blood pressure meds, when he got a little too excited. Well Ben beat Katie to the "passin gas thing" Katie is still waiting for her turn.... giggles.... She sends her love!


Shelley M. said...

We are so encouraged by your updates each day! I am so happy to hear that Katie and Ben are getting to spend time with each other. You two are for sure in God's hands! We pray daily for the two of you!

The Merrell's
Larry, Shelley, Chase and Landon

lissa said...

Ben is showing he is and will always be the man of the family!!! Good job Katie... keep chugging down the full liquid diet. I am so thankful for great updates and keep praying for quick and uneventful healing and rehabilitation!