Thursday, September 10, 2009

September 10

I just spoke with Katie .. her internet is not available and she wanted to update all of you...
She, her mom and sister are traveling to Atlanta today to check out the Shepherd Center .. this is a hospital that deals specifically with brain and spinal cord injuries .. It is a great facility and they will have so many things to offer Ben to aid in his recovery and healing. Katie will be able to talk to them and find out all about the program as well as see where she will be staying during this time. There will be many trips to Atlanta in the near future ..
Ben is in surgery right now for a trach and feeding tube placement .. these are temporary things he needs so that they can move him .. planning for transfer early next week .. Katie is feeling better and getting her strength back daily .. she wants to come to church Sunday ... again thank you for all the prayers and encouragement .. God is good!! There will be so many victories come from this situation - what a testimony they will have !!!



Sarah said...

Is Ben awake, or will they be transferring him while he is still in the coma?

Leanne said...

Hi, I'm a blog stalker - I'm not even sure how I found your site! Perhaps MckMama's blogfrog community... I've been praying for you guys from the beginning and am trusting our Father for Ben's full recovery.

Anyhoo, I wanted to encourage you about the Shepherd Center. I have a friend that was taken there for a devastating spinal cord injury - and the progress he made while there was AMAZING. I can't say enough GREAT things about Shepherd and its staff!

I am praising the Lord for his provision, and am praying for a swift transfer.

Praying in Marietta,

pajrnjam said...

Katie-I looked online at that hospital, looks amazing. I don't think we have anything like it here..As always I pray for God to heal Bens injuries and return him to your loving arms.

praying and believing in Christ's love always