Saturday, September 5, 2009

And on the 8th day.......

....She passed GAS! ....and it was good , very good! (Katie's words) Katie has been adjusting to her oral medication slowly. Her stomach has been upset so things were changed up a bit and is now keeping things down. Katie will be at the hospital tonight and maybe again tomorrow. She just needs more time to get her strength up. She is struggling with the lack of energy and the motivation to keep going. It is a day to day journey for Katie and Ben.

Today, Katie held onto the verse Zephaniah 3:17 "The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing."

Ben worked really hard yesterday squeezing Katie's hand, chewing on the feeding and vent tubes, working up a good sweat and almost kicking Anne in the face for looking at a dot of fingernail polish on his toe. They kept him mildly sedated today to allow him to rest a bit. He is responding to localized pain stimuli and pushing it away. Katie is awaiting the moment to be able to look him in the eyes.

The scripture we are praying over Ben is Psalm 121:7 -8 (NIV) "The Lord will keep you from all harm - he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore." We looked deeper into this scripture and found an explanation, thus far it became much more meaningful to all of us, " ...the saint is preserved, not in the sense that he will not suffer adversity, but that he will go through adversity and come out a winner." PRAISE GOD!

We are truly blessed daily by your prayers and support. We feel God's sustaining presence here and his power at work.


lissa said...

Thank you Lord for GAS!!! He cares about the simple things in life!!! YIPPEE!!! Katie, I am sure you are exhausted, rest, sleep, drink and pass more gas!! Soon, you will be able to look your husband in the eyes and tell him you are do glad to see him!! I can't wait to read that report soon, very soon!! I am thankful for baby steps and happy reports, I will continue to pray until I read you are both at home together resting on your couch!

Shelley M. said...

Ditto what was said in the above comment! We continue to pray for you and Ben daily. We have friends of friends who are all praying for you too! Thru your blog it has allowed the body of Christ to feel like they can have a part by bringing your situation to the Father! Thank you for allowing us to in some way be a part of this journey with you.
Thanks again for the encouraging praise reports!
Love you guys!

Sarah said...

Zeph 3:17 - that is my favorite verse - I have it in a frame in my living room:) Keep it clase to heart - He truly delights in you:)

mommywonderland said...

What a great verse from a book in the bible that isnt talked about much! He does take such delight in you both!

Lord I praise you for your healing power! I pray for a crazy appetite for Katie so she can get back to her strong self! Amen

Love you guys

Jill said...

Don and I are keeping you in prayer since we heard of your accident. We check your blog daily (and then some) for any updates, Praising the Lord for ALL progress!
A few days ago I was listening to The Bible Experience on my zune. When I heard Matthew 10:20-22,"a woman who had had a hemorrhage for twelve years came up hehind Jesus. She touched the fringe of his robe, for she thought,'If I can just touch his robe, I will be healed.' Jesus turned around and said to her,'Daughter, be encouraged! Your faith has made you well.' And the woman was healed at that moment."
When I heard this, I saw a picture of all the saints (your family, friends, friends of friends,etc)touching Jesus' robe as he walks by. They are all believing for Ben's and your full recovery!Our faith is in Jesus!!
I have been reminded of this every day....I am so thankful you both are in His care.
Praying for you always.... BE ENCOURAGED! Jill