Sunday, September 20, 2009

My one hand typing seems to improve everyday!

My mom and I are back at my house for the weekend. We plan on heading back up to Atlanta on Tuesday and prob stay until Friday.
I loved seeing Ben! I missed him after not seeing him for those few days! His condition is still about the same but thankfully he has not slid backwards! I have to remind myself that it has only been 3 weeks since the accident and for that amount of time he is doing ok. He still continues to open his eyes (alot more now that he is on the stimulant drugs) but we are still unsure of what he is aware of. He has had some muscle spasms that they call storming that they are trying to control. They say that this is not uncommon for people in this stage. Its mainly something that the wiring in his brain is causing and usually goes away. They have been getting him up, dressed, and in a support chair for a few hours a day which after laying in a hospital bed for 2 weeks this is good! He remains off the vent and is doing well with his trach. they have had to do some casting for supporton his ankles. This helps against foot drop and toning so when he is able to stand up he stands on his feet and not toes. Of course they ran out of good colors for a man and he got stuck with one pink cast and one black one! Real Rangers wear pink right!?!
I am doing well. Each day I get a bit stronger but still have to remind myself to go slow and let people do things for me! I rarely use pain meds and my incision on my stomach is healing nicely. My appetite is still coming along....not as fast as my mom would like but it is there! I would love to go to a spin class to vent and unload some stress but I don't think I would last 5 min! I do have permission from my doc to ride a stationary bike! Just imagine me pedaling with feet, holding my stomach with my right hand for support, my left arm in a cast, my body on vicodin just pedaling away! Oh my I can just see the disaster waiting to happen! Can def say that I can ride my bike with no handle bars...stationary bike that is!
Prayer requests:
1. Ben's complete healing!! Still believing for it!
2. Control of spasms and casts would work on ankles
3. Wisdom for doctors on how to treat him (they know their stuff so well)
4. Patience for is still in the early process but it feels like it has been months!
5. Strength for my mom as she continues to be by my side
6. Choice of new car (not used to making these decisions without Ben)
7. Waiting for our miracle!!

(Ben pink cast)

(My arm, his leg)

(Tummy incision...will post improved look later)


Kenzie Ochsner said...

Waiting and Believing for a Miracle with you! Thanks for the specific prayer requests we will continue in prayer for you.

Love, Lisa Ochsner and family

♥Aubrey said...

Katie dear...i'd love to hear what happened. This is a miracle you two are still here after seeing these pics. I can only imagine that it wasn't the prettiest of sights when it occured. You're definitely in my thoughts and prayers!!! Keep writing as this is probably the best outlet right now since you can't spin :) You're the cutest...Muaaaw.

Bill Cahusac said...

Lots and lots of love and masses of prayers from all of us.
B, N, L, J, Z

Ali said...

You sound good. And good is good. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey kido,

Dhana and i just want you to know that we pray for you and Ben everyday, we read your posts constantly, and are believing for a miraculous touch on on Ben's body, mind and spirit. We so wish that you we could be with you during this challenging time...but just know that we are here for you, and will continue to contend!

We love you, we believe in you, and we stand with you.

Your Family...

Robin Bailey - Olympia, WA said...

Love you guys so much. Thank you for the regular updates and telling us how we can specifically pray. We are believing for this miracle. The Bailey's

BTW, stationary bike? Hee hee, that's awesome Katie!

Leanne said...


Shelley has spent a long weekend here visiting, and we had lunch today with your continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily. Keep leaning into Jesus...

Leanne & family