Saturday, September 26, 2009

I think the last time I blogged was Tuesday so it is due time for an update!
Wednesday was a good day and not to eventful. I was able to sit in on some of Ben's rehab sessions and see what they do. The therapy team that he has is awesome! We are blessed to have them. It is so good just to be able to sit in Ben's room and read, watch TV, put my feet on his bed and take a nap or just sit there and look at him!
Thursday I woke up after a rough night of sleep. I have not been taking pain meds during the day and minimally at night to wean myself off them. Well I did not take any on Wed night which made for an uncomfortable night and rough morning. After I got comfortable we went to Ben's room and then to the conference with the doc and case manager. He went over the assessments that were done by the medics on the scene, what took place in the hospital when he got there, treatments during his 2 week stay and what they have been doing with him at Shepherds so far. Right now his point level on a scale is 5. They want to see him raise that level by at least 5-6 points so that he can move to the next rehab level. Of course I asked Dr. Kailin the question that everyone would..."knowing tgat you cannot put Ben on a time line or compare him to any other patient because each brain injury is so different what do you see his outcome being?" He generally stated that if he said Ben would never get further he would be a fool because people are always succeeding. On the other hand he cannot specifically say that he will be %100 like he was due to his injury. He did go on to say that they have a 60-70% rate at the hospital for patients to recover and be able to at least take care of themselves and some able to go back to some degree of work. Also stated that Ben is strong and healthy and could not say that for some of the patients he has. So, it was a good meeting but also disheartening at the same time! I didn't really know what to think. Ben had more therapy that afternoon but mom and I decided we needed a lil therapy of our own so we went on an adventure to find the mall! We had alot of fun and by the time we got home we were pooped! I went up to be with ben for a few hours and of course stared at his hansomeness (despite the mustashe he is sporting...bringibg his razor nxt visit) and read the word with him.
Friday we started packing up our room to check out and then I went back to be with Ben for a bit. We had a good visit with one of his guys from work and the had the opportunity to meet his buddy Jeremy (who was on his way back to NC) from way back in his Army years. I guess they were connected at the hip for a good amount of years!
Next week rehab plans to get aggressive with him, irritate him, and do things he prob won't like and hopefully he will respond to them.
Mom and I ended up gettin home around 6:30 and we rested for a bit and then played cards until midnight! Of course I won!

Prayer points!
***Big ones***
1. Ben needs to start following commands consistantly!! (like...give me a thumbs up, squeeze my hand, lift your arm, look at my face)
2. Needs to localize things in the room (follow moving people, look to the noise, follow with his eyes and respond)
By doing these things he puts points on his score board! Please pray specifically for this!

~Lungs to clear
~Would respond well to weaning him off the trach
~He would remain strong
~Continued healing for me
~Strength for mom and I each day!

Each one of my family members and I have taken a day of the week to fast and pray specifically for Ben. If you want to join in on that it would be awesome!

Love you all and everything you have done for us!! You are truly a blessing!


meleea said...

dear Katie....I will be praying for those specific requests for Ben and for encouragement for you as you travel along this journey. believing in complete healing!! II Cor. 4 8-10

Carly said...

Katie, that must have been hard to hear from the doctors. The best thing is that no one can predict when a miracle will happen and we are still FULLY believing God will deliver a complete healing for you and Ben. Stay strong in your journey you are such a testament to your faith.
XO- Carly and Stu

Kristine said...

Katie, let me know when you are fasting. I would love to unite my faith with your family. My email is You're all in our prayers. Love, Kris Cramer

Shelley M. said...

We are praying along with those specific requests. So good to know how to pray!



mommywonderland said...

Stay strong and stop trying to be superwoman! (I know that's hard for you)Take your pain meds lady! Love you

Carr525 said...


You don't know me, but I'm Christopher (really his) and Kandace's cousin. I have heard about you guys and your friendship with them for years, so when I heard about the accident, I began following your blog so I could pray for you guys more specifically. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but what an amazing way to live your faith...its so easy to 'say' we love, trust, and follow God...but its so much harder to 'do' when things don't go the way we planned. The strength and truth that you display in your posts is amazing, and I thank God for it. Please let me know what day I could fast with/for your family. Much love from Ohio!!


Elizabeth Marie said...

I hope the prayer service last night brought you comfort! My prayers were with you!