Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15th 2009 From Katie Rye

Here I go again with my one handed typing! I had 2 hands for one slight moment when they took my splint cast off yesterday! Of course I could not move it but it felt good to get some air to it. They took some x-rays, took stitches out and re-casted with a white, hard cast. It is a bit shorter but just as heavy and obnoxious!
I am slowly getting better. I am so ready to be done with it all though so I can have my appetite and energy levels back. It takes everything in me not to lift things, walk to far, and want to work out! Going from two hour workouts to getting winded after taking a sit-down shower or getting dizzy walking a few isles at Target is not really my cup of tea!
Seriously my life consists of waking up…walking to the couch, taking shower…sitting down, car ride….into wheel chair, car ride home….2 hour nap…..get the picture??!! I get pooped so easily and I cannot wait to get some energy back!!
Sleep is getting better. I thought I was going through menopause at 29 due to all the night sweats I was getting! They have reduced to a degree but then I also have to try not to smack myself in the face or incision with my cast! Oh the life of a person who is injured!
On to the love of my life! Oh how I miss my man! I miss phone calls, talking in person, bike rides, laughing with him, his touch, and most of all just who he is as my husband. I posted on my Facebook that this is worse then a deployment because at least with that I can still hear his voice and get e-mails from him.
Yesterday morning he was transferred to Shepherds in Atlanta. This rehab center is one of the top 5 in the nation for brain injuries….thank you Jesus it is only 2 hours from our house! When he left the hospital here in town he was off all sedation drugs, breathing on his own with his trach, one single IV line for antibiotics, and a nice shaved face. He still continues to open his eyes but at this point it is hard to know how much he is aware of. He also continues to move his toes, arms and when I tickle his feet he pulls away and opens his eyes…..haha he never did like his feet tickled!
These first few days at Shepherds they will assess him, look at all his scans, and get him out of bed into somewhat of a schedule. Getting him out of bed is going to be so good for him! Please continue to pray for complete HEALING in his body! I pray over his brain everyday that God will just pour His healing oil into his head and he would be restored. I am asking Jesus to bring him back exactly how he was, that is all I desire….nothing more, nothing less! I pray hard that he will remember me, those he loves, and all the things he loves in life! God has so many plans for him and I believe that Ben is going to live them out!!
My mom and I are heading up to Atlanta tomorrow morning (my doctor appts have kept me from going earlier) and will stay a few days. It will be so good to see Ben and give him lots of kisses! Thank you all for your continued prayer and support! Please don’t stop because we need it so much and I feel it everyday!!
I will post more as things happen…..hopefully lots of praise reports!! Hanging on to Psalm 91 and many other scriptures!!
Love you all!!


♥Aubrey said...

Ooo Katie you are in my thoughts and prayers from day one lady!!! Stay strong for Ben and yourself. Things will get better. God has so much more planned for the two of you. Wish i could be closer and help in any way. Email it is luv ♥ May you and your mom have a safe trip to Atlanta.

Chris said...

I continue to pray each day for you and Ben. May God give you peace, all the dreams and desires of your heart.

mommywonderland said...

I am so impressed with your one arm typing Katie :) I think I'd get frustrated after line 2, but you don't keep your fans, and loved ones waiting do you? Thank you for the update on the transfer. My small group all joined this am for you and Ben in prayer and oh how the tears flowed from the beginning, all the way to the end when we all were praying for miracles, extra encouragement and power and strength for you. You have a group of girlfriends here in San Diego that's for sure and Ben has a ton of prayer warriors lifting him up daily. I hope that comforts you some...Still looking for cheap flights my friend!!!!! I cannot wait to be with you!

pajrnjam said...

Katie-my heart is with you. Give yourself time, you will get your strength back. I pray everyday for Ben to heal and come home to you, whole and himself. Your faith is so inspiring, keep strong Katie.

lissa said...

Katie, it is so good to hear great reports!!! I know you are tired, you went through a lot and your body is healing, you are doing great, keep napping and allowing people to care of you... that is tough and hard to receive, it's hard to be the patient!! I am glad you are going to Atlanta! I am praying for your visit to be reassuring and encouraging!! I hope you will see the twinkle in his eyes that will give you the answers you are looking for and I pray that your Spirit will have rest knowing that the Lord has huge plans for you both!!

sarah said...


You are an amazing woman!! Your faith is inspiring and your passion to believe Jesus for the best is convicting!
I am so, so, so proud of you and we will not stop praying for total healing.

Thank you for sharing your life and your heart with all of us who love you!

Sarah Koch

Shelley M. said...

I love how transparent you are with all of us! You are so real! We will not stop praying for you and Ben! May the Lord complete His work and may He cause other's to come closer to Him thru all of this...

Hawley said...

Read 2 Corinthians 2:9-11! "We will be giving thanks on you behalf for the gracious favor granted, in answer to the prayers of many!"
Love and prayers from Wenatchee, Wa,
Hawley Ware