Monday, September 7, 2009

Katie Comes Home

Hello from the Rye home! We brought Katie home yesterday. She was released Sunday afternoon and made the trek home. She was very thankful for her BIG brothers to get her in Ben's big truck. Katie is relieved to be home, sleeping in her own bed and camping out in the recliner, yet sorrowful about leaving Ben, not having him at home, driving to and fro with the accident in mind. Katie was given a word. The word was to see her current situation now with being at home and Ben at the hospital as being on a "mission". Ben is gone on a mission... a mission to get well. She is on her own mission to get well and take care of the home front while he is away and let her family, ranger family and church family help her through it all. She has been a trooper in many ways. She feels very comforted by your words, stories, prayers and kindness. Thankyou

Ben is stable, off the ventilator for the most part, only sedated when he gets to tired, reacts to stimuli, moves his head when he hears Katie, squeezing Katie's hand consistently. Please pray for his brain to continue to heal well, specifically that the connections would be made for him to do things like open his eyes.

We are praying, singing, reading the word many times a day over Ben and Katie too. They need your prayers and we will all continue to stand and fight for them.


Leanne said...


We are so thankful to hear every positive report coming in! We are continuing to pray for you and Ben and all the steps involved in this process of recovering.

You are dearly loved!

Praying, praying, praying,
Leanne & family

pajrnjam said...

Katie-Talked about you and Ben with my Bible study gals-told them how your living God's word is such an inspiration to me. Continuing to pray for Ben's healing. Please know there is so much love and prayers for you both coming from TG.

sheila said...

I just learned what happened to Katie and Ben today at work.I felt so sad and can't help myself not to shed a tear. Katie is my first non Filipino friend I had when I started working in TG (my 1st partner!).I shared a lot of good memories with katie and the giggling times when we talked about Ben.
Katie , I'm praying for you and Ben.and I would like to share this prayer (taken from Divine Mercy)
"Eternal God, in whom mercy is endless and the treasury of compassion-inexhaustible,look kindly upon Katie and Ben and increase Your mercy in them,that in difficult moments they might not despair nor become despondent,but with great confidence submit theirselves to Your holy will,which is Love and Mercy itself"

You both are in our prayers everyday,
Sheila and family