Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Little miracles!!

Yesterday (Mon) I posted on my Facebook that I was going to see Ben on Tuesday and I was praying for good things this week. I called up to Shepherds in Atlanta for an update on Ben and this is what the nurse gave me:
*when asked to turn his head to the right he did it...only once but I will take it!
*he followed the nurse with his eyes when she put her finger in front for him to track!
*Eyes are more open!
*Spasms under control!
The nurse said he was having a good day and also said, "girl, we are going to wake this boy up!"
Tuesday (today) mom and I drove up again this time driving Ben's beasty truck! She did a great job but it just took a tad longer! We had to be aware of the roads because of all the flooding but thankfully the area we are in was not affected!
We got to Ben's room and respiratory therapy was in his room and they were putting a plug in his trach to see how he would do breathing without it. He did well for awhile and then his oxygen levels went down a bit. They are going to try again tomorrow and then hopefully have the trach out by the end of the week! At that point he will be doing all his breathing and have nothing assisting him! This is a huge step to get this out!
Mom and I left after that to go put things in our room and get some lunch. When we came back to his room he was not in there! Come to find out he was in the big rehab room for the first time! I went to the rehab room to check him out! They had him sitting up with support and they were impressed with how he was holding his head up. He holds it up for a bit and instead of it quickly falling down he gently lowers it. Of course his one hour of rehab pooped him out so he was pretty tired the rest of the evening. He did get his pink cast off and now he has 2 matching white casts.
Our pastor also came for a visit and it was so good to have him! We shared some good laughs and prayers! He is a blessing to us and so grateful he took the time to come see us!
Jesus has been healing me too! I don't take any pain meds during the day and every once in awhile at night! I walked to the Fresh Market tonight with my mom and like Ben that was a good workout for me and tonight I am pooped! I went back to Ben's room tonight to read the Word over him. I always read Psalm 91 and the full armor of God! I also was able to read a few more scriptures that came to me....I love these times! I got tears in my eyes knowing all the things God has done in his body this week.....and it is only Tuesday! I love this man that Jesus gave to me and I am asking Jesus to give him back to me %100!!
Although I have not responded to the comments left on here I do read them and so appreciate them! They keep me trusting, believing and hoping in Jesus!


pajrnjam said...

Yay! Yay! little miracles leading to the big one of Bens full recovery!! God is good!

meleea said...

So thankful for the good update & news! Our family continues to pray every night for you both. God is faithful...can't wait to hear the report for the complete 100%.

Shelley M. said...

I love hearing that you are reading God's word to and over Ben! I believe there is power in that for sure and our prayers too! We continue to hold you both up in prayer! Tell your Mom we are praying for strength for her too!

Leanne said...


I have tears as I read this; I can hear the hope and faith in your words! I will join you in praying Psalm 91 over Ben, continuing to pray and believe with you!!

A big WOO-HOO to our God!

Elizabeth Marie said...

It was so nice to meet you...you are inspiring and you and Ben will remain in my prayers!!!


mommywonderland said...

Yippee for manly casts! Im so glad there are such amazing people on here encouraging you with prayers and scripture! The WORD is the only thing solid, and HIS love for you of course! All the progress is amazing!!! Love love love you!!!!

Stephanie said...

Katie, I want you to know you and Ben have been in our minds often. I really admire your strength right now; you have been very strong and patient through this process. Keep your trust in God. I have been checking your blog about everyday for updates on you and Ben. I pray for a full recovery for you both. I know Tony and the boy's have been thinking of you and Ben often as we talk with Nick, Joe, and Patrick. We will keep praying and putting our trust in God that he will heal and restore Ben 100%.

Robin Bailey - Olympia, WA said...

Praise you Jesus! That is an awesome report Katie, thank you thank you thank you! What an encouraging day.

In the name of Jesus, continue to work a miracle in Ben Lord. Thank you for the renewed hope you've given today. Glory to YOU God. Your kids down here are doing cartwheels and we're ready to bring on the back flips. So, continue to bring it God all for your glory. Amen.

Love you Katie. We continue to stand with you in FAITH believing for FULL 100% healing. Hugs, hugs, hugs to you and your mom.

Hawley said...

Isn't God's word awesome and powerful!! The Ben reports are so encouraging and just BELIEVE what God can and will do!
Here is a scripture that I keep by my bed, when I start to doubt!!
"Then who has any chance at all?" the others asked. "No channce at all," Jesus said. "If you thnk you can pull it off by yourself. Every chance int he world if you trust God to do it." Luke 18:26-27 The Message

Michelle said...

Katie- Wow! God is so good! I love your praise reports and am also praying Psalm 91 with you. We are so excited for the miracles, big or small that The Lord is giving you right now and will continue to. He loves you so much and I know He is so pleased over you and Ben. You guys are a huge testimony to so many right now with your faith and perseverence not to give up. We will continue to lift you and your family up in our prayers- love you!