Thursday, March 3, 2011

why the hard work...

I got to Ben at my usual time Thursday morning and Ben was just getting done with ST. I asked Ben how he was doing and he said, "good, because you are here now!" I sat on his lap to get close! This is always funny because he is in his chair with the armrests but I fit just fine thank you! I have to sit sideways so I can get close! We chatted for a bit and I told Ben that he is doing so well and working so hard! Ben responded, "I am?" I told him that he has been working so hard since day 1! I then went on to ask him why he is working so hard and these were his answers:
1. I want to go home with you
2. I don't give up
3. I want to make kids
4. I want to see my Ranger buddies again
5. I want to get home to my boat and truck (haha such a man)
6. I am working hard to be with you all the time
7. Because I love you

I would say that those are pretty good reasons to work hard! You can tell he has really been thinking about it and that his answers just didn't come out of no where!

Another question that I asked Ben is what the Lord is teaching him through all of this and these were his answers:
1. It takes patience
2. He saves lives
3. It takes time-not on our time but on Gods
4. How to pray for the guy who hit us
5. We have family that love us and come see us

Lastly I asked Ben what he wanted to tell all the people that read our blog and pray for us all the time:
"thank you!" "Tell them I love them, even the ones I don't know!" "Keep praying for healing, to go home, Katie, and the people that hit us." "Even though I cannot see them I know they are there!"...that is all of you!

Do you remember on the bottom of this post this post to pray for initiation of conversation for Ben?? Well keep up those prayers because I see improvement from him almost every day! He is asking alot more questions, responding to greetings at a faster time and even his therapists have noticed that Ben is conversing and initiating more! Ben has never been a big talker but def more then this! Keep those prayers coming because they reach the ears of the Lord and he is answering!

{this was ben at 4:30pm...he must have been tired because he has not fallen asleep this early in months!}

Fridays is always cooking class day and usually Ben is up to going! I told Ben that in cooking class they were going to be making nachos and asked if he wanted to go. Ben gave me an adamit NO! When I asked him why he said, "I don't need a cooking class, I already know how to cook!" I told Ben that they were not going to tell him how to cook but that he got to make it! He quickly then said he would go! He did great and loved every minute of it!

A lovely lady who has been following our blog debut us on her last post! She has a wonderful ministry called A Meal In The Mail! She goes by Big Fat Mama and has left some amazingly, encouraging comments for Ben and I! This was her blessing to us and wanted me to share he post with all of you! You can find her


Lindsey said...

This update brought tears to my eyes! I can only imagine how amazing these new milestones feel for you and Ben!

Continuing to pray for your family and the specifics you are so good at listing!

Casey Martinez said...

I found you threw BFM and will look forward to keeping up with you from now on. I will continue to keep Ben in prayer and you as well! You are such an inspiring woman! God bless you!

tammy said...

I have followed your blog for some time and am so inspired by BOTH of you! You are both faithful, brave and AMAZING! So happy to take part in the meal in the mail. Can you leave a few places that you and Ben would be able to enjoy a gift certificate from? I would love to send something that you would both enjoy! I CHALLENGE all of your followers to send a small or large gift that might help the two of you out! You are an inspiration.

zkgormley said...

Hey friend. I love that woman's ministry - it's right up my alley! I'll link her up to my blog when I get a chance and maybe you'll get even more meals in the mail. Cool idea! Talk to you soon.

Emily said...

This just completely made my day :)

Theresa said...

That is a great update! Glad to hear Ben is improving and initiating conversations more.
Praise God for the work He is doing in both of you!

Theresa said...

Hi Katie. I just was checking to see if the address in WA is correct on BFM's site? I know you are in NJ, but are you having your mail sent to WA?

Jhen.Stark said...

I found your blog through "Big Fat Mama" I've spent the last hour going back and reading your's and Ben's story! My goodness, WHAT A MIGHTY GOD! And as a wife, I see and read your devoted love for your husband and I am truly inspired. And now, I can't go to bed because my heart is so MOVED by Ben's reasons for working so hard... I'm just so amazed at how God is using this event in your lives to illustrate a DEEPER Love for a husband and wife, and a deeper love between a God and His Children! I am praying. Praying for healing. Praying for Ben to be able to go home. And praying for the people that hit you! Thank you for sharing your story!

Anonymous said...

Tell Ben he can fix nachos for my family any time. He did a great job. I love you guys and am so proud of both of you, Ben for working so hard, you for being the helpmeet Father intended you to be. I will continue to trust Father for complete restoration. Hugs, Marion

Michelle A'etonu said...

what an inspiration. brought tears to my eyes. and those nachos look terrific!!!

Jenn said...


Wanted to see if I could Share your story on my blog, would love to have some of my friends send you and Ben some encouraging cards. I loved reading Ben's reasons for working hard.


Jenn @


Brooke said...

That's so great that he loves to cook :) he's doing so amazing :)

BFM said...

Way to go Ben! This post brought a smile to my face. :)

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

I'm so glad to hear that Ben is making such good progress! You both are so inspiring and I will continue to pray for healing and strength.

The Life We Love said...

Look at that handsome smile! I am so happy he is making improvements everyday! Like always we are thinking about you!

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Jessica said...

Hooray for Ben! Love the Nacho pictures!
His lists were very touching and so inspiring.
I love with Big Fat Mama is doing, her blog is awesome!

Dizzy Lizzie said...

You are the most amazing person Katie. i have been going over your blog from beginning to end and I am amazed by your story. You are so blessed in so many ways and you're doubly blessed because you never have forgotten these blessings in the midst of adversity. May God be with you.

AV5848 said...

Good Job Ben with the Nachos. Hope they tasted great! He looks so good Katie!

Jan at Jewelry4Change said...

Please tell Ben that even those of us who haven't met him love him too! Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us.

Shannon said...

hi katie! been reading your blog on and off for a couple months... it is very hard to wrap my head and heart around... praying for u and ben

my devotional today was good and made me think of u