Monday, November 22, 2010

still in one piece...

We made it! After going to bed at 11pm last night and getting up at 3am this morning I am officially pooped out! It was a long day but a good day!
The flight crew came at 4am to pick us up! We got a flight nurse that was on our other two was so good to see her and she was amazed at Ben's progress! This time she got to have an actual conversation with him!

{the only good thing going on at 0530!}

We took off into the air about 0530 and it was smooth sailing for a bit. Ben fell back asleep and then was up for almost the last 3/4. About 15 min from landing we hit some turbulance and in that lil plane it got a tad shaky! I was feeling it in the tummy and before I put my head down I asked if Ben was ok. He said he was so I got comfy with my head down! Literally about 2 seconds later I heard a noise and looked back! Poor Ben lost his breakfast...all over his shirt, on his face, blanket, floor and worst of all out flight paramedic! It came out so quick and it didn't seem to stop! We got him cleaned up as much as we could and then my head was back down! I think the only thing that saved me is that I had only had some crackers...otherwise it would not have been good! I asked Ben later in the day how his tummy was doing and he said, "it is still rough!" Poor guy!
We made it safely to the hospital were I was wisked away to do some admissions paperwork. About 15 min later I went to Ben's room and he was already in Ben and sleeping! The rest of the day went smoothly. A few people came to see Ben and get some info on him!
Overall it was a good and smooth day! Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers! We felt them today and are greatful for them!
More updates to for my king sized bed...

{Ben chillin...}

{good thing "computers" fly the planes and not pilots...he covered his window!}


Theresa said...

Ah, rough flight, but glad to hear you arrived safely!

Lydia and Evan said...

So happy to hear that you made it safely! Your last picture is a little scary/funny. I will continue to pray for Ben’s progress and hope that this new place gives him more strength too! Looking forward to what is in store. Stay Strong!

Naomi said...

So glad to read that you made. I've been praying for safe travels for you today.

Lots of Blessings, Naomi

Anonymous said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! God is so good. Thank you Jesus, Ben and Katie arrived at their destination. I am so sorry about the fun. May you both have a double portion of rest tonight. I love you guys. Marion Hansen Bless you, Katie, for writing when so wiped out. :)

Miss Southern Vol said...

So glad to see you both made it safely! I have been thinking and praying for you both! I can't wait to see the exciting things God has in store for you both here! Have a WONDERFUL thanksgiving!

Mom said...

Thank you for posting, Katie. I have been checking your blog every day and look forward to your posts. I have been praying for you continually when I wake in the night, early morning and during the day.

May the God of hope fill you with ALL joy and peace as you trust in Him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13

With love in Christ,

Denise R. from Texas

sharon said...

THANKS FOR KEEPING US INFORMED. We love reading about Ben's recovery journey. This is a new phase and we are anxious to hear about his progress. We're with you every step of the way.
hugs and prayers,
Aunt Sharon and Uncle Joe