Sunday, November 14, 2010

grrrr's and amazingness...

"Know therefore that the LORD your God, He is God, the faithful God, who keeps His covenant and His lovingkindness to a thousandth generation with those who love Him and keep His commandments." Deuteronomy 7:9

{during the game}

{after the game...Ben military face}

On the last blog post I mentioned that we were going to go to the San Francisco 49ers game! Well we did and had a ton of fun! We got there and had to unload the boys in the middle of the parking isle because there were no handicapt spaces available to park in! We made due and then squeezed the van into the tiniest place I have ever parked! I got it in and out without a any vehicle! Good job Katie, thank you for the cheers!
We had a great time together and with the other couple we went with! Ben followed closely and would tell me what yard line they were on! Before the game I asked who he was going to root for and he said, "the Rams." I then asked who was going to win and he said, "the 49ers!" During the game Ben said BOOOOO whenever the 49'ers did something good! That little stinker! Well, San Fran did win and even though Ben was rooting for the Rams we all went home happy because Ben said that San Fran would win!
This is where the GRRRRR's come in! I get easily annoyed/upset/grizzly (get my point) when Ben and I are out and about and he is in his wheelchair! People can either be nice or very inconsiderate! Well, today was a day of inconsiderate. Yes, there were a few people that were very kind to us but for the most part people were thinking on football, beer, and fan gear! I was thinking to myself if one more person stops right in front of me, if one more person looks at us and walks right out in front of us, if one more person...(you get the point)...I will just keep going and run right over them! You got heels...I will clip them with Ben's foot rests! Whoopsy, did I just slam in to you because you stopped right in front of me??
Oh man, I was not a happy camper! I tried to look back before and remember how I was and how I treated people. Being a nurse helped because I was around it. I am sure I was not always the best but tried to be considerate and be aware of people! I at one point even asked Ben, "if one more person cuts us off do I have permission to run them over?" He in a calm voice said, "yes!" Thank you babe! I am learning this myself! So, if you see someone around you remember this blog! Let them through, open a door, watch where you are going and watch your heels...because we might get you! :)

Now to the AMAZINGNESS...if it is a word! Yesterday (Sat), in PT Ben's PT tried something new! He said he was going to ditch the walker and have Ben try and push his own wheelchair! His PT told me, "have a seat!" Who Ben's chair...ok! He got Be situated holding the handle and off we went! He walked from one end of the hall to the other, took a break and did a bit more outside! Can I just say that Ben ROCKED it and did awesome!!

{Ben on his own...his PT is off to the side!!}

After his walk and us praising him for his hard work Ben got to meet a new guy....Basil! Our friends here brought Basil for a visit and Ben loved him! We for sure will be getting ourselves a pup when we get home!!

And just a few other photos on what Ben worked on this week...

Ben's saying of the day...I told Ben tonight while we were snuggling that he could tell me that he loved me at any time even if I didn't say it first. I asked him, "if you wanted to tell me that you loved me how would you do it?" Ben said, "I would walk up to you, touch your lips and say I love you!!"


Lindsey and Co said...

Great post! Great job walking with you in the chair. I can't believe people were so rude to you at the football game. Good for you for keeping your composure because I would have ran them over :)

Anonymous said...

amazingness!!! Praying for y'all now!

Mrs. Werginz said...

Ben's quotes make me tear up!! Y'alls love and story is amazing! Keep it up! God is taking care of y'all and you are so strong!

Anonymous said...

You guys are BOTH such an inspiration!!!! I read everyday of your new adventure and it humbles my heart to see how God is working in both your lives. I believe, with your faith in the Lord, that you are planting seeds in the hearts of non-believers. When you are feeling lonely and full of doubt, remember that God is smiling down on you!!!!! God bless both of you!!! GO BEN!!!!!! You have so many people praying for you!!!

Marcy XOXO said...

Your blog seriously melts my heart Katie!! I always read it and become so much happier and thankful!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting perspective, you in the wheelchair with Ben pushing. I am delighted Ben is doing so well. You, too, Katie, you are doing very well. Father has brought you both such a long way. Tomorrow I will be writing to another state. :) :) I love you guys, Marion

JJF said...

Ben and Katie-
Just read the last few blogs and am crying. Crying with agreement about our God, who is such a loving, good Father. Crying with pride in both of you. Crying that you are working so hard and suffering, but I know you will persevere. Praying for healing, and trusting God to reveal His sweet mercy.
the Farnsworths

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Ben and Katie. Our destinies are chosen for us. God's speed on your rehabilitation.