Monday, October 26, 2009

To the one that I love...

Two years ago I married the man of my dreams! Two years ago Jesus joined us as one and we took vows that would go with us until the Lord took us to heaven.
I can still remember the day that I met Ben! I got all gussied up to meet this man that I knew little about but of course I had to look my best. The first glimpse of him I thought to myself....he is cute! He had this boyish grin on his face and was so gentle in his words and actions. As I "ran" into him over the next few weeks I was drawn to his kindness, gentleness, love for the outdoors, HIS LOOKS and the way that he treated me. He was then taken from me to deploy so the next 4 months we communicated by e-mail and phone calls. With each call and e-mail I fell more and more in love with him. He then returned and I was able to tell him that I loved him with all my heart! A few months later we were engaged and then again he was deployed. During this deployment we were able to know each other even more spiritually and emotionally. God brought us so close in these times of separation. Two weeks before our wedding Ben came home! He arrived at 1am at my doorstep and I was so excited to see him!
Our wedding day was everything we both could dream of and desire! He looked handsome in his tux and he was able to lead me through that day with a calmness that I loved.
Since that wedding day life has been amazing! We have had our separations (due to schools), hardships, laughing moments, passion, learning moments and now today tragic moments. I would not trade it for anything because Ben is my husband and my man! God has put in my life a man who knows how to have fun, bring on the adventure, love his wife unconditionally, spiritually lead our familiy, humbly give his life for our country, and live his life for his Jesus.
Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such a man as my Ben but Jesus tells me I do deserve him and that I have been faithful to the Lord and He wants to give me the desires of my heart!
In spite of these last few months and all that has taken place I still know in my heart that God brought Ben and I together for a reason. He didn't just bring us together for 2 years to have Ben end up in a bed. Jesus has plans for us and wants to use Ben to reach out to those young men that Jesus puts in his path. Just like we said in sickness and in health...this is a time of sickness for us. It hurts my heart and tears me apart to see my Ben how he is, trapped in his own body, but through it all I have grown to love him. He works hard everyday to bring his body out and I know he is doing it for me. Ben is trying so hard! God is working on his body both in a spiritual sense and physical sense!
Where some people in life would choose to walk away from their loved one in sickness because it is hard and maybe to much to handle I CHOOSE to stand by Ben and love him because Jesus gave him to me! I don't walk in front of him or behind him but I walk right beside Ben! Yes, it is hard and sometimes I just want to throw in the towel but I know that I can run to Jesus and lean on Him! Jesus holds Ben and I in his hands and is on this journey with us.
So, Ben you are the love of my life! You are in my heart always. You are a wonderful husband who puts your needs aside and serves me. You have a very humble heart and you amaze me with your strength and honor! I will never stop loving you and know that I am falling in love with you more and more each day!
Happy Anniversary to you my husband, love and best friend!
I love you my Benny Boo Boo those of you who know Ben as this!


Erin said...

Hi Katie,
I am friends with Heidi Weaver, and she sent me the link to your beautiful blog. I am already touched by your love for Jesus and your husband and I have only read the first post.
Please know that we are praying for Ben and you. God works all things for His Glory.

Rhonda said...

Praying for you today Katie. Happy Anniversary. I pray that it's a blessed and happy day. Your love for you Ben is inspiring. Love you.

TheCruzs' said... are simply AMAZING! As I read the blog and listened to the words being sung behind it, I found that my tears were unstoppable! I am and have been praying consistently for you and Ben! So excited for the many miracles that have already happened and for the many more that are on the way!!!
You are an inspiration to so many around you! Happy Anniversary my friend!
Standing in Prayer and BELIEVING with you!!!
Sending lots and lots of LOVE to you and Ben!
Angela Cruz

Brenda said...

Your words are a beautiful example of a Godly marriage, lead by Jesus. What a refreshing passage to read in a world filled with conditional love and fickle marriages. Bless you both on this day!

Robin Bailey - Olympia, WA said...

Oh Katie, you inspire me to be a more Godly wife. Happy Anniversary today. I AGREE with every word you wrote. I fully believe that a full recovery WILL happen. I pray God's comforting touch on YOU today as you give thanks for what you have and long for what you are waiting for. Much, much love I am sending your way.

Love, Robin

Leanne said...

Beautiful words from a beautiful lady! Happy Anniversary, Katie!

Erin said...

Hey again...happy anniversary! I talked to Heidi today...she said you're from WA state. I am from GA, but now live in WA state, and have a cousin who works at Shepards! What a small world!

Keep the faith and know that we are praying for you here in WA state!

Kenzie Ochsner said...

Hi Katie, you truly are an inspiration to those that know you and those reading your blog. We think of you constantly and are trusting and believing for a complete and total healing for Ben. The best is yet to come. Happy late Anniversary.

Hugs from Olympia!
Love, Lisa Ochsner and family

Tim Mossholder said...

Katie...thanks for sharing a bit of your anniversary story and love with all of us! We love you guys too...and are continuing to stand in unity, faith and hope with you. Last week I got to share your story at Portland Foursquare--and we stopped in the middle of service and prayed for you and Ben. People in Portland love you!

romans4_20 said...

Hello Katie, Thanks for continuing your sharing about God's love to you both & reading about your commitment to the Lord first & your husband Ben, and the gift he is to you. I grieve for others & at the same time am humbled as a single man, as seeing how so many Christian married friends, who have forgotten the commitment they made to their spouses & what it means to love unconditionally, to love & cherish & I hope others can see the gift God has in front of them, as you do, before it's too late. My prayers for you both, is to see Him daily show you the "little", yet "hugh" ways He shows himself to you both. "The Name of the Lord is truley your string tower". Keep reading Psalm 91 to him.. And they that wait upon the Lord, "SHALL RENEW THEIR STRENGTH"..... pat shea