Thursday, October 1, 2009

New month brings more miracles....and a haircut!!

Ben has been doing AMAZING! God is continually up to something good in his life and healing! He has been proving himself to his doctor, nurses, rehab people and us! He improves everyday and I get to see God's healing at work! It is such a good thing to see and I wish you could all see it for yourselves!!
Yesterday he had all three therapies in a row so by the time he was done he was worn out! His therapists were very happy with what he was doing. When the told me to give him a kiss on his cheek I did and then I asked him for one on my cheek and he slightly puckered his lips and he gave me one!! He did this for me three times!! I could have kissed him over and over just for that!! The rest of his day went really well! He took a good nap after his therapies and then got a haircut!!! He looks more like Ben now! Nothing like a good haircut to make someone look so much better and refreshed!
This morning I was able to sit in on his physical therapy and he did really well! They had him sit on the large mats and supported him from behind. he held his head up the whole time and pretty much followed every instruction. Some are more delayed then others but he does them! he took a lil snooze and then he was in for a good surprise! About 15 work buddies came to see him! At first he was sleeping in his chair but as they started talking he started waking up and looking at them! He scanned the room to see them all! We talked a bit and Ben sat there turning his head to their voices! Before they left they hung up a huge Ranger Creed sign on the wall right in front of his bed. They all stood around his chair with the creed in front of him and recited it in the Ranger way! Ben stared at the creed the whole time and raised his right arm half-way and pointed to the wall. It was so good to hear and see and of course I got teary eyed! One of his bosses asked Ben for a hand shake so ben opened his hand and reached out and gave him one! They also brought a few awesome pictures to hang in his room...of course it is all Ranger because Rangers Lead the Way!!
They plugged his trach today and he has tolerated it all day! Still has a powerful cough but it is sgood to get the junk out! The continue to monitor his respiratory status daily and so far he has been doing awesome!
He also showed me that he still knows how to give lip kisses! I asked for a kiss, put my lips on his and even with his puckering he gave me the kiss noise!! It melts my heart! He better not try that with anyone else....he saves them for me! I love commanding him to give me kisses!!
The Lord is doing His healing in Ben and like I said earlier it is so amazing to see and be apart of this miracle!
Keep the prayers and fasting coming because we are seeing the results are being seen right in front of us!!
**Prayer requests**
~ Continues to follow commands consistantly....they are going to try and get more detailed with him
~Continues to localize and track....the whole scope of the area
~Muscles would relax so they can work more with his stability and build his strength
~Lungs to continually clear so he no longer needs the trach
~Pray he starts to limit to what God can do!
~Doctors will have wisdom on his treatment and what meds to introduce
~Mom goes home Sat assurance for her that I am going to be okay and that I have the strength do be here....I do have many people here to help!!
~Ben's complete healing!!! We are all believing for it!
One day, like my dad told us, we are going to be able to make a video of our miraculous story and show it on our churches (both here and home) saying thank you not only to our Healer but to all of you who have prayed and been apart of our miracle!

A few things I have read the past few days....

~As for God; His way is PERFECT, the Word of the Lord is PROVEN; He is a shield to all who TRUST in Him!! 2 Sam. 22:31
~Note from a healing book I am reading and this part is talking about God's word being our medicine! We need it for healing! "Remember that it takes time for medicine to work. Most people give natural medicine alot of time, money and patience to work. They take the prescriptions back for refills time and time again. They are diligent about it! They don't just take one dose and expect a miracle! Keep taking God's medicine (His Word), give it time to work!
~And for Ben's miracles that are taking place,"The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust in Him with all my heart, He helps me! My heart is filled with joy! I burst out with songs of thanksgiving!! Ps 28:7


JJF said...

I am crying with joy and thankfulness for Ben and you, Katie. We have been praying nightly (my husband and I) and I pray often during the day as you are on my heart. I am so thankful for our good God and for Ben's progress and will continue to lift Ben up. I'm praying also for your complete recovery and that Jesus would sustain you, as well as Mike and Jan, Darlene and Joe. Lots of precious childhood memories with them!
Jessica Farnsworth

Anonymous said...

WOW....!! So grateful to be apart of something so miraculous! And my! From experience of being raised in a Christian home & how we can get numb to the things of God (including miracles)for my boys to see & be apart through prayer, amazed!!

Thanks for the updates! We are still standing & believing with you for 100% healing...

The Wimberly's

Graber-girl said...

Oh my! I am crying for joy here at my desk. Thank you so much for sharing all the details. It is a great motivator of hope for those of us who cannot be there. You are on the right path and we believe with you for the many more miracles to come!

The Grabers
Michael, Lisa & TJ too.

TheCruzs' said...

As I sit and read through my tears, I am bursting forth in my heart with loud worship to the King! "How awesome is the Lord Most High, the Great King over all!" He is GOOD!
Thanks for sharing so consistently with those of who so badly wish we could be there!
Greg and I are praying each day for you and Ben!
May you find rest and refuge under His wings!
Sending much love and hugs! (and a glass of sweet tea)!!
Blessings! Angela C.

Rhonda said...

WOW!! Thank you JESUS!! Definitely brought tears to the eyes. God is SOOO FAITHFUL!! Love you and continuing to pray. Can't wait to see 100%!

Leanne said...

Wowee...what sweet words to read! I don't know what book you are reading, but just as confirmation to those words: as I was praying & fasting today, the Lord layed on my heart the same words. That Ben's mind would be flooded with the Word of God and that would be the medicine that heals. Then I sang the older worship song, "You are the Lord that healeth me, You are the Lord my Healer. You sent Your Word and healed my disease. You are the Lord my Healer." May it continue, in Jesus' name!

mommywonderland said...

I am so sorry we got cut off today. I was at the beach(yes, Octobers in SD) and I had no cell service...I got to share the update with the gals from my small group that were there at the beach and I felt like I was bragging on Ben! Then I thought about it,and of course... YES I WAS BRAGGING ON BEN! I love the miracles we all get to be apart of! I love you friend!!

Hattie, The Dreamer said...

Hi Katie & Ben! I had no idea what was going on until I visited Living Water last weekend. I got to talk to Joy and she caught me up. As I read, it causes a lot of questions to stir up...questions of the Lord. However, it is so clear that He is placing a peace in your hearts and is providing for your every need. Andy and I are praying for you both. I know there are so many people there taking great care of you all, but if you need anything...please let us know. I praise the Lord for this story He is writing, thank you for writing Katie.

Sherry said...

YAHOOOOO! This praise report is AWESOME! Rangers Lead The Way! I am looking foward to your next report Katie! Enjoy those kisses girl! YIPPEE - PRAISE BE TO OUR MIGHTY LORD!
Thanks for the faith-boosting report! Sherry L

Summer Hoyle said...

Kaite, I am a friend of Lindesy's from Jr. High/High School. When reading her Blog I was having some computer issues and my mouse was going crazy and my cursor was opening anything it touched. One thing it opened was your blog. I began reading to find out where I had landed and whose page I was on. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you guys. I live in Elk Grove, Ca (Sacramento area) and I want you to know that our prayer team at church is also praying. I know God is a God of miracles and we have seen many of them, this will be one more we get to witness. Just wanted you to know you have many prayers going up from Northern CA.

Summer Hoyle ~

Brenda said...

praying that his affect and awareness keep on the rise. Once these are up, he will be ready for some TALKING!

Robin Bailey - Olympia, WA said...

Thank You Lord for you are faithful!

Anonymous said...

HI Katie,

I am a friend of Lindsey's from Middle School and HS. I found your blog through her blog and am so glad I did. My family is praying for you and will continue to do so, throughout your journey. God is great and will heal your Ben. You have lots of prayers from San Diego. Keep your chin up.