Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quick update...

Hi Ya'll!
Just a quick update for you while Ben is taking a snooze! I made it back to Atlanta with the help of two guys from Ben's work driving me up! They are a blessing! This is my first time to type with two hands (barely) since getting my cast off yesterday!! It is stiff and sore but I will take it because now I get to shower without it and do my hair!! Whoohoo! I also get to wear my wedding ring which has been off for 7 weeks! Now comes the pain that comes with Occupational therapy!
When I got here Ben was in the rehab room and they were finishing up with him and that therapy. We took him back to his room for a bit where we visited with him and he shook hands with the guys. He then went back to the rehab room for PT and they put him in a bike type pushing machine. They showed him how to do it and he was a bit slow at first. Ben started doing it slowly on his own. His face showed alot of frustation as he tried to push and pull the machine as hard as he could. He did his best and that is what they look for! He was trying so hard but his body wasn't following his brain and that made it a bit tough on him! I am so proud of what he did do and his attempt!
I again brought Ben back to his room and gave him a shave! He did a bit himself and then when I tried to help him he pushed my hand away and tried again! I did have to bribe him with kisses to allow me to help him!! After that I worked on vowel sounds with him...saying them. He was not able to voice them but he mouthed them for me several times!! I then tried to get him to say my name...he moved his lips so I will give him credit! We played another game of thumb wrestling and I think he let me win one time because all the rest he put up a fight! I told him that I love him very much (like I always do) and he puckered his lips for a kiss...I didn't even have to ask him for one!! For now I will take it as him saying he loves me back!!
Good news...this is his first official day of having his trach buttoned!! This means they took out the tubing from his throat, the straps that held it there and put in a button/plug type device! If he tolerates this for about a week or longer then they will be closing up his trach opening!!
I will post more as the week comes to an end but wanted to give you a quick update on what I have seen just today!!

Prayer requests:
1. Alot from last blog posting! He needs to talk or show some type of yes/no responses!!
2. Hi body will be strengthened...hold his head correctly, more use of both sides of body but mainly his left, ability to use his torso and arm strengthing!
3. He will tolerate the button to remove the trach!
4. Healing for my arm!
5. Complete healing for both of us!

I am still BELIEVING, HOPING and TRUSTING Jesus for 100% healing in Ben! He is up to something good and excited I can be apart of it and also have yall to share it with!
Please pray, pray, pray and pray hard! He needs some more good weeks! I thank Jesus in advance for them!!

Love you all!!

(You try eating a burrito with a massive cast!!)

(cast is off!!)


Passions in Life said...

I can't wait to read that you have heard his voice say your name!! I know there are a lot of prayer requests, but I am holding out for you to type... HE SAID MY NAME!!! I am so glad you are seeing progress and are encouraged. I am also glad your cast is off and you are there safe. Enjoy your time with him and we are still praying!!

♥Aubrey said...

That is amazing Katie!!! Keep up the strength and work you're doing with Ben. You have my prayers as you know. are definitely an inspiration. With the love you have and determination to NOT give up. The cutest part is the kisses :)
Have a wonderful week cast free...WHOO-HOO!!!

Jason and Rachel said...

Praying for you!!! LOVE you so very very much!

Carr525 said...

Nothin' like Chipotle to heal the soul....and your arm! :-) Still praying...!

mommywonderland said...

I know he is working so hard, and he could NOT have a better cheerleader at his side! I love that he is offering up kisses for free :) Ok that cast was so massive!!! Holy Cow lady, no wonder you had such a hard time...I know your looking forward to working out those arms, but take it easy friend!! Much love from San Diego! Use those miles for a change of scenery out here to our 80 degrees!!!

pajrnjam said...

Katie I continue to pray for healing for you and Ben. Amazing, the progress he is making, he is one tough dude! and with Jesus pushing him they are formidable!