Thursday, October 29, 2009

Encouragement to all...

One of my brothers received this word from the Lord for all of us and I thought that I would pass it along! Be encouraged by it, I know that I was!!

The Lord gave me this a few days ago and ever since I have received considerable peace and want to offer it you for consideration. I believe this word will allow you along with everyone that has been praying for Ben a greater sense of personal connection and also an avenue of how God has used every prayer warrior the opportunity to be a vessel for countless miracles in Ben.
The Lord showed me that each time a person prays for Ben a miracle has taken place. What the Lord showed me was with each prayer a new connection point was being formed in Ben’s mind (brain). When the accident happened countless connection points were disturbed or disconnected. Now when a person prays for Ben a connection point is restored, thus the miracle. I believe that there have been thousands of connection points restored with all of the prayers from around the world. So my encouragement for everyone is to not be discouraged or feel like your prayers are not significant. Each and every prayer is producing a miracle and is restoring a new connection point in Ben’s brain. Each person that pray’s, plays a part of the miracle of Ben’s recovery. We don’t know how many more connection points need to be restored, but that is not our issue. Our responsibility is to pray when the Lord puts Ben on our mind and when we pray, take time to thank the Lord for the opportunity to be a part of another miracle in Ben’s life.
So to you Katie and others. Stay strong, stay confident, be unmovable, because each person’s prayer is valuable, effective, and life changing!


Erin said...

This gives me goose bumps! I will keep praying. :)

brooke said...

awesome! love it! and you...and ben!!

Anonymous said...

What a huge encouragement and amazing thought to know that buy praying, we are having a direct effect on the healing of Ben! Praise the Lord!

M/J Granata said...

Hi Katie... I am a new follower. I am visiting and now following, thanks to my sweet blog friend Kellie.

Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and Ben... especially Ben, that the Lord heals him... provides him with strength and courage, as well as diligence to fight any and all obstacles along this recovery journey.

I am an occupational therapist and am familiar with is particular journey. It is very challenging, but very rewarding.

Know that I will be thinking of you and praying for you, too... that God helps you stay strong as you "love" Ben through this storm and his journey of restoration.

This season may be tough, but as you mentioned (many times), God is in control. He knows the plan for His Ben. Sending you and Ben a big hug... You are in my heart, daily.

Blessings...Julie Granata... :)

JJF said...

Katie and Ben-
Praying faithfully for you. I know you are both on an incredibly difficult journey and praying that you will be blessed greatly with healing, hope, joy, and knowing your Father's loving heart toward you.
Jessica Farnsworth

rachel said...

Katie, I don't know if you've heard the song "Safe" by Phil Wickham but I thought you might find it encouraging. Here's the link: