Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Ben is amazing....

This last week has been amazing, loving, sweet, confusing, joyous, emotional, and full of more miracles for Ben! All these moments I have felt and some have been good and some not so fun. Sometimes I just wanted to escape and at times have just said
Lord I am done...I don't know how much more I can take of this! Everytime Jesus comes along and loves on me, comforts me, and says I got it! So, Jesus has this! My job is to follow, trust and believe in Him!
I have had 2 lovely ladies take me this past week to see Ben and bring me home. They took time from their families and served and loved on me! I appreciate them so much for this! They brought support, love, laughs, shopping, good food and some awesome driving skills! Love them!!
On to Ben and the steps he took this week! I will go by the day!
1. Ben was sitting in his chair and was holding a wash cloth and it slipped from his hands. His reflexes kicked in and he tried to reach for it as it was falling. He was not able to get it but then he started reaching down, over the side of his chair, and tried to get it!! He could not reach it so I was able to put it in his hand!!
2. Continued to track everyone who came in the room, squeeze hands, show fingers and give kisses!

Wednesday- amazing day!
1. I was fixing to shave Ben with his electric shaver and when I turned it on he held his hand up. I gave it to him to see what he would do...he took it and started lifting it to his face (he cannot quite get it his fingers to touch face) and I helped him get it to his chin and then with his own hand movements he moved it back and forth!
2. Occupaional therapy took him into the bathroom to finish shaving (she came in while Ben trying to shave) in front of the mirror ad he also washed his face and brushed his teeth!!
***The amazing thing about this is that Ben saw the item, took it and knew what to do with it!!
3. I showed Ben a picture of just me and asked him if it was me and he nodded his head yes!!
4. Before if the TV was on he would look at it for a few seconds and either fall asleep or just look at something else but now he actually pays attention to it!

Thursday -
1. Ben showed emotions today...most I have seen!
~He showed frustration today when his body would not do what he wanted it to was all in his face.
~When a therapist tried to help him, Ben pushed them away
~One of the Army guys was telling him that a soldier was lost and some injured recently and gave their names. While Ben was listening his face got red and his eyes got all teary....broke my heart!
2. They put ben in a supportive walking contraption today to see what he could do. The first attempt he did okay and the second time they took him in the hallway and when he found his rhythm he did good for his first time. We kept telling him MARCH, DON'T LET ANYONE CATCH YOU! I think that gave him some momentem!

Friday -
1. I played thumb war with Ben! When I counted it out and said the thumb war saying he did it perfect! I let him beat me of course! Haha! He beat me a few times and when he got my thumb he made sure I felt my loss!
2. We arm wrestled and at this I had NO chance! Even after 6 weeks of not really using his muscles he will not let me beat him in arm wrestling!
3. He was put on a tilt table to put him in an upright position and he did well.
4. Ben had tummy time today! They laid him on the huge padded area to do his casting. I think it was just good for him to be in a different position for a change!

So, all in all Ben had an amazing week! He did new things, continued to do old things and is still suprising us! Thank you Jesus!

Prayer requests for this next week....most are BIG ones!
1. He needs to follow commands 85% of the time with anyone who walks into his room.
2. When people talk to him they want him to pay attention to them and not look away!
3.HE NEEDS TO TALK OR GIVE SOUNDS THAT HES TRYING!! Jesus healed the mute so I know He can do the same for Ben!
4. Physical strength! Torso, arms, left side of his body. They are going to put him upright this next week to get him bearing weight and maybe some type of stationary bike to see if he will pedal. (bike riding is a passion for him!)
6. I get my cast off for good on Tues! This will bring pain and stiffness so pray it will be minimal!
7. Emotional and spiritual to keep continuing on this journey!

Love you all so much! The Lord has the whole world praying for us....that in itself is a huge blessing!!!


Passions in Life said...

Incredible!!! I love the part you LET him win at thumb wrestling! Katie, you are a strong woman, and an amazing wife!! I will keep praying for both of you... I expect miracles!!

Leanne said...

Katie, so happy to hear a new set of specific requests and a new list of praises! Our family is celebrating the joys with you and continuously keeping you in our prayers.

Happy to hear you got your prizes! Enjoy them!

Much love to you,

Kimberly Ann said...

Hey Katie,
I haven't posted here before and to be honest I think we have only met in a quick passing, however I thought I should re-introduce myself. My name is Kim Tennill and I live around the corner from Chris and Kandance. I believe you picked up Kailyn from my house once when she was sick.

Anyways, my husband is also a Ranger and I think you met both of us over at their home a time or two. I know we have met Ben at least once. I thought I would let you know that if you needed someone to drive you to Atlanta or if you need to run errands around town, or just need a good home cooked meal with another Ranger family please feel free to call. I live about 2 blocks from you and I would be happy to help you guys in anyway that I can. I know if I were in your shoes I would want to know that there is someone that could help if needed. I am sure you are getting plenty of help and support from your church, family and friends but, one more added bit of help could never hurt!


Kim 706-566-4816

Robin Bailey - Olympia, WA said...

Thank you Katie for the detailed update. Praise God for these miracles last week and thanks for the new prayer list. Hugs to you from all 5 of us! Much love, Robin