Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our God is an AWESOME God...

Yesterday I left for Atlanta a bit earlier then normal and so I was a lil drowsy for the ride! I don't usually listen to gospel music but I had a CD in Ben's truck that someone had given to us. I decided to listen to it all the way through. It was good for my spirit and soul. I was shouting praises, raising my hands and giving glory to God. I am sure that I looked pretty crazy to those driving around me but I was having a liberating and joyful time with the Lord in Ben's huge truck!

I got to the hospital and one of Ben's neuro psychologist was in the hallway on his floor. When she saw me she told me that Ben had a very good day on Monday! Ben's seizure test came back NEGATIVE for seizure activity and he was much more responsive! I was able to be in his Speech Therapy session and he was answering some yes/no questions by using his fingers! Ben was also following more commands and just looked more alert then he had been in some time! I was overjoyed and tears were coming to my eyes! God is so good!
So, I talked to his doc today and he is going to reduce his seizure medication from 3doses a day to one dose at night! He also my increase one of his stimulant meds next week as well! He will get another seizure test early next week to make sure that we are still moving forward! Ben's doc was very happy with what Ben is and his hoping that Ben will continually progress now that his seizures are controlled!
Ben got to have some vanilla milkshake today! He slurped about 5 bites down and then was pretty much done! He usually takes a little time to swallow things but with the milkshake he wasted no time in swallowing it! He has some leftover so I plan on giving him more throughout the day!
I am so proud of Ben! He is working so hard to come out of can see it in his face and muscles that he is working! The Lord continues to amaze me and I thank Him everyday (good and bad) for His mighty hand that is on our lives! God is good!

Prayer points:
~Ben would still continue to follow commands consistantly!
~He would continue to give yes/no answers consistantly!
~Seizure will remain controlled and stopped!
~His muscles in his arms, legs, and neck would continue to relax and loosen so that Ben can use them in the way that he needs to.
~100% healing!!! Believing for it even if it takes longer then we want!
~That I would have the strength and courage to endure
~People would come to know Jesus through our journey!

Love you all!!

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