Sunday, November 8, 2009

At home in WA I be...

I made it safely home to everyone in WA on Thursday evening. I had an uneventful flight and was hit by the coldness the minute I stepped off the plane! Never would I think I would be asking for GA fall weather but I have been wanting it because it is coldy here! I have been able to see most of my family so far and will see the rest today as we have an early Thanksgiving dinner! I am so excited to eat some good food and see the rest of my family! Whoohoo!!
I have been calling everyday to check on Ben and the nurses say that he is doing well. They put the phone up to his ear so that he can hear my voice! I miss him so much that I could go back today just to be at his side but at the same time I know spending time with my family is good for me! I cannot wait to be with him again though and see how much he has improved and see the miracles that Jesus has worked in Ben since I have been gone! Our God is awesome!!
Went back to my home church this morning and was loved on by many. Pastor Terry prayed over Ben also and it was a very fervant and amazing prayer!
Thank you again for all your love, support, and prayers for Ben and I! We appreciate them, they have been a blessing and please keep them coming! Our journey is before us and I don't know how long or short it will be. I continue to glorify the Lord in it all and give Him all the credit for what He has done and is continuing to do in both Ben and I!!
Love you all!!


Erin said...

Glad you made it safely to WA. Yes, it is nasty and cold here...I would love to have some GA weather right now that used to be my home state!

Enjoy your time here, and know we are praying for you and Ben.

♥Aubrey said...

Ya!!! So happy to hear you're home. I'm sure your family has missed you so much and is thankful to see you. How long are you here hun? I would like to see you...even if it's just for coffee or Jamba. Talk to you soon.