Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And Ben gets juice...

Tomorrow (Thursday) will mark 12 weeks since our accident! Amazing how much has happened! It was a good day for Ben today because he got to have some grape juice and applesauce today! He tried sucking out of a straw and got it up about half-way. We then used a spoon and he was slurping it down! I am sure that that was the best thing he had tasted in years! He also got a few bites of applesauce! Ben doesn't normally eat it but I think at this point any flavor in his mouth he will take! We were concerned that he might cough and choke on it but with every sip and bite he swallowed very well! We will be trying this again soon!
He was able to put some weight on his feet today by standing with a harness. He still needed alot of help but he took some small steps. We also took him outside again and he soaked in some sun and fresh air! Ahhh to get out of his room and the gym!
PLEASE PRAY! Ben is still having seizures showing up on all his tests. They were hoping on his test that they would have decreased with his seizure med but they have not at this point. His resident doc came in and told us that they were considering putting him on another seizure med. Seizure meds tend to sedate people and not awake people which is the opposite of what we need Ben to do! Please pray that God put His hand upon Ben's mind and brain and this issue will be settled! Ben needs things that will keep moving forward...Jesus' healing in His time!
More updates to come soon!
Love you all!!


mommywonderland said...

Ok..poor guy...I didnt realize he wasnt eating. Makes sense...I bet he'll start making some progress...Feed that Man!!! God be with my friend Katie right now..Give her encouragement she needs to continue on! Increase her endurance to run this long race...12 weeks..Gosh...I love you friend! Amen

Brenda said...

Yea! Eating! Once the speech therapist says he can handle more complicated textures, ask if you can bring in something that is his favorite; either something you make or restaurant food. So fun to feed a person something they find delicious! Even if he is on smooth textures, maybe he has a fav milkshake? Ask the doc/nurses too, to make sure it's medically ok to bring in something for him.