Monday, November 16, 2009

Moving forward in faith...

"Difficulties and obstacles are God's challanges to our faith. When we are confronted with the hinderances that block our path or service, we are to recognize them as vessels for faith and then to fill them with the fullness and complete sufficiency of Jesus. As we move FORWARD in FAITH, simply and fully TRUSTING Him, we may be tested. Sometimes we have to wait and realize that "perseverance must finish it's work" (James 1:4). But ultimately we will surely find "the stone rolled away" (Luke 24:2) and the Lord Himself waiting to bestow a double blessing on us for our time of testing!"
I would consider this accident to be a difficulty and obstacle in our lives for sure and yes it has been a challange to my faith. It has hindered my life as we were living it but it has not hindered GOD'S plan for our lives. He knows what He is doing way more then I could ever grasp on to. Do I like where He has us...hmmmm that one I have to think long and hard on. Of course I do not like what has happened to Ben and I have asked and wrestled with the Lord in this area alot. But when reading the above last night in my devotion time with Him I am slowly seeing what Jesus would have me do despite where Ben and I are in our life right now. He is testing my faith, not that I didn't have it before, but now to see what I am going to do with that faith. Am I going to let go and put my reliance and faith in myself? Am I going to fill this vessell with me? NO, I am going to put my sufficiantcy and faith in Jesus. He is going to fill my vessel with His faith, love, and reliance in Him! I must push on into Jesus' arms, let Him finish His work and healing in Ben's life and body! Do I want healing for my Ben bet I do!! I have to understand that Jesus is taking His time with Ben...working on his body from the inside out! There will be a time, in His perfect time, when Jesus will roll Ben's "stone" away and give us that double blessing that He wants to reward us with.
When I got home from WA I got to spend a few days with Ben before I went back to our home. Thursday and Friday he looked very alert and handsome as always. He usually has 3 therapies (PT, OT, SP) Monday-Friday and then one therapy on Sat. This past Sat he had Speech Therapy. He did not have his usual therapist so I was interested to see how he would respond. He did well! She gave him different items to look at and then she would give them to him and ask him how to use them. She first gave him scissors and he was able to show her how to cut paper, a screw driver came next and Ben took it in his hand and started turning it in his hand as if he were going to use it, next she gave him a spoon and he brought it to his mouth! Poor guy was probably thinking...don't give me a darn spoon with nothing on it!! Lastly she gave him a pencil and asked him to write his was a lil scribbly but you could definetely see a decent B and an attempt at an E. Instead of his usual wiggling of his fingers to say goodbye to his therapist he moved his hand from left to right to wave...he has not done it this way before!!
I took him outside for a bit following therapy and he loved it! Well, it seemed that way! We played toss with a ball and then I took his shoes off and made him (I do make him do things...I am sure I will get in trouble when he "wakes up" completely) put his feet on the ball and move it around! He did pretty well!

Things they still need to see in Ben:
~Following commands within 10 sec with 85% accuracy
~Yes/No answers within 10 sec and 85% accuracy
These are the biggest things right now for him to EMERGE!! Please pray for these things in him! I know it is in there but it is like he is trapped inside of his body!
His mom is in town which will be good for him and I think his dad should be joining soon. Ben will love this I am sure! I head back up to see him tomorrow and of course like always I am so excited to see him...he is the love of my life!!

I know some of you cannot comment on here so if you would like to send an e-mail to us directly you can do so at
I love hearing from people and all your encouragement helps get me through the day! I also read them to Ben so he is included in all the things the Lord and ya'll are saying!!
Love you all and thank you for your prayers and support!!


Tim Mossholder said...

Katie...WOW...your insight on being a "vessel" is so right on, and is something I'll carry with me. Like you, I never want my vessel to be filled with "me." I want/need my vessel to be filled with the grace, mercy, stength, love and faithfulness of Jesus. NOTHING can separate us from Him (Rom. 8:31-37!).

Praying for emergence!

mommywonderland said...

I love you..That is ALL I can say friend. You are doing very well and God couldnt have given Ben a better leading lady!!! I miss you and want to come give you a BIG squeeze!!! I have never seen a woman more dedicated and faithfilled! Your crown in heaven must be full of bling!!! muah xoxo