Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Emerge is the big word that they are using for Ben these days! What they mean by that is that they want him to come further out of the state that he is in! So prayer warriors....pray for the EMERGING of Ben's healing, his spirit to be lifted and he would love forward!
Ben is having a good week so far. He is making improvements after his seizure activity and the docs switching up his medications last week. They are still seeing seizure activity and has had multiple MRI's and EEG's for follow-up. They are waiting on adding another seizure med at this time to see if the initial one will build up in his system.
Ben is making some progress in his therapies. He still has limited range of motion in his arms and legs due to his muscles being so tight. He was able to lightly kick a ball with his legs today and slightly hit a balloon with a racket. Ben continues to move forward but some days are slower then others!
All in all Ben is doing well! He is a strong man and trying so hard to get himself out of his trapped body!
God has his hand upon Ben's life and I know He is with Ben and I every step of the way! Thank you Jesus for that!
You all know I am going home to WA tomorrow...I am super excited but it will be hard to leave my man...I might be a bit emotional tomorrow! Please pray for strength and peace for both of us.
Love you all and see some of ya'll sooo soon!!


Jason and Rachel said...

I heard rumors of mac and cheese... :)

Leanne said...


I am going to try to stop in to give you a hug on Monday. I will be praying for all your travels tomorrow, both physically and emotionally!!