Friday, November 13, 2009

Ladies don't be jealous...

Yes, you see my title ladies (and maybe a few guys too) so don't get jealous when I share what Ben will be getting! Ben's doc came in this morning to put a little needle into some different muscles in Ben's neck and shoulders. He did this because Ben had been holding his neck and head high and sticking it out. This really effects how he swallows, is positioned in bed and how he responds to different therapies. When the doc put the needle (not very painful for Ben) in some of Ben's muscles he was looking to see how much those muscles were firing and how stimulated they were at a resting position. Doc saw that there were a few that needed some attention. There is a way to help relax these muscles and that way is Botox!! Yes, ladies my man is getting some Botox injections into his muscles and just to let you know I have FIRST DIBS ON THE LEFTOVERS!!! That is why I say don't be jealous! Ben's doctor has found that this way of treatment has been very benefitial with alot of patients. The Botox should relax Ben's muscles more so that his neck, shoulders, head and some fingers will relax and be worked back into their normal position. Ben will either get it today or Monday depending on when pharmacy gets it. I am praying that this treatment works!!
Ben continues to do well in his therapies but we are still needing a huge amount of prayer to get him over this hump of his injury! We need to see him respond and EMERGE!!
I will be driving back to our home tomorrow mid-morning. I of course will not like being away from my Ben but do look forward to sleeping in my own bed that I have not been in for almost 2 weeks!
Please pray that we are continually strengthend and that I feel the presence of the Lord with me!
Love you all!!

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Bob said...

Hi Katie & Ben - you don't know me, but by the grace and love of your uncle Joe Broeker here in Salem, Oregon, I know a bit about your latest trial. Just wanted you to know that I am so encouraged by your strength exhibited in your words shared through this blog, and further that you can count on that prayers of many, known and unknown to you, for healing, restoration, enduring love, perseverance, discipline, commitment and an ever-increasing faith and dependence on our Lord and Savior. Ben's emergence as a stronger man of God is the aim, and by His grace and truth, I pray this will be so. So, from this end of the country to yours, have a blessed week, and thank you for sharing in this time. Peace be with you!