Monday, November 2, 2009


Uhhggg....time change means I am up at 0630! Oh my goodness it is early for me these days!! So bloggin here I come!
My last few days up in Atlanta last week with Ben were good. He started to perk up a little bit more and get a grasp on his med changes. He still continues to have seizure activity. Dr. Kailin explained to me that he was not having generalized seizures (shaking, eyes rolling back, losing control) but Ben's are focal. Focal seizures mess with you on a cognitive level so everything that Ben has been trying so hard to do is being inturupted by the seizures. Ben's doc boosted his seizure med and said that if he did not respond to it by Monday (today) that he was going to add another med. I am hoping not because it may cause Ben to become more drowsy again. Seizures in traumatic brain injury patients are not uncommon sometimes can trigger the brain for the good! I am praying that it triggers Ben's brain for the good and also that he won't need anymore added medications! By Friday Ben was started to get back to what he was doing. He was following commands very well, mouthing a few words that we gave him and moving his legs and arms more than normal.

On Thursday I had the priviledge and honor to meet with an amazing woman! The military flew her up from Tampa for the day to meet me and be an encouragement. Her husband was in a helicopter accident 2.5 years ago overseas. She has stood by his side and been through all the emotions that one could go through in a time like this. She came into Ben's room and looked at him and was very positive to him! Ben you look awesome, you look strong, Rangers are fighters and you keep fighting! She talked to him as if she had known him for years! She was able to encourage me, hear my heart, answer my questions, share my tears and most of all share what Jesus was doing in her life. She is an amazing and strong woman and I highly look up to her!

I started my first Occupational therapy on Friday...can I say ouch! I can straighten my elbow fully but pronating (twisting to a normal position) is still stiff and somewhat painful. My therapist took some measurments on how much I could move it and then put some heat to it. I knew that when she put the heat to it that pain was coming! Oh yes, she twisted and streched my arm in ways that it has not gone in a bit! It was good for my arm but it was a bit tender all weekend! I am so looking forward to my appointment with her on Wed...haha!

This weekend for me was a decent one...not my best but I made it. I love being with Ben and it tears me up inside when I have to leave him. I don't have to leave him but it is good for me to take a few days to get things done and be at our home. There are a few times when tears just came to my eyes. I was getting ready for church on Sunday and just started bawling when a worship song came on. It was Hillsongs Lead Me to the Cross....heard it a bunch of the times but today it got to me. The chorus...
Lead me to the cross
Where Your love poured out
Bring me to my knees
Lord I lay me down
Rid me of myself
I belong to You
Lead me, lead me to the cross...I had to stop putting on my make-up and kneel at the end of my bed (have not done in awhile) and just pray and sing this song out loud. I had to pour my heart and emotions out before the Lord...I had cooped them up for a bit too long!Jesus is faithful to me! Gives me what I need and opens my heart to learn things from Him.

Today (Monday) I am on my way to Atl to see my BEN!! I am so excited to see him, love on him and give him many kisses! He deserves them! I will of course get some cuddle time in bed with him as well! His closeness makes me feel so much better!!
This Thursday will be bittersweet! I am flying home to WA! I am going to take a few days and see some family and friends. It will be good for me but so hard at the same time. This means I have to leave Ben for a few days. Please pray for me during this time!

Prayer requests:
1. No more added seizure meds today for Ben!
2. Ben would QUICKLY follow commands and ANSWER yes/no questions
3. Physically his body would be strengthened....sit up, move his arms and legs more
4. He would hold his head correctly and his muscles in that area would loosen!
5. Peace for both of us while I am gone!
6. 100% healing in Ben's body!!



mommywonderland said...

I love that God sends you such amazing worship music in the times when you need it most! I wish I was going to be in WA at the same time. Im proud of you for going and getting a much needed change of scenery. Go get your cuddle on with your man and tell him we said hey! Love you friend

Carly said...

Katie, we are praying for you guys and continue to believe for complete healing for you both.
It is so awsome that the military gave you a chance to meet someone who's walked in front of you through similar circumstances. God is so good to put people in our lives when we need them. Someday you will be that woman to someone else, letting God use your circumstance to minister to others (as you are so amazing to be doing already). Bless you!

Tim Mossholder said...

Katie...I'm praying for each of those requests! Trusting someone else (especially those we love deeply) into the hands of the Lord is one of the hardest things we can do--but as you do that this weekend when back in WA for a few days, you can be CONFIDENT that Ben is in the best of hands, and that we're surrounding both of you with love and prayer. Ben is never alone!

JJF said...

You and Ben are on my heart constantly, which I believe is due to the Holy Spirit calling me to pray so much for you. I believe He is doing a great work in both of you, physically and spiritually.
Jessica Farnsworth

Michelle said...

Our hearts and prayers go out to you continuously and will remain throughout this time of healing for both of you. The Lord loves you and Ben so much and is doing incredible things to and through you right now. Thank you for being real, open, and loving in the midst of this "storm". The Lord is refining you and bringing you to a whole new level of faith. I love reading your updates and the songs you have posted- and are so encouraged through them. You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

We love you both deeply, and continue to stand in agreement with you and all the rest who are contending for Ben's complete recovery.
We hope to see you when you are home, we would love the opportunity to hug you and love on you just a bit. Standing with you.

You know who...

Naomi said...


My thoughts are with you as you go home. I pray that it is a restful and a renewing time for you.
I am praying for you and Ben. God brings you both to mind constantly.

Blessings, Naomi Goodwin

Shelley M. said...

Katie...thank you for being so real with us and sharing your heart. I will be praying for your time with Ben that it will be amazing and God will do great things! In Wa give your sisters a hug from me..