Saturday, February 19, 2011

steak, cousin, carlos bakery...

"For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen."
2 Corinthians 4:17-18

These past few days have been busy, busy but fun, fun!!
Thursday I got to Ben at my usual time and when I was going to take off to run some errands our fire buddies stopped by! They ended up staying for almost all of Ben's therapies to encourage him, work with him and of course pick on Ben! Ben loved it!!

{Working on his salute while standing}

{throwing punches}

{the boys}

Ben was surprised at the last minute to go to lunch with the community skills group that rec therapy puts together. There were 3 other patients that went besides Ben so it was the perfect size group. They took Ben in the shuttle and I met up with them there. Ben of course didn't have to look over the menu...he knew he wanted a steak and to please cook it medium rare with french fries and beans for sides. He ordered it all and did really well. We were interested to see how Ben would do cutting and feedimg himself his steak and much to our surprise he took the knife and fork and started cutting away! He got a little shaky towards the end but he did a really good job! He has not forgotten how he likes his steak cooked or how to eat it because he did it all the same way pre-accident!! Thank you Jesus!!

Before Ben was done eating lunch I was off to the airport to go pick up my cousin and her daughter who were flying in from FL to come see us!! I greeted them with 65 degree weather (day before 40!)It was so good to see them! We went back and hung out with Ben until after dinner and then we headed out to get our own.

Friday morning we all woke up and headed out to see Ben before he went to therapy. After he took off to therapy my cousins and I headed out to the town of Hoboken, NJ! Sound familiar...why yes, because it is the town of the famoous Carlos Bakery from the show Cake Boss on TLC!! It took us about 20 min to get there and we saw a line! Oh man, totally forgot it was a holiday weekend so everyone and their mothers were there! We had fun while we waited and were trying to stay calm with the abnoxious family of children behind us who kept slamming into us! Oh well, it was worth it!
I guess Buddy was there in the morning but he went home to be with his family and new baby before we were able to get inside! We did get to see a few of the sisters and they are funny!
This was my first attempt at eating a canolli...oh my GOOD!! I would have taken more photos of the tasty treats we go but we ate them to quickly! Yes, we did bring some back for Ben which he LOVED!!

After Carlos Bakery we had to get some pizza and then walked down on the water front area. It was a decent day so we got to see New York City as well and try and figure out what we were seeing from our side! Back to Ben we went to find him getting his next round of Botox injections. He got some more to his neck, shoulders, right arm and left ankle. Hopefully this will loosen him up some more and they he will be able to do more things easily! Ben had a full day even though we were not there! PT, lunch, treadmill, ST, OT and injections! His day didn't come to a stop until 5:30pm and then it was dinner, bathroom and shower!! Full day for everyone!

Today my cousins came over to see Ben again and then I took them to the train station because they were heading to NY for a few days. Before they left they gave Ben a special gift from my cousin's husband. He used to bull ride in his younger years and when he won he would win belt buckles! He wanted to pass one along to Ben to remind Ben to "cowboy up" when things got hard!! What a special gift and reminder for us all!

As I write this Ben is sleeping soundly! He has had a busy last few days and I think he got a sugar rush from all the treats he got and now has come crashing down into a sleep!

My parents come in tonight for a visit! They were to come out a few days after Christmas but the snow storm had them cancelling their trip! So, they rescheduled and we are looking forward to having them!!!

Sayings of Ben...
I took Ben to get on the treadmill and we were talking about workouts. I told him I had 2 today (one on my own and one walking with him) and Ben said, "good!" I asked him why and in front of 3 other therapists he said, "you need to look hot for me!" I guess I need to keep working out!

We were eating pizza tonight and I tossed Ben's crust into the box. A few moments later after he was done with the piece he had in his mouth he said, "why did you throw my crust away?" I asked him if he wanted it and he said, "yes, I want my crust!"

Later tonight while using the bathroom I was sitting in Ben's room and I heard from the bathroom, "KATIE!" I walked over and asked Ben what was wrong and he said, "I was just making sure you were here!" I reassured him and Ben was good! I have been telling him that if he needs anything he just has to call out my name!!


Anonymous said...

Well, Ben and I agree on one thing anyway, we both like steak...I must admit to liking it well done though....sorry Ben. I am SO glad your parents are getting to see you now. Father has the right time. Please say hi to them, if you get this while they are there. I love you, Marion

The Conway's said...

I love reading your blog! You are such an inspiration for other marriages, regardless of the circumstance. I'm praying for you and Ben daily....

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate
I'm from Brazil, and came to your blog by chance.
You're undoubtedly a rare person with a huge light shining around them.
Moved me with you and Ben, surely both are warriors!

You guys are a great example of what it means TRUE LOVE!

I'm following the blog and I hope to see many accomplishments written here =)

Stay in the peace of Christ!


Allie said...

Cake Boss!!! I love that show... and that bakery. I can't believe you never had cannoli before, I love that stuff.

Ben looks like he is doing so well. I keep you both in my prayers, always.

Ryan Sykes said...

"You can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs." Keep up the hard work, Ben and Katie.