Thursday, February 3, 2011

happy days...

"The smallest act of kindness is worth
more than the grandest intention." ~OW

Thank you so much for all of the birthday wishes for Ben! Between the blog, facebook, cards, phone calls and texts Ben was truly blessed!

Ben's day was busy, busy busy!! I got there a little after 10am, later then normal due to a NASTY snow ice storm! I got out to my car and noticed that I was going to be out there for a long time! This was the day when I wished I had my man around to scrape all the ice off! There was about a 1/2 inch on all the window with icy snow on top and then about an inch thick over the whole van! While I was scraping it was raining sleet rain and I was slipping all over the place from the ice on the ground! The only thing that kept me scraping and not going back inside was that I had to get to Ben and there was an 80 some year old man scraping too and he couldn't show me up! Ben was in the dining area and when I walked in his face lit up and he gave me a big HI! I grabbed him and took him back to his room to show him his surprises!

After that it was off to PT for Ben! today he did alot of walking and push-ups...his birthday workout choice!

Af the end of his PT session Ben walked back to his room, sat for a few min and then walked to the gym where some of his therapists sang to him and gave him a lil cake!

{I tried to sneak a bite and Ben didn't like that!}

It was finally lunch time! That went quickly and then it was to the treadmill!! Ben did his best time yet!! He did a set of 17 min and a set of 9!! The last biggest time was 13 min! He did awesome and when he got back he was sweating and needing some water! Ben got a 30 min break and then it was off to ST and OT! In both sessions his mind and body got challanged!

Finally at 4pm he was done with therapies for the day and then there were lots of birthday calls and opening cards and gifts!

{mimicking a card!}

About 7:30pm after a trip to the bathroom and a shower Ben was out!! I took off about that time and I asked Ben when he was going to fall asleep and he said, "right after you leave!"...and I am sure he did...and so did I!!

...and a photo from Thursday after he walked all over the unit for 1.5 hours (breaks of course) and walking with barely any help today!! Ben is practicing his standing salute and he surprised me with it when he got back! So proud of him!!

Sayings of Ben...

Ben was taking a drink and Ben was starting to cough a bit so I said, "slow down Ben!" To which Ben replied, "yes my love!"



Caroline said...

Thanks for sharing! Looks like it was a happy day! So glad he was able to have a special day surrounded my so much love and support! He's looking better and better!!

Mallory said...

Happy Birthday to Ben! What a joy to see these pictures, he looks like he's doing so well!

Young and Fabulous said...

Ben looks GREAT!! and it looked as if he had an amazing birthday! :) he's so blessed to have you and all of the other people who seem to love him so much!!

xoxox enjoy the weekend you 2 <3

Morgan said...

Katie - you are such a wonderful women. So many times people choose not to stand by their spouse and you are choosing to do just that!
Ben - I am just now reading about your story but you are a true inspiration to everyone! Happy belated birthday!

AV5848 said...

The salute picture is my favorite! Glad he had an awesome birthday! I feel your pain with the ice storm- winter sucks and spring needs to come soon!

Rachel Schuman said...

Ben is looking great! Looks like he had a good birthday. Thinking about and praying for ya'll!

MiMi said...

What an inspiration! Sounds like an awesome birthday!

Brenda said...

That right foot is looking better during walking! Yea! I love the videos you post. Great documentation of progress and cause for joy and thanksgiving!

Theresa said...

I love the picture where Ben is mimicking the card. He is so funny!

Delaney said...

his reply was so cute. That is awesome to see him progress so much. Keeping you and Ben in prayer!

Lindsey said...

Aww Happy belated Birthday to Ben! What a blessing. I just have to say even though I don't know you and Ben personally you both have been on my heart. My life has truly changed recently learning about a boy who experienced heaven and was brought back. God can truly heal Ben, I believe this with my whole heart! He will be 100% in Jesus name! God is so good and faithful every second.

Quinn Family said...

This post makes me so happy- praying for you guys daily!

Anonymous said...

Katie!! I am so pleased Ben had such a fine birthday. I don't blame him for not being happy about snitching a bite of least until the birthday boy had the first piece. :) Hugs, Marion OH, that was a good imitation of the card!!!!

Jen said...

Hi Katie~

I am not exactly sure how, but I stumbled upon your blog late last night. I perused through, and feel for you on so many levels.

You are so amazing, and I admire you so very much.

I am also insanely amazed by Ben!! A true fighter!

I too am dealing with brain injury. On June 17, 2009 my daughter was being carried across the street by my stepdad. They were both struck by a car, and my then 2 year old daughter flew through the air and landed on her head.

She was left in a coma, and unable to walk, talk, or eat by mouth. We have been fighting our way through ever since.

Every time I see another story that involves brain injury, my heart is heavy. Although I do not know exactly what you are going through, I feel the pain deeply.

Although many blessings have come of this, it's a sad thing to have to handle a life that was turned on it's head in one single moment.

It's so hard to have to take all of the dreams we had, and re-direct. I feel, at times, like I am the only one in the world? Isolated. Like everything is going on around me, and we are just sitting in our own little private, brain injured world.

Please know, I will be keeping the 2 of you close in thought and prayer!