Wednesday, June 2, 2010

week in review...

It has been an eventful last week for Ben and I! I will give a brief update on all that has gone down for each day starting with last Tuesday.
Tuesday...busy day of errands for me in getting ready for an early flight out the next day to GA. Ben had a good day of therapies. A little before 2pm Ben's parents came into town! We were glad to have them! Ben got to spend some time with them while I went to a quick meeting. I came back and we all chilled for a bit and then got Ben eating some dinner. Ben had a few things to do that evening and so his parents and I got to go have some dinner ourselves! It was good to spend time with them and I know Ben loved it very much!
Wednesday...I got up way before the birds did to head to the airport. I arrived at the parking lot and came to realize that the dress I had bought for the wedding I was attending was left hanging in my room! Folks, I forgot my dress!! Of course I had no time to go back and get it so away I flew without it!
I got into Atlanta about 5pm and went to Chick fil A right when we got into town! Oh how I have missed that place! From there I went to the church Ben and I attended and got to see many friends that have been amazing to us! It was so good to see all of them!
Thursday...Slept in a bit and then went on post to see some of Ben's work buddies and to give them a "live" report on how Ben and I were doing! It was so good to see all of them! Later that afternoon I got to see more friends and soak in some sun by the pool! It has been awhile since I have layed out and it felt so good! Later that evening it was more friends at dinner and then falling into bed! the morning I got to spend some time with a few ladies that are married to Ben's work buddies! They have supported us and loved on us so it was fun to see them and spend some time with them as well. Since I had left my dress behind in Cali of course it had to be replaced! So, it was off to the store with my bestie Brooke for some shopping! I came out of the store with 2 dresses and not just one! All for a good cause though..i have several more weddings to attend this summer! Later that afternoon it was more pool time and then in the evening we went to a movie and had a ladies night!
Saturday...the morning and early afternoon were spent lounging and getting ready to head up to Atlanta for the wedding. We took off that afternoon, got checked into our hotel and started getting glammed up! We were shuttled to the wedding from the hotel a tad after 6 and the rest of the evening was spent in glam! This was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to! Cocktail hour, five course meal, napkins placed in your name it we got it! It was exquisit...all I have to say is google the St. Regis hotel in Atlanta and you will get a taste of the glam we were apart of!! I will post more photos in another blog..but here is a sneak peek!

{location of wedding reception}

{me and bride Emma...Ben old speech therapist from Atl}

Sunday...7am flight back to Cali and my man! I don't think I have slept that much on a plane in my life...tired! I got back to Ben about 1200 and it was so good to see him. He didn't have much to do that day so we got to just hang out and rest! We had a good snuggle time that good to be close to him Ben!
Monday...another day off from therapies but to make up for it we ate! They were having a Memorial day BBQ and Ben ate a ton! We were ablt to be outside for a few hours and just relax!
Tuesday...Ben was able to get back in the pool today because there were no therapies on Monday. His PT said that he did excellent...did some marching/walking in the deep water! For lunch we got the priviledge of eating with a command sergent major who came to visit. He was sharing where he has come from, how he was injured and his recovery. When we went to leave we also got the honor of meeting Congressman Farr who came to visit. After all that excitement Ben was ready for a snooze!

What a week for both of us! Ben continues to be strong. He is showing more emotions which is good for him yet hard for me! He had a sad face the other day and I asked him if he was sad. He nodded his head yes. I asked him to mouth it as to why and he tried. I could not figure out what he was saying so I asked him to write it down. He wrote you and...and then I asked him if the last word was me. He nodded yes. I asked him if it was because he thought that I would leave him alone and he said no. I aked him then if he knew that I would be with him forever and he said yes. I then went to ask him if it had to do with the future (house, job, babies, life) and he nodded yes!
Of course he is going to be thinking all these things and I am sure gets discouraged. We had a good chat about it and were able to pray about it as well!

Still praying for 100% healing no matter how long it takes! Please continue to partner with us and keep him in your prayers!! Prayer works!



Brenda said...

ok Katie, so my hubby and I just finished a video series at our church called "Love and Respect". I know you do respect Ben, but be sure to tell him! Especially in light of the fears/sadness he must be facing. Tell him you respect him for working so hard, for being the man that he is, for allowing you to help him so much, etc etc. I think I always knew my hubs wanted my respect, but the series really showed me how much he NEEDS it! Of course, these guys want our love too, but respect really makes their boat float! Thanks for the update. Praying, as always...

Anonymous said...

Katie praying that you will be strong in couragous thru it all and lean on the Father He is there for you and Ben too. Love you and praying for you.

Chelsea Robbins said...

You look gorgeous girl.

still standing firm in christ jesus for you guys and praying!

The Boyds said...

First off, you look GORGEOUS in your new dress, Katie!
Secondly, I'm so honored that you share yours and Ben's journey with us. I'm proud to be on your team and include you both in our prayers.