Tuesday, June 15, 2010

back in the saddle...

After 15 hours of driving in the car and a good long weekend in San Diego I am back with my man! It is sooooo good to be back with him...missed Ben so much!
The facility that I looked at in the area is not going to be a fit for us. I got a short tour but was not settled about it at all...thank you Lord for your discretion. After I visited the facility I drove a bit south to San Diego to visist some wonderful friends there! We had a blast and just had some good ole girl time! For as hard as it was to be away from my man (even before the accident I never wanted to leave his side) it was good for me to get away for a few days and have a change of scenery.
The last few days I have been just able to chill with Ben and be near him! I love going to his therapies and seeing how hard he is working! Yesterday he was in the pool and doing so well! Thinking back to when he first started pool therapy and now, he has come so far! A new thing that they had him do was squates! He held onto the rails in the pool with his hands and then would slowly bend his knees and squat. He had a little help from his therapists but for the majority of it Ben was doing it!
Ben continues to mouth quite a few words. I told him last night that I was going to get him a cup of water and then be back to snuggle. He looked at me, patted to the right side of the bed and fully mouthed "right now!!" I asked him if he wanted to snuggle right now and he nodded yes...how could I resist! I was also talking to my mom today and when I had hung up I looked and Ben and he totally mouthed, "who was that?" It blew me away because he has never asked before and mouthed it so well!
Today in PT he was able to grab both handle bars on his chair, lean forward and get his bumm off the chair at least 6 inches!! This is huge!! Now every time they ask him to stand he contributes so much! Ben is such a strong, never give up man...he amazes me every day!
Ben's diet was changed from a diced/mashed/pureed (or whatever he got) to a dysphasia regular diet...pretty much means that he can eat anything he wants with a few restrictions! This means that he is getting better and better at his swallowing!
We got his sleep study results back today. Not the news I was hoping for but not entirely all that bad either. He slept decent but Ben doesn't get into his deep REM sleep. So, in that whole time of monitoring he never was in a deep sleep. He has a very mild case of sleep apnea but not enough to do anything about. As far as his seizures go....he had a 90 second seizure in the 12 hour study! I am grateful that it was short and there were not more with longer durations. The plan is to put him on a small dose of a new med at night that will help him sleep but then will also help with any remaining seizures. When you have seizures it call really poop you out whether they be long or short....so the med should help this.

Prayer requests:
1. Speech...it is soft and breathy but it is there...pray it comes in full force!
2. Muscle strength in truck, legs, arms, and neck!
3. New med that they are adding will take care of the sleep and seizures and not add more issues.
4. Ben would remain encouraged and be built up spiritually, physically and emotionally.
5. Direction and wisdom for me as I make upcoming decisions for us...much easier when I had Ben to help me/us!
6. More connections would be made in his brain and 100% healing would take place there!
7. That Ben and my hope, faith and trust would remain strong in Jesus...some days are easier then others but it is there!
8. Jesus would show me more ways to encourage and love on my man!

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement! I love getting all your comments!

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Anonymous said...

Katie...you're so pretty! So glad Ben is making these improvements! Continuing to pray!

zkgormley said...

I like your new blog layout...very chic :)

Freedomtrain Ministries said...

Great update. The love you two have is so amazing. I do pray that you would continue to discern God's ways and His thoughts in the coming days.

Anonymous said...

Katie!! I am so proud of you. Father will let you know without a doubt, where you and Ben are supposed to go next. He already knows and has a place prepared for you. I, with you, will trust Him to let you know at the right time. I am glad you had a time with your friend. I too, am proud of Ben. He's charging forward RANGER STYLE!! Blessings and much love, Your friend, Marion

Adorably Distracted... said...

aww it sounds like Ben had made a lot of steps forward :-) I keep praying for you both! Glad you had a great weekend! You are so pretty!

Sheldon said...

Katie! I love that you and Lindsey get to see each other! Isn't God so good to give us such amazing friends?? Just wanted you to know we are praying daily for all the things you mention and even the things you don't :). I am still in awe of your heart that is so full of love and faith in Jesus. Your beauty is not only on the outside but you have such a beautiful heart!!

If you ever need anything we are here.



Kenzie Ochsner said...

So encouraged by Bens progress. Thanks for the specific requests on how to pray for you both.
Lisa & family

Anonymous said...

I love these photos soooo much. Great that you had some good old girl time and praying for that healing big time. We must skype you soon. xx lots of love to both of you.x Nici C x

Nicole said...

cute pics! so glad you had a good time!!! So excited to hear the good news about ben!!