Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a fantastic time at home...

ok, i am back from yet another travel adventure! I had a wonderful time with family and friends! I flew out Thursday evening and was picked up by one of my ladies Erin! We had a good chat on the way home. I spent Thursday night with my brother (who surprised me and got off work early) and my sis-in-law!
Friday morning I lounged at their house and then joined up with my sister and her kids for an adventure to Costco! Later that evening I had the priviledge to go to a wedding with my parents! Congrats to Justin and Kelsy!
Saturday morning I was to go on a hike but the rain held us back! So, what did I end up doing....my nieces 3rd birthday party! Ummmm hello can I say PRINCESS party! The only ladies that she wanted at her party were her cousins! It was a hoot and they were all so adorable! Later that day I did some sorting and took a nap! Church in the evening followed by dinner with my other sis and her family!

{Princess party!}

Sunday morning I was able to meet up with a lady who has been faithful to her Jesus and has been an insiration to me after she and her husband lost their baby about a month ago. She is a true testimony of faith! After coffee with her it was off to sort more things and then a few rounds of bowling! My first game I broke 100 and then lets just say my 5 year old nephew beat me on the next round! It was a ton of fun!! Sunday night we had ALL the family...12 nieces and nephews (and 2 on the way) and 12 other bros/sisters/parents for a fun Father's Day get together! It was alot of fun and so good to be with all of my family!

{they are heavy ok...}

{me and my dad}

Monday morning it was to the airport! I was sad to be leaving my family but I was eager to get back to my Ben! I got back mid afternoon and of course Ben's face lit up and I gave him mass hugs and kisses!
It was hard when we were in GA before the accident because it was the first time that I had ever moved away from my family without having a date when we were coming back! I got used to it and Ben played a huge role in that! Now it is even more difficult to be away from all of them because of the situation that we are in! They have been a huge blessing to us and I look forward to some of them coming down again while we are here!
Ben and I are back in the grind of things! He cannot get anymore slack from his therapists because he says he is sad and misses me! He continues to stay strong and fights on! My goodness he amazes me every day!
Please continue to pray for him! He is in a spot where things are not progressing as fast as he wants and you can see and sence the frustration that he is feeling! Ben needs to see and realize how far he has come...for doing nothing after the accident (couldn't even open his eyes) to what he is doing now is amazing! I give all the credit to Jesus and Ben's hard work...ok, a bit for me too! :)

Katie and Ben


Tim Mossholder said...

You have such a fantastic family...a true model for the the world of how it should work. And that goes double for you and Ben. You continue to be in our prayers, thoughts and conversations. Much love to you!

Nicole said...

you deserve a lot of the credit!!!!
keepin you all in my prayers!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I just found your blog. Ben is lucky to have you as his wife. You're such an inspiration to the vows that we take in marriage. Not many people really like about the "worse", but just the "better". I've started following your blog hoping that you can inspire me to be a better (almost) wife.