Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sleep study and praise reports...

Ben and I are pretty consistant about doing devotions at night before he gets all settled and sleepy. I kept up with my own for awhile but recently (probably since we have been here) it has not been that consistant and the Lord has really been talking to me about this. So, I have been reading through Romans and am only about 4 chapters in to it. There have been several scriptures that have already hit home. Some are encouraging, some convicting, revealing and most all about faith! There is the well known one about Abraham never waivering in his faith and his faith growing stronger and then one that I discovered about him that was interesting. In Romans 4:18 it says, "Even when there was no reason for hope, Abraham kept hoping-believing that he would become that father of many nations." I so want to be more like Abraham. Yes, he has his lying, cheating, crazy ways but he was a man of great HOPE and FAITH! Talk about a waiting period that he had in his life...waiting to become a father for so many years that it was deemed impossible! Oh I am waiting too! I am waiting for many, many things! Do I want to wait any longer...heck no! Will I, heck yes! Some days I don't think I can put another foot in front of the other! Some days I want to stay in bed all day long. So, yes, sometimes my faith and hope are weak...that is ok I have found out...as long as I don't lose it!
I have faith and I have hope....I want to build it more and more! I want it to grow and while it is growing continue to praise Jesus.
One more scripture I came upon in devos with Ben is Psalm 105:19. It says, "Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph's character"! Oh boy...this has been my road for the last 9 months and I think it will continue from here on out! I just found this scripture quite interesting and confirming as to what is going on! Just a lil glimpse into what Jesus is doing in my heart!
To update all on the sleep study that took place this last weekend! It went well and we both survived the night together! Ben was sleeping every time I woke up (and that was every 3 hours) and I was trying to get sleep! My bed was a chair that folded into a bed. It was about 24 inches wide and as hard as a piece of plywood! All in all it went well. They do not have any results yet but I am anxiously awaiting them!

On to the PRAISE REPORTS!!!!
Today after I was outside doing my devotions I came in to find out that Ben's doc was trying to get ahold of me. I found him and Ben's case manager and they told me that Ben's time here will be extended another 60 days!! This is huge as we were looking to go to another facility the end of the month! Thanks to a mass amount of prayers and Ben's hard work we will be staying a bit longer!! I am going to be looking at another place in Cali this week and also a place in NJ later this month or the beginning of next just to be prepared for our next phase. If God decides that He wants to do all the healing here then we will just go home after here! Please keep us in your prayers as that time gets closer!
Seoond praise report is that Ben's feeding tube is coming out today!! He has been eating his 3 meals a day of regular food for over 2 weeks now and doing really well! His fluids still need to be thickened a bit but other than that he is doing great. All his meds are not given in pill form and he is able to swallow them all!

I will be updating again soon! This Thursday I am driving to southern Cali to look at a rehab place and then hanging/resting/sunning for a few days with friends in San Diego! I will try and post updated, specific prayer requests soon!!



Victoria Williams said...


I enjoy reading all of your posts- but have hesitated to leave comments- now I finally am. When you were talking about Faith it sparked me because I am constantly being reminded of where Faith comes from as it says in Ephesians 2:8- For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

It is so great to be reminded that Faith is a total and complete gift of God, because in myself I would tend to not trust him and his plan for me.

Sorry- got carried away- Bless you and I am continually praying for you and Ben.

Victoria Williams (Olympia, WA)

Nicole said...

how come they are not keeping him? is he not making progress? it sounds like he is?!!!

Ronna said...

Katie, I so understand your desire for healing for Ben and the anxiousness that comes with the "waiting". All those years that I spent with Hannah at Children's Hospital after her accident and before her surgery I often wondered if things would ever be "normal". I knew God had made promises to us but sometimes it was hard to cling to them! But He is an ever faithful, loving God and He works in HIS timing not ours. (That was a hard pill for me to swallow, let me tell you). Once I started resting in that and trusting Him things got easier. Not easy, easier. And look at her now. All grown up with babies of her own! God has redeemed the years that she lost. He has done as he promised. He loves us so much and He has a bigger plan than we can ever see, even in the crummy parts. He will do the same for you and Ben, He has a plan for you, it is so evident in the way He is caring for you. I am so proud of you and it is such a blessing to *watch* you through Ben's (and your) healing process. You are an amazing woman and wife and God is going to bless you richly!! If you ever want to chat to a fellow *road warrior*, feel free to email me, I would be happy to.

~Ronna (Wolbert) Patty

Chelsea Robbins said...

Wow that's great!

enjoy the sun and relaxation!

debbie said...

where is so cal are you looking? I am in orange county and could maybe give you some info on places around town that might help you in getting settled if you chose a facility in the area. My oldest daughter is 23, just got married last week, the house is quiet and you are in my prayers.
God is faithful, he will carry you and your husband through!