Monday, May 31, 2010

In honor of my man...

(ben and his buddies)

Today is a day to remember those who
gave their lives for us. Because of them
we have freedom and can safely lay our
heads down on our pillows at night!
The sacrifice that they give blows me away!
I always appreciate what these people
have done for us but until I started
living with a man who serves and gives his
life so humbly for others leaves me in awe!

Ben has been deployed multiple times (between
7-9...trying to remember) and each time
he has gone it has been for others and never
himself! He loves what he does and would not
be doing anything different! Ben is a leader,
challenger, loyal, dedicated, humble, amd most
of all man of God!

Please take the time to thank those who serve
our country not just today but everyday! Also
pray for them!

This video is of what our Ranger boys do! The
words are the Ranger Creed! I am going to be
showing it to Ben today! It is one of my favorites!

Rangers Lead The WAY!!

Pray extra healing prayers for my man today!!


Freedomtrain Ministries said...

Surrender is not the Ranger way. I love that. Thanks for sharing Katie. Our hearts are with you and Ben and all those who serve our country. Thanks.

Lynnae said...

God bless you and your Ben today. I bet he will love the video. Have a good day today. It inspires my to read about his progress and the love and determination both of you have.
I thought of you the other day when I was reading the new 'Where Women Create' magazine and there was a woman, Melody Ross, who spoke of the years her husband had a brain injury and couldn't help her in her business and trade shows. But there he was in the picture, restored to health and back to his old self, and I though 'That's how it will be for Ben and Katie.
My prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a creed. I never knew it was like that. I actually never knew there was such a thing as a Ranger Soldier until this all happened with Ben. That clip gave me a better appreciation for what the Rangers do. May the Lord be with them all and bless them, not just the Rangers but all who serve.
And Ben, thank you for being willing to lay down your life for a fellow countrywoman and follower of Christ. I can't possibly thank you enough. May the Lord bless you in a special way, not just today but always, and may you feel His comfort and protection wherever you are and the peace only He can give. Know that I pray without ceasing for you, your wonderful wife and those in the military.

Mike and Mary Stuart said...

Today our family went to Palm Springs air museum to honor all those including our Ben! They flew a big bomber over us and dropped over 3000 red and white carnations representing fallen soldiers in the war on terror. We grabbed one for our Ben and to us it represented the fact that he is still fighting strong! We love you Ben!!! (We love you Katie too!)

sharon said...

THANK YOU, Ben for all you do as a Ranger. You are a part of an amazing group of men who fight for our country. WE APPRECIATE YOU.
love, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Joe

Anonymous said...

Ben! Thank you for the sacrifices you make for my freedom. Katie, you too, serve and I thank you. I am honored to be a part of your life. Trusting Father to hold you close and give you each a speciaal boessing, A grateful American, Marion

V said...

Katie, just found your blog, What an amazing story you have, and what a blessing that you and Ben are headed towards better times!