Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our God is good....

(I love Ben's smile and miss it)

Where to begin!?!? It has been a crazy past few weeks but it has been good for both Ben and I! We are beginning a New Year and I am BELIEVING and TRUSTING that Jesus will have good things including continued healing for us this year!
Even though it was hard to ring in the new year (cried my eyes out watching the ball drop in NY) and I had a flood of emotions and thoughts into this past year! It really has been a crazy year for both Ben and I. Ben went through alot of changes with work, I studied for my nursing boards and finally passed, we traveled to 2 weddings with one at the gulf in southern AL and one in New Orleans, traveled to Disney World with my family, spent the summer biking and on the boat, was in my good bud Melody's wedding in WA and then the accident. I started looking at the all the bad things that happened this past year All I saw was the accident, Ben and his brain injury, my scars and that we were not going to get our baby that we were planning for (in our timing of course!!) I wallowed in my sorrow for a good long while until the Lord gave me a good quick kick in the fanny! Yes, there have been things that I would not have chosen to happen to us but that is nothing in comparison to what Jesus has done in our lives and how He has blessed us! Ben and I would not be here today if it were not for the love of our Jesus and how He spared our lives! Not only did He do that but He has given me all that I need to walk this journey with Ben. He has given strength, friendships, finances, material things, love and many more things that I could list! The blessings He has given us are way beyond what I could ever ask for! He is also using Ben and I in this whole thing to bring people closer to Him and to be an example to many! I got told the other day that I was One In A Million on how I was dealing with the accident and it was very humbling for me to receive that praise. I give all that credit to Jesus because He is the one who has equipped me! I am still getting people coming to Ben's room to talk to me to see how I do it and if I can give them wisdom...lil ole me...yes, Jesus is using me and it feels good!
When talking to Ben's neuropsychologist this last Thursday she said that Ben is NO LONGER IN A COMA!! From a previous blog I mentioned that there are different levels to a coma and that Ben was in the tail end of the last level! She said that people in coma like what Ben has been in do not do the things that Ben is doing!! She used the words that Ben has emerged from his coma!! All praise goes to our mighty God!!
She said that Ben in moving steadly forward but slowly. The things that are keeping him at a slower pace are his seizures (and seizure meds) and his muscle tightness. I believe that the Lord can take care of these things! You can see frustration in Ben's face when he tries to do something but he cannot make his body do it! My Ranger is so strong and determined! I had to tell him to Ranger up this week and hold his head high and put those shoulders back...and he did just that!
Phone calls have been placed to a facility back in WA for Ben to be transfered to. We are waiting on returned phone calls, acceptance into the facility, flight plans/dates to transport Ben and so on. It is in the works so please pray that all goes smoothly! I have started packing the house in preparation for a move and have told our landlord we will be out by then end of the month! It is bittersweet because this crazy lil town in AL has become our home and we have built many amazing friendships here and found a wonderful church!
Please be in prayer for all the above that I mentioned and praise Jesus for all He has done and all the answered prayers!! Ben and I will get through all of this and Ben will walk, talk, and praise Jesus again!! to eat my dinner that has been sitting in the micro and beeping at me!!
Blessings to you all!!


The Durhams said...

what a great praise report to start out the new year that Ben is finally out of his coma. We pray for more good news soon!

Scott and Jamie

molly june. said...

I love Jesus in you, Katie! I don't know you, but you have this tenderness about you when you speak..err, write ;), & it makes me want to know Jesus deeper! I pray God blesses you above & beyond this new year! I pray for miracles & healing! Keep fighting the good fight, girl! xo.

Robin Bailey - Olympia, WA said...

Oh girl, I am just amazed. Not sure how to even express it. We will be praying for all the above mentioned and all the unseen things that God alone sees. We love you both and are excited about the possability of your family back in WA. We pray for continued joy, strength and healing! In Jesus wonderful name. Katie, thank you for sharing your thankful heart. It's a living testimony of the scripture... And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God. Hugs to you-

Leanne said...

Good girl, Katie~for all the ways you are letting Jesus pick you up when you need to crumble, for letting Him shine through you.

And if your man is a Ranger, does that make you a Rangerette??? You've got a lot of that toughness in you, too. Tough in flesh and tender in spirit...powerful combo. I know Ben is so, so proud of you!

We are continuing to pray,
Leanne & fam

Anonymous said...

You are so strong and faithful. We are continuing to pray for Ben's healing.

Kelly and Family