Thursday, January 14, 2010

Onward we go...

Ben and I had some very busy days these past few weeks! This past weekend my good friend Melody came down from WA DC and spent the weekend with us. We had good times with Ben and also were able to have some girl time in Atlanta! My sister Anne came in on Monday night and will be with me until next Mon. She has been wonderful to have with us!
Ben continues to move forward slowly and steadily! These past few days he has been doing some very good things! In speech theray his speech therapist had written sentances out and put them in front of him for Ben to read. She told him to read them and then do what it said. Some of the phrases were...close your eyes, itch your nose, make a fist. Ben did one at a time, read them (his eyes tracked them), and then did what he read...closed his eyes, itched his nose and made a fist! All of this was so good and amazing because it shows that Ben is still able to read and then after reading it comprehends what he was reading by doing it! He also was able to have to options of 2 phrases in front of him ( I love you and I'm tired) and when asked what he would tell me he pointed to I love you and when asked if you wanted to be put back to bed because you are feeling like this he pointed to I'm tired! Ben continues to amaze me with all of his hard work! It is in there, but it is a matter of his body and mind getting it all out!
He has had some good sessions in physical therapy too! The last 2 days he has been on the Locomat (robotic assistive walking machine) and done really well! He was doing more work today on it then ever and the therapist working with him really pushed him! He also learned a new game thing that has been good for his arms. Ben was able to do this with his work buddies a few times! To watch them all do it together was quite funny!
Ben continues to eat bananas, drink some juice and chomp away on ice chips! He loves himself some ice chips!
Praise add onto all the above praise reports...Ben's last seizure EEG came back negative! This is huge because it shows that his seizures are being controlled even if it is by the help of medications!
In spite of all that has taken place I can still see Ben's sence of humor in him...and him being my stinker binker! I went into his room the other day with an REI catalogue and had found a nice looking fleece that I thought that I might get! I showed him the picture and asked him if I could get it! He looked and me and put 2 fingers in the air...2 fingers meaning no!! I guess he just wants me to wait so that he can buy one for me! Need less to say , I didn't get the fleece and will be patient for him to get one with me!
Ben has been accepted into a rehab center in WA!!!! We will be up there and hopefully settled in by the end of the year! Things are moving along and they are going to start even moving faster! When I asked him the other day if he was ready to move back to WA he gave me 1 finger! (1 finger is yes and 2 fingers is no) Good answer Ben!! It will take some time for Ben to get adjusted to a new place, schedule, and new staff so we are going to lay low for some time! I am able to fly out with him to get him settled and then I will fly back to take care of the house stuff! All is still being worked on as far as details but I thank the Lord for all the people who are making this happen!

Prayer requests:
~ Ben to speak!!
~ Seizures will continue to be controlled
~ His muscles would loosen up so he can do more things (walk, use arms better, etc)
~ Things would continue to be put in place for the move
~ Safe travels for both of us
~ Peace and calmness...this is a bittersweet move!
~ Complete 100% healing in Jesus' timing!!


Ams said...

Continuing to pray for Ben's healing (and all the things on the list!) and definitely praying for you!!
So great to hear that he is continuing to do well with his therapy... :)

meredith said...

continuing to pray for ben!

praise you in the storm is one of my favorite songs. it's so important to cling to that truth. reading your blog and seeing your faith is so amazing.

Melody Cook said...

My dear, strong, courageous Katie: It was really nice spending the weekend with you and Ben. Thanks for being the sweetest, most thoughtful host! I was and am amazed by your continued strength, courage, and optimism. You have been full of positive energy and it's really helping Ben heal - I can see it. I love you and I hope you have a really nice time with Ann! PS. You forgot to mention that Ben also mouthed the word Congratulations to me - which was really impressive! 3 Syllables no less! xoxo

Leanne said...

Sweet news all around! We are continuing to pray!!

~KS said...

I heard your story from Brooke at Oofa... and I just realized you have this beautiful blog as well. I have been praying for you since I heard about the accident... and I will add of these new prayers to my list each night too!!!
Here's to health and healing and so much more happiness!!

Stephanie said...

Katie we are so happy to hear Bens doing well and moving forward. Please let us know if there is anything Tony or I can help you with. We are excited for you to come home. You and Ben are in our prayers always.

The Boyds said...

Yay! Hugs & prayers for you both & so happy to hear you'll be coming back top Washington! Had to laugh when you said Ben showed you "one finger" when you asked about WA~usually 1 finger means something else completely! ;)

erinjo said...

Katie - I too heard about your blog from Oofa... Read your story and it is SO amazing to read about all the progress you have both had. God is good!! You seem to have a wonderful spirit and Ben sure is lucky to have someone as strong as you to keep him going! My prayers are lifted up for you.. Praying for continuing progress with God's healing hands.