Tuesday, August 9, 2011

last days in ga...

Caution...many photos are on this post!
So the last few days were alot of fun and relaxing!
Thursday morning we were up and at em to get on post. Today was the day for the Change of Command ceremony. We had to be there by about 0830 and I think we got there and parked by about 0840 so we didn't do to bad!
The Change of Command ceremony is where they change regimental Colonels. One we knew was going out and another that we didn't know was coming in. It was a great ceremony. Today was the day that Ben was required to wear his uniform. He has not put it on since the day before the accident when he was at work. It has been in storage here in WA so it wasn't accessible and there was really no need for him to wear it. I have to say that Ben looked handsome! The pride that showed on his face was amazing...he is so proud of what he gets to do and so wants to get back to it!
The ceremony at one point had them saying the Ranger Creed. I have posted it before but I will post it again at the end. He stood tall for this and said it with all his might just like the other Rangers were doing! What was cool about this time is there was a different injured Ranger who led a stanza each. Ben was not used to repeating it so he jumped ahead in some places!

The rest of the day was getting lunch from Chick-fil-a (oh how I want one here...like now) and swimming! Ben swam under the water, wrestled with my bro, floated around, did pull-ups on the diving board and did so many things compared to his swim on Monday! Thursday we went to dinner at our friends parents house! Ben had requested steak and that is what he got! He LOVED it and I must say I did as well! Super yummy! Ben was so tired from all the activity he had for the day and so he was off to bed!

There are two sweet lil men that I finally got to meet! I had seen photos of both but got to finally hold them! First I met Jack on Wednesday night at Starbucks and then lil Finley on Friday morning when I went out to breakfast with his mama! Jack has 3 older sisters and Finn is a lil brother...they both get alot of love but I had to give those sweet cheeks get some sugar!

{meet jack ryan}

{meet finley darren}

Friday afternoon was more pool time and relaxing. We had thought about going home this day when we were putting traveling plans together and decided to stay an extra day knowing that the week would be busy. I am so glad we stayed this extra day!
We had a small gathering of friends which was super fun! Ben and I enjoyed seeing them all again...it was the first time they had seen Ben since the hospital in Atlanta!


MommyOnTheMove said...

Thanks for sharing.........what an awesome video of Ben ~ he knew all the words and you knew he loved ever minute of it!! :)


CareGiving Daughter said...

Great pictures. I loved watching the video--Ben looks and sounds so proud to be a Ranger. Beautiful.

You both look like you were having a fun fun fun fun time in Georgia, and that this trip was a good thing. I am so happy you were able to do this together. Thank you for sharing.

blessings, Mari

Caroline said...

so glad you recorded that - so special!

Emily said...

These pictures are great! He does look good in his uniform and I'm sure he felt great wearing it again.

Looks like you had a great and busy trip! Good thing you were able to stay the extra day, it can make all the difference sometimes!


Anonymous said...

Hey Katie, Ben looked great in his uniform and it was fun watching him recite the Ranger creed. I feel your pain about no Chik-fil-A here. Love them. I forgot to comment on how big Ben's grin was when he was driving the boat on the last post. What fun! Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Dear One, What JOY to see Benn in his uniform. He looked proud...and if I am not mistaken, his wife did too. I love you and am so blessed with the time you had in GA. Trusting Father for you both, Marion