Saturday, August 20, 2011

the chair...

Last week I was challanged by the Lord to fast and pray for a specific time. I had never fasted the lenghth I did and at first was not willing to accept the challange and the asking to do so. But I had a change of heart and did. There were specific things I was praying for and wanting answers and direction.
I will say that I didn't get alot of answers but I got alot of peace and the reminders that God is always with us and that He knows our every thought, desire and hope. I was reminded of this in an amazing way!
It was on the Monday of my first day of fasting and I moved one of our dressers into our master bedroom closet. The plan was to open up the room more for a chair. I think there is something so peaceful about a chair in your own personal opinion! Anyways, I went to Fred Meyer to where I had seen a chair I wanted and they were sold out. I looked all over online only to find out that they were all to expensive. The last place I looked and actually put in my shopping bag but did not purchase was Target. I just couldn't sufice the almost $200 to put a single chair in a rental house. I dropped the subject for now but still really wanted a chair!
The next day I had a dentist appointment and on the way home saw a chair on the side of the road with a free sign on it. I figured I should stop but kept driving. I went into a turn lane but then got back in my lane. Well, I finally decided that I should at least check it out!
Well, I drove into the driveway and thought this thing is going to be heavy! I knocked on the door hoping someone would be home to help me lift it into the back of Ben's massive truck! Of course they were not! So, I lifted up the back to see just how heavy it might be and to my surpise it was light! I heaved it into the back of the truck and took off towards home!
It is not a brand new chair but it is the style that I love! The wood needs to be painted and it needs to be reupolstered for sure. It is worn and tattered but with a lil TLC it will be good to go.

A couple things that this chair taught me...or the Lord did through the finding of this chair.
1. The Lord knows my every thought. I never prayed for a chair but just thought about it. I thought about it, pursued it and then let it go. The Lord didn't forget about it even if it was something as simple as a chair for our bedroom! It just reminded me that He cares, He loves, and He is in control. Jesus knows our every thought and is faithful and loving enough to remind us that He is here...always!
"The LORD knows our thoughts, that they are but an empty breath." Ps 94:11

2. I think of myself as a project. Some days I am tattered, dented, my finish is off, my fabric/body is worn down...
The Lord is there to look after me. He gives me a lil paint job of some extra love, a new coat of hopefulness, He fills in my dented flaws...HE IS ALWAYS THERE!
“But now, O Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and You our potter; and all we are the work of Your hand.”Is 64:8

So, although I didn't think I got answers I did...just did in a different way! I know I will get the answers and healing that we prayed for when they need to come but for now the confirmation, love, hope and another dose of faith will see me though for some time!

I also got a good smile this week...this is an absolute answer to prayer!

On my last blog post I posted some things that I got out of a scripture I read! A council member in our church put it together in a picture and I thought it was amazing and wanted to share it!

Just a few good randoms...

We made freezer jam together...

We made amazing smoked gouda cheese and grilled onion burgers...

"Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God."
Psalm 62:11

"Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD GOD is an everlasting rock."
Isaiah 26:4


Veronica Williams said...

That chair is exactly the style I love too! Your sis just sold me a chair of hers and I put it at my desk in my room and love it!
The Lord can show up in so many different ways, its amazing! He will never leave you or forsake you!

Bless you both!

Anonymous said...

Been praying for that smile of Ben's. Beautiful. Great looking chair too. So love your blog and the testimony of being real. Thank you.

Ellen Joss

Alison said...

Love the reference to you being a project! I am always reworking goodwill and yardsale finds into something new, and I need to think about myself as a project! LOVE LOVE LOVE Ben's smile! Beautiful! I'm so glad that was all for you!

Grandma Becky said...

Isn't it amazing how God surprises us with things we wanted and we thought we'd just forget about it for awhile, usually due to lack of money? I think we all can share stories like that. Lovin' Ben's smile and so glad you are there for each other. That's the way it should be. Hugs to you both!

Grandma Becky said...

Loved the verse with the birds, it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the chair style. I remember a time when I couldn't sleep lying down and had to sit up in a winged chair like yours. The jam is wonderful. My granddaughter won't eat other types of jam. She likes ONLY grandma's freezer jam. That is kind of neat. That burger LOOKS absolutly like dinner!!! May you feel a special touch of Father's grace this day, Marion

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say Ben's smile is a beautiful sight to behold!! Marion

Vicky Scott said...

Love the chair, love how you received it and the lessons you learned. We go through ups and downs but He is always with us, and will reveal himself to us if we are willing. It is great to read your journey, a tapestry to your willingness to be a godly woman and wife.
We pray for you and Ben nightly as we put Jonathan to bed and pray for him.
May God continue to bless us all,

CareGiving Daughter said...

The picture of the burger . . . it looks delicious and makes m think I should enjoy a burger like that (and I'm a vegetarian LOL)

Seeing yourself as a project is so great. Such a good way to say what you are going through and how you are growing and changing in all ways. I hope you don't mind if I borrow your term?

Ben's smile is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


Laurie said...

It's been awhile since I've read your updates, but I'm glad to see you and Ben doing well. You captured a great pic of his smile. :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing what you do with that chair.

Emily said...

Love the verses you put up. Definitely ones I needed to read this morning.

I'm so glad you got your chair. I love when God answers the smallest things to keep us keeping on. And what a blessing you got that smile. :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Anonymous said...

Oh My Goodness! The first thing I noticed was the smile reached his eyes! Totally awesome to see his smile.......God is SO Good!!!

Sue Clapp (Leggott)

Kaycee said...

That smile is amazing to see!!