Wednesday, August 3, 2011

commercial flights...

Ok, so here goes! Last Sunday morning we started on out venture to Georgia! For those of you just tuning in, the Ranger Regiment (elite members of the US Army...and Ben is a Ranger) puts on a celebration every other year to gather past and present Rangers to attend. They call it Ranger Rendezvous. The last time they had it was right before our accident. Ben was able to attend but I had just started working at a new nursing job so I was unable to attend. This year we had the opportinity to attend and my lil (big) brother also got to come with us!

Day 1...Our adventure started Sunday morning at 0230! At this time of the day I really don't want to see anyone, hear anyone or even see myself! Also at this time of the day I could care less of what I look like, I just pray I can function a tad! I got a few things ready and then woke Ben up. Yes, he does get up early but not this early! We got moving and on the way up we saw a motorcycle crash (a bus, honda and the rider laying down in the middle of the freeway) and my stomach was in knots (although I don't remember anything about our accident I get terrified when I see others), our gas light came on and I was trying to not freak out about missing our flight even though we had plenty of time! We made it to the airport and TSA was calling as we parked to make sure they could meet up with us to get us to our gate as quick as possible!

Amazing thing #1...remember how since the accident we have only taken medical flights on small jets four times? Well, this time we wheeled Ben right down the ramp to the plane door. He stood up from there and walked with my brother and I right to his seat!!!! Go GOD! Ben didn't need the isle seat or anything, he just walked! This is huge for him and I am so proud of how he did!

{yup, this is what you get at 0600 from me}

{this is what you get from the boys!}

When we were in air Ben requested some snacks and he had to take his meds. I looked out the window and saw an amazing sight! Mt. Rainier! I have seen it many times close up, from far away but I have never seen it from the air without clouds all around it. Not only was it the mountain but we could see the green trees and the river! I immmediatley pointed it out to Ben because he has climbed it multiple times and his goal is to climb it again! He just started at it for a bit, as did I!

We had a layover in Dallas. What a lovely airport! Everything you need at hand! We got some food and then tried to rest. Ben didn't sleep a wink on the almost 4 hour flight and since he had been up and also had been sitting alot so I wanted to get him up to stretch. Well, not only did we stand him up to stretch but we found some cots and blankets at the gate! How perfect since Ben had been complaining about his bumm hurting about the last hour of the flight, now he could get off of it for a bit. He had about 45 min before we had to board again and it was so good for him to rest!

Back on the plane we got! Again we wheeled Ben right up to the door and then Ben walked again to his seat! We had less then a 2 hour flight to Atlanta and again Ben didn't sleep a wink! I think I slept about 30 min total on the trip but oh well! He watched a movie and played a bit on the ipad.
The last leg felt short which was nice! I think we got to Atlanta about 6:30pm and we were for sure ready to be out of that plane! Off to the rental car place and then off to our friends the Webbs, whom we were going to be staying with!
Holy batman HEAT! We left WA and it was in the mid 70's but when we walked out the airport doors we got blasted...even at this time of the day! I knew it was going to be hot because of the few years we lived there but I was reminded very quickly how I love to fresh air in WA!
We had about a 1.5 hour drive and by the time we got to the Webbs we were tired, dirty, sticky and hungry! In true Webb style we were fed to the tops of our heads and given comfy beds!
Ben went to bed before all of us others did. He was pooped out and well deserving of some sleep and to stretch his body out. I stayed up for a bit longer but then had to finally give in and crawl into bed myself!
All in all it was a great yet tiring day but my heart was excited about what had happened on this great day and was yet to come!

The line from an old hymn that is stuck in my head..."to God be the glory great things He has done..." God does get all of the glory, He amazes me always! I know He is still in the business of miracles and is still working in Ben and I!

"Is anything too hard for the Lord?" Gen 18:14

"He gives power to the weak
and strength to the powerless.
Even youths will become weak and tired,
and young men will fall in exhaustion.
But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles.
They will run and not grow weary.
They will walk and not faint."
Is 40:29-31


Anonymous said...

Ben looked so like he was saying "what, of course we look good". I am so glad you had a good flight. I am soooooo proud of Ben. It was fun seeing your brother as well. I love you guys, and am proud to be a part of your journey. Marion

Caroline said...

Is that a sock over his eyes? :) And those pics of Mt. Rainer are so cool!

Amanda said...

I am glad your flights went well & you had safe travels. I must thank you for pointing out a scripture I needed this morning to read & pass along to a fellow mom whose child may have Cancer. What a great choice as she grows weary with worry! Thanks for sharing- God is Good!

Ben and Katie said...

@Caroline...yes it's a sock! It's a perfect solution that doesn't cover his whole face!
@Amanda...I will be praying for your friends!

Theresa said...

Praise God!

Brenda said...

In your 2nd pic of Mt. Rainier there is another mountain to the left. If this is facing north, it would be Mt. Baker. If facing south, I think it's Mt. Adams! LOVE our Pacific Northwest volcano mountains. Thanks for the pics and the fun report of your trip!