Thursday, August 4, 2011

floaties, jumps and injured...

“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matt 19:26..."Another simple truth is that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with God. I don’t worship a weak powerless God. I worship the sovereign LORD who created all that was created. He IS ALL powerful. That is not just what I believe—that is a fact."

Day 2 was fun, fun, fun! Ben got up at his normal time...about 6ish but of course I was not ready to get up so I asked him if he could rest for a bit longer. He said yes and ended up falling back to sleep for about an hour more! We got up and had breakfast and let me just tell you Ben was SPOILED our friends while we were there when it came to food! He got sugar cereal, breakfast bars and at one point brownies! Umm, much differnt then the oatmeal, organic toast with peanut butter and fruit he usually gets at home! I had no choice, I had to let him have it!

After breakfast we just lounged for a bit and then we headed out to the pool! Yes, the pool that sat in our friends backyard and that we didn't have to share with others! Ben was super excited because he had not been in a pool for almost a year...let alone an ourdoor pool! It was a beautful day out as well! After getting settled a bit my brother and I walked Ben to the edge and helped him walk down into the pool! After he stood and walked with a boogie board for a bit then Sam, my brother made a floaty our of a few things before we discovered a real one! We got Ben on it and then he paddled around for a bit! Ben was having the time of his life! After a few hours of lounging around and having fun it was time to get out...even though Ben didn't want to!

Next on the agenda was to get ready for our first Ranger event! We were off to the jump field to go see about 1500 Rangers jump, watch a mock assault and see as many of Ben's buddies as we could despite the crowd! Ben's old commander, Major Molica, picked us up and took us out there! I am sure you remember him from several other blogs from his visiting us and also I was able to attend his wedding in TN! He has been so awesome with Ben and has been there for both of us! It was fun to hang out with him again! We got there and found the RV that we were going to be hanging around for the injured soldiers in case they needed water and shade. We saw a few people before the jump started and that was fun! Can I just say that it was HOT, hot, HOT! I was thinking to myself, I am way to young to start losing control of my bladder and have it leak and it was at that point where I would feel drips on my foot that it was sweat! This body is not used to humidity!
First up was the many, many jumpers! It was so fun to see them all. There were a few mishaps in the air but no major injuries, thank goodness!
Next up was the mock assault. This was the first time that they had done this and it was cool! First the guys came from the side after they let out some nasty smelling smoke bombs that were green. What followed was a whole assault on guys and taking down the walls to a building. They also brought in a canine who took the "bad guy" out. The Rangers have started using canine dogs and although some have passed away in the line of duty overseas each dog lost has saved a Rangers life! Amazing!

{remember this is all mock and not real!}

We saw alot of friends and Ben's buddies, it was so fun! Another great thing is we got to hang out with some other wounded Rangers. Their injuries are not to the extent of Ben's but they were injured in battle and most lost a leg(s) or are not physically impaired and still recovering. Their goal is just like Bens, get better so we can go back to their buddies and get the job done! True soldiers they are and I couldn't have been more proud to meet them all!

Here are a few of Ben and his buddies, as well as some injured and us with the Webbs!

I need to explain the one photo of the young man in the wheelchair next to Ben. Such a sweet spirit he has! He came up to Ben and introduced himself to Ben. Ben was this young man's instructor in June 2009, just a few months before our accident. He was shortly deployed after he graduated from Ben's class and in November of 2009 just a few months after being deployed he lost both of his legs. He came up to thank Ben for how he was instructed and what an amazing leader Ben is. It almost brought me to tears. He told Ben to keep fighting to get back to doing the things he loves and that he too would fight just as hard! I loved this moment!

We didn't get back until later that evening and between being up late the night before, getting up early and a whole day of activity and fun Ben was pooped! We pretty much ate and went to bed! Yes, we were that tired!

I thank the Lord for the new things Ben got to do on this day and the things he got to experience! It was a bitter sweet day I will say. As much as Ben enjoyed seeing it all he kept saying, "I want to be jumping," "I wish I could be out there with my buddies," "I wish I could just walk around like everyone else," and so on. It broke my heart but at the same time the motivation behind his voice was strong! I believe if that motivation stays that Ben will go far! He knows what is wrong and is in the fight to fix it!

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Josh 1:9


Anonymous said...

Katie!! W O W!!!!!How cool is that, that one of Ben's trainee's was able to talk with him. Was that last picture just after they spoke. Ben looks so proud, I just thought it might be. I have always enjoyed seeing the jumpers at Armed Forces Day. I just never have seen so many at one time. It is an awe inspiring sight. My Dave has some jumps under his belt. He has always had good memories from that time. Tell Ben his time is coming. Father just has him in training for now. It seems long, but Father is preparing him for special duty. I love you and rejoice with you in your visit to GA. Marion

Wende and Evan said...

What an amazing trip so far and you're only on day 2!! It brought tears to my eyes that his trainee was able to share his gratitude with Ben. So many good things happening and so many great things to come! Continued prayers for strength and healing for you both.

Marcie said...

Great Post. Thats so cool that ben got to see someone that he had trained!

E said...

I'm so thankful the Lord has placed you and Ben together. What a blessing you are to him! I'm sure this was a bittersweet day, but I'm thankful Ben's alive to witness it and have you by his side!

Emily said...

What an amazing time it looks like you all had! That story of Ben's trainee brought tears to my eyes. I pray that Ben continues in his fight to recovery, what an awesome job he has done so far :]

Diane P said...

Hi Ben & Kate
It just blesses me to see your brother helping and being right there for both of you. I pray blessings on you today. The Lord is dong a marvelous work. It is His timing and not ours. The Lord is good and greatly to be praised.
You are always in my prayers.